romans outline

1. Condemnation: The Need for a Savior (1:1-3:20)

a. Paul Greets the Saints in Rome (1:1-7)

b. Unashamed of the Gospel (1:8-17)

c. God’s Wrath against Sin (1:18-3:20)

i. Unrighteous Nations (1:18-32)

ii. Unrighteous Israel (2:1-3:8)

1. God’s Righteous Judgment (2:1-16)

2. The Jews and the Law (2:17-29)

3. God Remains Faithful (3:1-8)

iii. There is No One Righteous (3:9-20)

2. Justification: Faith in the Savior (3:21-5:21)

a. Righteousness through Faith in Christ (3:21-31)

b. The Faith of Abraham (4:1-25)

i. Justification by Faith (4:1-12)

ii. Abraham Receives the Promise (4:13-25)

c. From Death to Life (5:1-21)

i. The Triumph of Faith (5:1-5)

ii. Christ’s Sacrifice for the Ungodly (5:6-11)

iii. Death in Adam, Life in Christ (5:12-21)

3. Sanctification: How Ought We to Live (6:1-8:39)

a. Dead to Sin, Alive to God (6:1-14)

b. The Wages of Sin (6:15-23)

c. Function of the Law (7:1-25)

d. Walking by the Spirit (8:1-39)

i. Flesh vs. Spirit (8:1-11)

ii. Heirs with Christ (8:12-17)

iii. Future Glory (8:18-27)

iv. God Works in All Things (8:28-34)

v. More than Conquerors (8:35-39)

4. Restoration: The Plan and Future for Israel (9:1-11:36)

a. Israel In the Past (9:1-33)

i. Paul’s Concern for the Jews (9:1-5)

ii. God’s Sovereign Choice (9:6-29)

iii. Israel’s Unbelief (9:30-33)

b. Israel in the Present (10:1-21)

c. Israel in the Future (11:1-36)

i. A Remnant Chosen by Grace (11:1-10)

ii. The Ingrafting of the Gentiles (11:11-24)

iii. All Israel Will Be Saved (11:25-32)

iv. A Hymn of Praise (11:33-36)

5. Unification: The Body of Believers (12:1-15:13)

a. Love and Forgiveness (12:1-13:14)

i. Living Sacrifices (12:1-8)

ii. Love, Zeal, Hope, Hospitality (12:9-13)

iii. Forgiveness (12:14-21)

iv. Submission to Authorities (13:1-7)

v. Love Fulfills the Law (13:8-10)

vi. The Day is Near (13:11-14)

b. Grace in Jew and Gentile Relationship (14:1-15:13)

i. The Law of Liberty (14:1-12)

ii. The Law of Love (14:13-23)

iii. Accept One Another (15:1-6)

iv. Christ the Servant of Jews and Gentiles (15:7-13)

6. Paul’s Salutation (5:14-16:27)

a. Paul the Minister to the Gentiles (15:14-22)

b. Paul’s Travel Plans (15:23-33)

c. Personal Greetings and Love (16:1-16)

d. Avoid Divisions (16:17-20)

e. Greetings from Paul’s Fellow Workers (16:21-23)

f. Doxology (16:25-27)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible