2 timothy outline

1. Encouragement for Timothy (1:1-2:26)

a. Paul’s Greeting to Timothy (1:1-2)

b. Faithfulness under Persecution (1:3-12)

c. Holding to Sound Teaching (1:13-18)

d. Instructions for Timothy (2:1-26)

i. Grace and Perseverance (2:1-13)

ii. The Lord’s Approved Workman (2:14-26)

2. Warning of Difficulties Ahead (3:1-4:22)

a. Evil in the Last Days (3:1-9)

b. The Means to Overcome Apostasy (3:10-4:8)

i. All Scripture is God-Breathed (3:10-17)

ii. Preach the Word (4:1-8)

c. Personal Concerns (4:9-15)

d. The Lord Remains Faithful (4:16-18)

e. Final Greetings (4:19-22)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible