Word Summary
euergesia: a good deed
Original Word: εὐεργεσία
Transliteration: euergesia
Phonetic Spelling: (yoo-erg-es-ee'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Short Definition: a good deed
Meaning: a good deed
Strong's Concordance
benefit, good deed done.

From euergetes; beneficence (genitive case or specially) -- benefit, good deed done.

see GREEK euergetes

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2108: εὐεργεσία

εὐεργεσία, εὐεργεσίας, (εὐεργέτης); a good deed, benefit: 1 Timothy 6:2 (on which see ἀντιλαμβάνω, 2); with the genitive of the person on whom the benefit is conferred (Winer's Grammar, 185 (174)), Acts 4:9. (2 Macc. 6:13 2Macc. 9:26; Wis. 16:11, 24; in Greek authors from Homer down.)