zephaniah outline

1. Judgment on Jerusalem (1:1-2:3)

a. Zephaniah Prophesies Judgment on Judah (1:1-6)

b. The Day of the LORD (1:7-18)

c. A Call to Repentance (2:1-3)

2. Judgment on the Nations (and Jerusalem) (2:4-3:8)

a. Judgment on the Philistines (2:4-7)

b. Judgment on Moab and Ammon (2:8-11)

c. Judgment on Cush and Assyria (2:12-15)

d. Judgment on Jerusalem (3:1-5)

e. Purification of the Nations (3:6-8)

3. Hope for the Nations and Jerusalem (3:9-20)

a. A Faithful Remnant (3:9-13)

b. Israel’s Restoration (3:14-20)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible