ruth outline

1. The Return from Moab (1:1-22)

a. Naomi Becomes a Widow (1:1-5)

b. Ruth’s Loyalty to Naomi (1:6-18)

c. The Return to Bethlehem (1:19-22)

2. Ruth Meets Boaz (2:1-23)

a. Ruth Gleans in the Fields (2:1-7)

b. Boaz Shows Kindness to Ruth (2:8-16)

c. Ruth Returns to Naomi (2:17-23)

3. Ruth’s Redemption Assured (3:1-18)

a. Naomi Advises Ruth (3:1-5)

b. The Kinsman-Redeemer (3:6-15)

c. Ruth Returns to Naomi (3:16-18)

4. Boaz Redeems Ruth (4:1-22)

a. Boaz Secures the Right of Redemption (4:1-12)

b. Boaz Marries Ruth (4:13-17)

c. The Line of David (4:18-22)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible