Word Summary
empaizō: to mock at
Original Word: ἐμπαίζω
Transliteration: empaizō
Phonetic Spelling: (emp-aheed'-zo)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to mock at
Meaning: to mock at
Strong's Concordance

From en and paizo; to jeer at, i.e. Deride -- mock.

see GREEK en

see GREEK paizo

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1702: ἐμπαίζω

ἐμπαίζω (see ἐν, III. 3); imperfect ἐνέπαιζον; future ἐμπαιξω (Mark 10:34 for the more common ἐμπαιξοῦμαι and ἐμπαίξομαι); 1 aorist ἐνεπαιξα (for the older ἐνεπαισα); passive, 1 aorist ἐνεπαίχθην (Matthew 2:16, for the older ἐνεπαίσθην); 1 future ἐμπαιχθήσομαι; (cf. Lob. ad Phryn., p. 240f; Krüger, § 40 under the word παίζω; (Veitch, ibid.); Buttmann, 64f (56f)); to play in, τίνι, Psalm 103:26 (); Euripides, Bacch. 867. to play with, trifle with (Latinilludere) i. e.

a. to mock: absolutely, Matthew 20:19; Matthew 27:41; Mark 10:34; Mark 15:31; Luke 23:11; τίνι (Herodotus 4, 134), Matthew 27:29 (31); Mark 15:20; Luke 14:29; Luke 22:63; Luke 23:36; in passive Luke 18:32.

b. to delude, deceive, (Sophocles Ant. 799); in passive Matthew 2:16 (Jeremiah 10:15).