Word Summary
gazophylakion: treasury
Original Word: γαζοφυλάκιον
Transliteration: gazophylakion
Phonetic Spelling: (gad-zof-oo-lak'-ee-on)
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Short Definition: treasury
Meaning: treasury
Strong's Concordance

From gaza and phulake; a treasure-house, i.e. A court in the temple for the collection-boxes -- treasury.

see GREEK gaza

see GREEK phulake

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 1049: γαζοφυλάκιον

γαζοφυλάκιον, γαζοφυλακίου, τό (from γάζα, which see, and φυλακή; hence, equivalent to θησαυροφυλακιον, Hesychius), a repository of treasure, especially of public treasure, a treasury: Esther 3:9; 1 Esdr. 8:18, 44; 1 Macc. 3:28. In the Sept. used for לִשְׁכָּה and נִשְׁכָּה of apartments constructed in the courts of the temple, in which not only the sacred offerings and things needful for the temple service were kept, but in which also the priests, etc., dwelt: Nehemiah 13:7; Nehemiah 10:37ff; of the sacred treasury, in which not only treasure but also the public records (1 Macc. 14:49; cf. Grimm at the passage) were stored, and the property of widows and orphans was deposited (2 Macc. 3:10; cf. Grimm at the passage): 1 Macc. 14:49; 2 Macc. 3:6, 28, 40 2Macc. 4:42 2Macc. 5:18. Josephus speaks of both γαζοφυλάκια (plural) in the women's court of Herod's temple, b. j. 5, 5, 2; 6, 5, 2; and τό γαζοφυλάκιον, Antiquities 19, 6, 1. In the N. T., in Mark 12:41, 43; Luke 21:1; John 8:20 (ἐν τῷ γαζοφυλακίῳ, at, near, the treasury (yet cf. Winer's Grammar, § 48, a., the passage cited)), τό γαζοφυλάκιον seems to be used of that receptacle mentioned by the rabbis to which were fitted thirteen chests or boxes, שׁופָרות i. e. trumpets, so called from their shape, and into which were put the contributions made voluntarily or paid yearly by the Jews for the service of the temple and the support of the poor; cf. Lightfoot, Horae Hebrew et Talm., p. 536f; Lücke (Tholuck, or Godet) on John 8:20; (B. D. American edition under the word ). (Strabo 2, p. 319 (i. e. 7, 6, 1).)