1 thessalonians outline

1. A Celebration of Faith (1:1-3:13)

a. Greetings to the Thessalonians (1:1-10)

b. Paul’s Ministry (2:1-20)

i. Paul Recalls His Visit (2:1-16)

ii. Paul’s Longing to Visit Again (2:17-20)

c. Timothy’s Ministry (3:1-10)

i. Timothy’s Visit (3:1-5)

ii. Timothy’s Encouraging Report (3:6-10)

d. Prayer for Endurance (3:11-13)

2. A Call to Righteous Living (4:1-5:28)

a. Living to Please God (4:1-12)

b. The Return of the Lord (4:13-18)

c. The Day of the Lord (5:1-11)

d. Christian Living (5:12-22)

e. Final Blessings and Instruction (5:23-28)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible