Word Summary
rhaka: empty (an expression of contempt)
Original Word: ῥακά
Transliteration: rhaka
Phonetic Spelling: (rhak-ah')
Part of Speech: Aramaic Transliterated Word (Indeclinable)
Short Definition: empty (an expression of contempt)
Meaning: empty (an expression of contempt)
Strong's Concordance

Of Chaldee origin (compare reyq); O empty one, i.e. Thou worthless (as a term of utter vilification) -- Raca.

see HEBREW reyq

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4469: ῤακά

ῤακά (Tdf. ῤαχά; (the better accentuation seems to be ῤακά; cf. Kautzsch, Gram. d. Biblical-Aram., p. 8)), an Aramaic word רֵיקָא (but according to Kautzsch (as above), p. 10) not the stative emphatic of רֵיק, but shortened from רֵיקָן (Hebrew רִיק), empty, i. e. a senseless, empty-headed man, a term of reproach used by the Jews in the time of Christ (B. D., under the word ; Wünsche, Erläuterung as above with, p. 47): Matthew 5:22.

STRONGS NT 4469: ῤαχά [ῤαχά, see ῤακά.]