hosea outline

1. Adulterous Wife and Faithful Husband (1:1-3:5)

a. Hosea’s Wife and Children (1:1-11)

b. The Adulterous Wife (2:1-23)

i. Israel’s Adultery Rebuked (2:1-13)

ii. God’s Mercy to Israel (2:14-23)

c. Hosea Redeems His Wife (3:1-5)

2. Adulterous Nation and Faithful God (4:1-14:9)

a. The Adulterous Nation (4:1-10:15)

i. God’s Case against His People (4:1-19)

ii. Judgment on Israel and Judah (5:1-15)

iii. The Unrepentance of Israel and Judah (6:1-11)

iv. Ephraim’s Iniquity (7:1-16)

v. Israel Will Reap the Whirlwind (8:1-14)

vi. Israel’s Punishment (9:1-17)

vii. Retribution for Israel’s Sin (10:1-15)

b. The Faithful God (11:1-14:9)

i. Out of Egypt I Called My Son (11:1-7)

ii. God’s Love for Israel (11:8-12)

iii. A Reproof of Ephraim, Judah, and Jacob (12:1-14)

iv. God’s Anger against Israel (13:1-8)

v. Death and Resurrection (13:9-14)

vi. Judgment on Samaria (13:15-16)

vii. A Call to Repentance (14:1-3)

viii. A Promise of God’s Blessing (14:4-9)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible