Word Summary
doma: a gift
Original Word: δόμα
Transliteration: doma
Phonetic Spelling: (dom'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Short Definition: a gift
Meaning: a gift
Strong's Concordance

From the base of didomi; a present -- gift.

see GREEK didomi

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1390: δόμα

δόμα, δόματος, τό (δίδωμι), a gift: Matthew 7:11; Luke 11:13; Ephesians 4:8; Philippians 4:17. (Plato, def., p. 415 b.; Plutarch; often in the Sept., chiefly for מַתָּנָה) Cf. Fritzsche on Matthew, p. 291f (who quotes Varro de ling. Latin 1. i., p. 48, Bip. edition "dos erit pecunia si nuptiarum causa data: haec Graece δωτίνη,ita enim hoc Siculi: ab eodem Donum. Nam Graece ut ipsi δῶρον,ut alii δόμα,et ut Attici δόσις."). [SYNONYMS: δόμα, δόσις, δῶρον, δωρεά: δόσις active, a giving; passive, a thing given, cf. medical dose; δῶρον specific present, yet not always gratuitous or wholly unsuggestive of recompense; but δωρεά differs from δῶρον in denoting a gift which is also a gratuity, hence, of the benefactions of a sovereign; a δόσις Θεοῦ is what God confers as possessor of all things; a δωρεά Θεοῦ is an expression of his favor; a δῶρον Θεοῦ is something which becomes the recipient's abiding possession. Philo de cherub. § 25, says: πάνυ ἐκδηλως παριστας (Numbers 28:2), ὅτι τῶν ὄντων τά μέν χάριτος μέσης ἠξίωται, καλεῖται δόσις, τά δέ ἀμεινονος, ἧς ὄνομα οἰκεῖον δωρεά. Again,de leg. alleg. iii. § 70 (on the same Biblical passage), διατηρήσεις ὅτι δῶρα δομάτων διαφερουσι. Τά μέν γάρ ἐμφασιν μεγέθους τελείων ἀγαθῶν δηλουσιν ... τά δέ εἰς βραχυτατον ἐσταλται κτλ.. Hence, δόμα, δοσος, gift; δωρεά, δῶρον, benefaction, bounty, etc.; yet cf. e. g. Test xii. Patr. test. Zab. § 1ἐγώ εἰμί Ζαβουλών, δόσις ἀγαθή τοῖς γονεῦσι μου, with Genesis 30:20 δεδώρηται Θεός μοι δῶρον καλόν ... καί ἐκάλεσε τό ὄνομα αὐτοῦ Ζαβουλών. Cf. Schmidt, chapter 106.]