Word Summary
lampros: bright
Original Word: λαμπρός
Transliteration: lampros
Phonetic Spelling: (lam-pros')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: bright
Meaning: bright
Strong's Concordance
bright, clear, white.

From the same as lampas; radiant; by analogy, limpid; figuratively, magnificent or sumptuous (in appearance) -- bright, clear, gay, goodly, gorgeous, white.

see GREEK lampas

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2986: λαμπρός

λαμπρός, λαμπρά, λαμπρόν (λάμπω);

a. shining; brilliant: ἀστήρ, Revelation 22:16 (Homer, Iliad 4, 77, etc.); clear, transparent, Revelation 22:1.

b. splendid, magnificent (A. V. gorgeous, bright (see below)): ἐσθής, Luke 23:11; Acts 10:30; James 2:2f; λίνον (L Tr WH λίθον), Revelation 15:6; βύσσινος, ; neuter plural splendid ((R. V. sumptuous)) things, i. e. elegancies or luxuries in dress and style, Revelation 18:14. The word is sometimes used of brilliant and glistening whiteness (hence, λαμπρά τηβεννα, toga candida, Polybius 10, 4, 8; 10, 5, 1); accordingly the Vulg. in Acts 10:30; James 2:2; Revelation 15:6 renders it bycandidas; and some interpreters, following the Vulg. (indutum vestc alba), understand 'white apparel' to be spoken of in Luke 23:11 (A. V. gorgeous; (see above)); cf. Keim, iii., p. 380 note (English translation, vi. 104).