Word Summary
massaomai: to chew
Original Word: μασσάομαι
Transliteration: massaomai
Phonetic Spelling: (mas-sah'-om-ahee)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to chew
Meaning: to chew
Strong's Concordance

From a primary masso (to handle or squeeze); to chew -- gnaw.

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3145: μασσάομαι

μασσάομαι (R G) more correctly μασάομαι (L T Tr WH): imperfect 3 person plural ἐμασῶντο; (ΜΑΩ μάσσω, to knead); to chew, consume, eat, devour (κρέας, Aristophanes, Plutarch, 321; τά δέρματα τῶν θυρεων, Josephus, b. j. 6, 3, 3; ῤίζας ξύλων, the Sept. Job 30:4, and other examples in other authors): ἐμασῶντο τάς γλώσσας αὐτῶν, they gnawed their tongues (for pain), Revelation 16:10.