Word Summary
myktērizō: to turn up the nose or sneer at
Original Word: μυκτηρίζω
Transliteration: myktērizō
Phonetic Spelling: (mook-tay-rid'-zo)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to turn up the nose or sneer at
Meaning: to turn up the nose or sneer at
Strong's Concordance

From a derivative of the base of mukaomai (meaning snout, as that whence lowing proceeds); to make mouths at, i.e. Ridicule -- mock.

see GREEK mukaomai

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3456: μυκτηρίζω

μυκτηρίζω: (μυκτήρ the nose); present passive 3 person singular μυκτηρίζεται; properly, to turn up the nose or sneer at; to mock, deride: τινα, passive οὐ μυκτηρίζεται, does not suffer himself to be mocked, Galatians 6:7. (For לָעַג, Job 22:19; Psalm 79:7 (); Jeremiah 20:7; נָאַץ, Proverbs 1:30; בָּזָה, Proverbs 15:20; (cf. Clement of Rome, 1 Cor. 39, 1 [ET] (and Harnack's note)). 1 Macc. 7:34; (1 Esdr. 1:49); Sextus Empiricus, adverb math. i. 211 (p. 648, 11 edition Bekker).) (Compare: ἐκμυκτηρίζω.)