Bible Verses Like Nehemiah 3:31

“After him repaired Malchiah the goldsmith's son unto the place of the Nethinims, and of the merchants, over against the gate Miphkad, and to the going up of the corner.”


Bible verses related to Nehemiah 3:31 (similar cross-references)

Nehemiah 3:8 - Next unto him repaired Uzziel the son of Harhaiah, of the goldsmiths. Next unto him also repaired Hananiah the son of one of the apothecaries, and they fortified Jerusalem unto the broad wall.   (Verses like Nehemiah 3:8)

Nehemiah 3:32 - And between the going up of the corner unto the sheep gate repaired the goldsmiths and the merchants.   (Verses like Nehemiah 3:32)