Word Summary
polytelēs: very costly
Original Word: πολυτελής
Transliteration: polytelēs
Phonetic Spelling: (pol-oo-tel-ace')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: very costly
Meaning: very costly
Strong's Concordance
costly, very precious, of great price.

From polus and telos; extremely expensive -- costly, very precious, of great price.

see GREEK polus

see GREEK telos

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4185: πολυτελής

πολυτελής, πολυτελές (πολύς, and τέλος cost) (from Herodotus down), precious;

a. requiring great outlay, very costly: Mark 14:3; 1 Timothy 2:9. (Thucydides and following; the Sept.)

b. excellent, of surpassing value (A. V. of great price): 1 Peter 3:4. ((Plato, others.))