Word Summary
exapostellō: to send forth or away
Original Word: ἐξαποστέλλω
Transliteration: exapostellō
Phonetic Spelling: (ex-ap-os-tel'-lo)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to send forth or away
Meaning: to send forth or away
Strong's Concordance
send away, send forth.

From ek and apostello; to send away forth, i.e. (on a mission) to despatch, or (peremptorily) to dismiss -- send (away, forth, out).

see GREEK ek

see GREEK apostello

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1821: ἐξαποστέλλω

ἐξαποστέλλω; future ἐξαποστελῶ; 1 aorist ἐξαπέστειλα; (2 aorist passive ἐξαπεσταλην); the Sept. very often for שָׁלַח; properly, to send away from oneself (ἀπό) out of the place or out of doors (ἐκ (which see VI. 2));

1. to send forth: τινα, with commissions, Acts 7:12; (Acts 12:11); Galatians 4:4; followed by an infinitive of purpose, Acts 11:22 (but L T Tr WH omit the infinitive); εἰς ἔθνη, unto the Gentiles, Acts 22:21 (WH marginal reading ἀποστέλλω); used also of powers, influences things (see ἀποστέλλω, 1 a.): τήν ἐπαγγελίαν, the promised blessing, Luke 24:49 T Tr WH; τό πνεῦμα εἰς τάς καρδίας, to send forth i. e. impart the Spirit to our hearts, Galatians 4:6; (τό ... κήρυγμα τῆς αἰωνίου σωτηρίας, Mark 16 WH in (rejected) 'Shorter Conclusion'); ὑμῖν λόγος ... ἐξαπεστάλη, the message was sent forth, i. e. commanded to be announced, to you, Acts 13:26 L T Tr WH.

2. to send away: τινα εἰς etc. Acts 9:30; followed by an infinitive of purpose, Acts 17:14; τινα κενόν, Luke 1:53; Luke 20:10, 11. (Desm., Polybius, Diodorus.)