New King James Bible Online Website!

New Features:
  • Mobile friendly and simple layout
  • Listen to audio of each Bible chapter
  • Adjust text size for readability
  • Jesus' words in red (red letter)
  • Read the Bible in paragraph or verse view
  • Improved Bible comments/discussions
  • Type verse ranges or book abbreviations in the search
  • More features coming soon...

Welcome to the new website!

Our goal is for the King James Bible to be available and convenient for anyone in the world to read, share, and discuss online. Your suggestions for further improvement are warmly welcomed and may be shared here. We also have available volunteer activities for those interested in joining the team and supporting this effort.

May God bless you!
King James Bible Online


How to Search or Find Scripture:

Here you may type the literal words you want to find in the KJV text (does not have to be in order), for example:
      love Jesus
      passeth all understanding
      Peter crow


Type books, book abbreviations, chapters, verses, ranges. Examples below:
      3 John
      Romans 5
      Phil 4:8
      2 Cor 1-2
      Gen 1:19-22
      Gen 1:19-3:10

The above examples show how to go directly to any book, chapter, verse, chapter range, verse range, or both chapter and verse range. The range will not extend across different books, however.

Searching general subjects or topics

If you want to search a topic like '10 commandments' or 'What the Bible says about marriage', there is a different search that may be useful:

Click the 'Advanced' link above the search bar, then type in your general search. It utilizes a Google search that not only searches the KJV text, but pages of various topics, subjects, and Bible discussions.
Here you may click to select any KJV book you wish and may click the red arrow on the right to go direct to that book.

You may optionally select a particular chapter or verse from select lists to the right. The red arrow needs to be clicked after selecting.