Word Summary
moichalis: an adulteress
Original Word: μοιχαλίς
Transliteration: moichalis
Phonetic Spelling: (moy-khal-is')
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Short Definition: an adulteress
Meaning: an adulteress
Strong's Concordance

A prolonged form of the feminine of moichos; an adulteress (literally or figuratively) -- adulteress(-ous, -y).

see GREEK moichos

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3428: μοιχαλίς

μοιχαλίς, μοιχαλίδος, (μοιχός), a word unknown to the earlier writers but found in Plutarch, Heliodorus, others; see Lob. ad Phryn., p. 452; (Winers Grammar, 24); the Sept. for נֹאֶפֶת (Ezekiel 16:38; Ezekiel 23:45) and מְנָאֶפֶת (Hosea 3:1; Proverbs 24:55 ()); an adulteress;

a. properly: Romans 7:3; ὀφθαλμοί μεστοί μοιχαλίδος, eyes always on the watch for an adulteress, or from which adulterous desire beams forth, 2 Peter 2:14.

b. As the intimate alliance of God with the people of Israel was likened to a marriage, those who relapse into idolatry are said to commit adultery or play the harlot (Ezekiel 16:15ff; 23:43ff, etc.); hence, μοιχαλίς is figuratively equivalent to faithless to God, unclean, apostate: James 4:4 (where cf. Alford); as an adjective (cf. Matthiae, § 429, 4), γενεά ... μοιχαλίς: Matthew 12:39; Matthew 16:4; Mark 8:38. (Cf. Clement of Alexandria, strom. vi. c. 16 § 146, p. 292, 5 edition Sylb.)