Word Summary
mastigoō: to scourge
Original Word: μαστιγόω
Transliteration: mastigoō
Phonetic Spelling: (mas-tig-o'-o)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to scourge
Meaning: to scourge
Strong's Concordance

From mastix; to flog (literally or figuratively) -- scourge.

see GREEK mastix

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3146: μαστιγόω

μαστιγόω, μαστίγω, 3 person singular μαστιγοῖ; future μαστιγώσω; 1 aorist ἐμαστιγωσα; (μάστιξ); from Herodotus down; the Sept. chiefly for הִכָּה; to scourge; properly: τινα, Matthew 10:17; Matthew 20:19; Matthew 23:34; Mark 10:34; Luke 18:33; John 19:1; (cf. B. D. under the word ; Farrar, St. Paul, vol. i. excurs. xi.). metaphorically, of God as a father chastising and training men as children by afflictions: Hebrews 12:6; cf. Jeremiah 5:3; Proverbs 3:12; Judith 8:27.