Word Summary
hyssōpos: hyssop
Original Word: ὕσσωπος
Transliteration: hyssōpos
Phonetic Spelling: (hoos'-so-pos)
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Short Definition: hyssop
Meaning: hyssop
Strong's Concordance

Of foreign origin ('ezowb); "hyssop" -- hyssop.

see HEBREW 'ezowb

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5301: ὕσσωπος

ὕσσωπος (on the breathing see WH's Appendix, p. 144a; Lachmann (in both his editions) spells it with one sigma ς' in John), ὑσσώπου, , (Hebrew אֵזוב, Exodus 12:22; Numbers 19:6, 18, etc.), hyssop, a plant a bunch of which was used by the Hebrews in their ritual sprinklings: Hebrews 9:19; ὑσσώπῳ, equivalent to καλάμῳ ὑσσώπου, John 19:29. Cf. Winers RWB, under the word Ysop; Arnold in Herzog xviii., p. 337f; Furrer in Schenkel v., 685f; (Riehm, p. 1771f; Löw, Aram. Pflanzennamen, § 93; Tristram, Nat. Hist. etc., p. 455f; B. D. under the word (especially American edition)).