Bible Verses Like Leviticus 23:11

“And he shall wave the sheaf before the LORD, to be accepted for you: on the morrow after the sabbath the priest shall wave it.”


Bible verses related to Leviticus 23:11 (similar cross-references)

Exodus 29:24 - And thou shalt put all in the hands of Aaron, and in the hands of his sons; and shalt wave them for a wave offering before the LORD.   (Verses like Exodus 29:24)

Leviticus 9:21 - And the breasts and the right shoulder Aaron waved for a wave offering before the LORD; as Moses commanded.   (Verses like Leviticus 9:21)

Leviticus 10:14 - And the wave breast and heave shoulder shall ye eat in a clean place; thou, and thy sons, and thy daughters with thee: for they be thy due, and thy sons' due, which are given out of the sacrifices of peace offerings of the children of Israel.   (Verses like Leviticus 10:14)