ecclesiastes outline

1. Introduction (1:1-11)

a. Introduction to The Teacher (1:1)

b. Everything is Futile (1:2-11)

2. The Teacher’s Investigation (1:12-6:12)

a. With Wisdom Comes Sorrow (1:12-18)

b. The Futility of Pleasure (2:1-11)

c. The Wise and the Foolish (2:12-17)

d. The Futility of Labor and Reward (2:18-6:12)

i. The Futility of Work (2:18-26)

ii. To Everything There Is a Season (3:1-8)

iii. God’s Works Remain Forever (3:9-15)

iv. From Dust to Dust (3:16-22)

v. The Evil of Oppression (4:1-12)

vi. The Futility of Power (4:13-16)

vii. Approaching God with Awe (5:1-7)

viii. The Futility of Wealth (5:8-20)

ix. The Futility of Life (6:1-12)

3. The Teacher’s Conclusions (7:1-12:14)

a. The Value of Wisdom (7:1-14)

b. The Limits of Human Wisdom (7:15-29)

c. The Wise Man and the King (8:1-17)

i. Obey the King (8:1-9)

ii. Fear God (8:10-13)

iii. God’s Ways Are Mysterious (8:14-17)

d. Life Is Fleeting (9:1-11:10)

i. Death Comes to Good and Bad (9:1-6)

ii. Enjoy Your Portion in This Life (9:7-12)

iii. Wisdom Is Better than Strength (9:13-18)

iv. Wisdom and Folly (10:1-20)

v. Cast Your Bread upon the Waters (11:1-6)

vi. Enjoy Your years (11:7-10)

e. Final Conclusions (12:1-14)

i. Remember Your Creator (12:1-8)

ii. The Whole Duty of Man (12:9-14)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible