esther outline

1. Persian Festival and Ascension of Esther (1:1-2:23)

a. Xerxes’ Royal Feast (1:1-22)

i. Xerxes’ Greatness (1:1-8)

ii. Queen Vashti’s Refusal (1:9-12)

iii. Queen Vashti Deposed (1:13-22)

b. The Rise of Esther (2:1-23)

i. Seeking Vashti’s Successor (2:1-4)

ii. Esther Finds Favor (2:5-16)

iii. Esther Becomes Queen (2:17-20)

iv. Mordecai Uncovers a Conspiracy (2:21-23)

2. Haman’s Plot against the Jews (3:1-15)

a. Haman Elevated (3:1-2)

b. Haman’s Plot to Destroy His Enemies (3:3-15)

3. Mordecai Appeals to Esther (4:1-17)

a. The Jews Lament Over the Royal Edict (4:1-3)

b. Mordecai Persuades Esther to Appeal to the King (4:4-17)

4. Esther’s First Banquet (5:1-8)

a. Esther Approaches the King (5:1-4)

b. Esther Defers Her Request (5:5-8)

5. The Fall of Haman and Rise of Mordecai (5:9-6:14)

a. Haman’s Plot Against Mordecai (5:9-14)

b. Mordecai is Honored (6:1-11)

c. Haman’s Downfall Begins (6:12-14)

6. Esther’s Second Banquet (7:1-10)

a. Esther Pleads for Her People (7:1-6)

b. The Hanging of Haman (7:7-10)

7. Esther Appeals for the Jews (8:1-17)

a. Esther and Mordecai Persuade the King to Issue New Edict (8:1-14)

b. The Jews Rejoice Over the New Royal Edict (8:15-17)

8. The Jews Victorious over Their Enemies (9:1-17)

a. The Jews Destroy Their Enemies (9:1-10)

b. Haman’s Sons Hanged (9:11-17)

9. Jewish Festival and Ascension of Mordecai (9:18-10:3)

a. Feast of Purim Instituted (9:18-32)

b. Tribute to Xerxes and Mordecai (10:1-3)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible