Word Summary
ekteinō: to extend
Original Word: ἐκτείνω
Transliteration: ekteinō
Phonetic Spelling: (ek-ti'-no)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to extend
Meaning: to extend
Strong's Concordance
cast, put forth, stretch out.

From ek and teino (to stretch); to extend -- cast, put forth, stretch forth (out).

see GREEK ek

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1614: ἐκτείνω

ἐκτείνω; future ἐκτενῶ; 1 aorist ἐξέτεινα; (from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Herodotus down); the Sept. common for נָטָה, פָּרַשׂ and שָׁלַח; to stretch out, stretch forth: τήν χεῖρα (often in the Sept.), Matthew 8:3; Matthew 12:13; Matthew 14:31; Matthew 26:51; Mark 1:41; Mark 3:5; Luke 5:13; Luke 6:10; John 21:18; Acts 26:1; with the addition of ἐπί τινα, over, toward, against one — either to point out something, Matthew 12:49, or to lay hold of a person in order to do him violence, Luke 22:53; ἐκτείνειν τήν χεῖρα εἰς ἴασιν, spoken of God, Acts 4:30; ἀγκύρας, properly, to carry forward (R. V. lay out) the cable to which the anchor is fastened, i. e. to cast anchor (the idea of extending the cables runs into that of carrying out and dropping the anchors (Hackett); cf. B. D. American edition, p. 3009a last paragraph), Acts 27:30. (Compare: ἐπτείνω,