james outline

1. Genuine Faith (1:1-3:18)

a. A Greeting from James (1:1)

b. The Testing of Faith (1:2-18)

i. Rejoicing in Trials (1:2-12)

ii. Good and Perfect Gifts (1:13-18)

c. Hearing and Doing (1:19-27)

d. A Warning against Favoritism (2:1-13)

e. Faith and Works (2:14-26)

f. Taming the Tongue (3:1-12)

g. The Wisdom from Above (3:13-18)

2. Warnings against Worldliness (4:1-5:6)

a. A Warning against Pride (4:1-6)

b. Drawing Near to God (4:7-12)

c. Do Not Boast about Tomorrow (4:13-17)

d. A Warning to the Rich (5:1-6)

3. The Return of the Lord (5:7-20)

a. Patience in Suffering (5:7-12)

b. The Prayer of Faith (5:13-18)

c. Restoring a Sinner (5:19-20)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible