Word Summary
Silōam: Siloam, a pool in Jer
Original Word: Σιλωάμ
Transliteration: Silōam
Phonetic Spelling: (sil-o-am')
Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable
Short Definition: Siloam, a pool in Jer
Meaning: Siloam -- a pool in Jerusalem
Strong's Concordance

Of Hebrew origin (Shiloach); Siloam (i.e. Shiloach), a pool of Jerusalem -- Siloam.

see HEBREW Shiloach

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4611: Σιλωάμ

Σιλωάμ (Hebrew שִׁלֹחַ, Isaiah 8:6, which in John 9:7 is translated ἀπεσταλμένος, but more correctly (see below) 'a sending out,' 'gushing forth' (of water); it is formed after the analogy of אִיּוב, 'had in hatred', 'persecuted', from אָיַב; יִלּוד, 'born', from יָלַד, 'to bring forth'; ("the purely passive explanation, ἀπεσταλμένος, John 9:7, is not so incorrect." Ewald, Ausführl. Lehrbuch d. Hebrew Spr. § 150, 2 a.; cf. Meyer on John, the passage cited)), (in Josephus, Σιλωάμ, namely, πηγή, b. j. 5, 12, 2; 6, 8, 5; but also μέχρι τοῦ Σιλωάμ, b. j. 2, 16, 2; 6, 7, 2; (Buttmann, 21 (19))), (indeclinable; but in Josephus, b. j. 5, 6, 1 ἀπό τῆς Σιλωας), Siloam, a fountain of sweet and abundant water (Josephus, b. j. 5, 4, 1), flowing into a basin or pool of the same name (Nehemiah 3:15), both of which seem to have been situated in the southern part of Jerusalem, although opinions vary on this point: Luke 13:4; John 9:11 (Isaiah 8:6). Cf. (B. D., under the word ); Winers RWB under the word Siloah; Rödiger in Gesenius Thesaurus, p. 1416; Leyrer in Herzog edition 1, ivx., p. 371ff; Robinson, Palestine, i. 333ff; Tobler, Die Siloaquelle n. der Oelberg (St. Gallen, 1852); Kneucker, Siloah, Quelle Teich u. Thal in Jerus. (Heidelb. 1873); Furrer in Schenkel v., 295f; (Ritter, Palestine, etc., English translation, i., 148f; Wilson, Ordnance Survey, etc., 1865; especially Guthe in the Zeitschr. d. Deutsch. Pal.-Vereins for 1882, pp. 205ff, 229ff; Zeitschr. d. Deutsch. Morgenl.-Gesellsch. for 1882, p. 725ff).