zechariah outline

1. A Call to Repentance (1:1-6)

2. The Eight Visions (1:7-6:15)

a. The Vision of the Horses (1:7-17)

b. The Vision of the Horns (1:18-21)

c. The Vision of the Measuring Line (2:1-13)

d. The Vision of Joshua the High Priest (3:1-10)

e. The Vision of the Lampstand and Olive Trees (4:1-14)

f. The Vision of the Flying Scroll (5:1-4)

g. The Vision of the Woman in a Basket (5:5-11)

h. The Vision of the Four Chariots (6:1-8)

i. The Crown and the Temple (6:9-15)

3. Fasting and Restoration (7:1-8:23)

a. Question about Weeping and Fasting (7:1-3)

b. Four Answers (7:4-8:23)

i. Incorrect Motives (7:4-7)

ii. True Justice (7:8-14)

iii. Restoration of Jerusalem (8:1-17)

iv. Future Feasts for All Nations (8:18-23)

4. Prophecies of the Messiah (9:1-14:21)

a. The Messiah’s First Coming (9:1-11:17)

i. Judgment against Israel’s Enemies (9:1-8)

ii. Zion’s Coming King (9:9-10:12)

iii. The Rejected Shepherd (11:1-9)

iv. Thirty Pieces of Silver (11:10-17)

b. The Messiah’s Second Coming (12:1-14:21)

i. Jerusalem Will Be Attacked (12:1-9)

ii. Mourning the One They Pierced (12:10-14)

iii. An End to Idolatry (13:1-9)

iv. The Destroyers of Jerusalem Destroyed (14:1-15)

v. All Nations Will Worship the King (14:16-21)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible