Word Summary
eisakouō: to listen, to obey
Original Word: εἰσακούω
Transliteration: eisakouō
Phonetic Spelling: (ice-ak-oo'-o)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to listen, to obey
Meaning: to listen, to obey
Strong's Concordance

From eis and akouo; to listen to -- hear.

see GREEK eis

see GREEK akouo

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1522: εἰσακούω

εἰσακούω: future εἰσακούσομαι; passive, 1 aorist ἐισηκουσθην; 1 future ἐισακουσθήσομαι; the Sept. very often for שָׁמַע , but also for עָנָה to answer; in (Greek writings from Homer Il. 8, 97 down; to hearken unto, to give ear to; i. e.

1. to give heed to, comply with, admonition; to obey (Latinobedio, i. e.ob-audio): τίνος, 1 Corinthians 14:21 (Deuteronomy 1:43; Deuteronomy 9:23; Sir. 3:6, etc.).

2. to listen to, assent to, a request; passive to be heard, to have one's request granted;

a. of persons offering up prayers to God: Hebrews 5:7 (on which see ἀπό, I. 3 d. at the end); Matthew 6:7.

b. of the prayers offered up: Luke 1:13; Acts 10:31 (Psalm 4:2; Sir. 31:29 (Sir. 34:26), etc.).