Word Summary
hypsēlos: high, lofty
Original Word: ὑψηλός
Transliteration: hypsēlos
Phonetic Spelling: (hoop-say-los')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: high, lofty
Meaning: high, lofty
Strong's Concordance

From hupsos; lofty (in place or character) -- high(-er, -ly) (esteemed).

see GREEK hupsos

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5308: ὑψηλός

ὑψηλός, ὑψηλή, ὑψηλόν (ὕψι on high, ὕψος) (from Homer down), high; lofty;

a. properly, of place: ὄρος, Matthew 4:8; Matthew 17:1; Mark 9:2; Luke 4:5 R G L brackets; Revelation 21:10; τεῖχος, Revelation 21:12; neuter τά ὑψηλά (the heights of heaven; the Sept. for מָרום, Psalm 92:4 (); Psalm 112:5 (); Isaiah 33:5; Isaiah 57:15), heaven (A. V. on high; cf. Buttmann, § 124, 8 d.), Hebrews 1:3; exalted on high: ὑψηλότερος τῶν οὐρανῶν (made higher than the heavens), of Christ raised to the right hand of God, Hebrews 7:26 (cf. Ephesians 4:10); μετά βραχίονος ὑψηλοῦ, with a high (uplifted) arm, i. e. with signal power, Acts 13:17 (the Sept. often ἐν βραχίονι ὑψηλῷ for נְטוּיָה בִּזְרועַ, as in Exodus 6:6; Deuteronomy 5:15).

b. metaphorically, eminent, exulted: in influence and honor, Luke 16:15; ὑψηλά φρονεῖν, to set the mind on, to seek, high things (as honors and riches), to be aspiring, Romans 12:16; also Romans 11:20 L marginal reading T Tr WH; 1 Timothy 6:17 T WH marginal reading; (Lucian, Icaromen. 11, Hermot. 5).