Word Summary
Iechonias: Jeconiah, a king of Judah
Original Word: Ἰεχονίας
Transliteration: Iechonias
Phonetic Spelling: (ee-ekh-on-ee'-as)
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Short Definition: Jeconiah, a king of Judah
Meaning: Jeconiah -- a king of Judah
Strong's Concordance

Of Hebrew origin (Ykonyah); Jechonias (i.e. Jekonjah), an Israelite -- Jechonias.

see HEBREW Ykonyah

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2423: Ιεχονιας

Ιεχονιας, Ιεχονιου, (יְהויָכִין Jehoiakin, i. e. whom Jehovah appointed; the Sept. Ἰωαχιν ((?) see B. D. American edition uner the word, Jehoiachin)), Jechoniah, king of Judah, carried off into exile by Nebuchadnezzar (circa) after a reign of three months, 2 Kings 24:8-17; 2 Chronicles 36:9; Jeremiah 52:31. He is mentioned in Matthew 1:11f. But he was not, as is there stated, the son of Josiah, but of Jehoiakim; nor did he have brethren, but his father had them. Accordingly, in the Evangelist's geneaology the names יְהויָקִים and יְהויָכִין have been confounded; (cf. B. D. as above, and references there).