Bible Verses Like Joshua 6:7

“And he said unto the people, Pass on, and compass the city, and let him that is armed pass on before the ark of the LORD.”


Bible verses related to Joshua 6:7 (similar cross-references)

Joshua 4:13 - About forty thousand prepared for war passed over before the LORD unto battle, to the plains of Jericho.   (Verses like Joshua 4:13)

Joshua 1:14 - Your wives, your little ones, and your cattle, shall remain in the land which Moses gave you on this side Jordan; but ye shall pass before your brethren armed, all the mighty men of valour, and help them;   (Verses like Joshua 1:14)

Joshua 6:3 - And ye shall compass the city, all ye men of war, and go round about the city once. Thus shalt thou do six days.   (Verses like Joshua 6:3)