Bible Verses Like Ezekiel 41:26

“And there were narrow windows and palm trees on the one side and on the other side, on the sides of the porch, and upon the side chambers of the house, and thick planks.”


Bible verses related to Ezekiel 41:26 (similar cross-references)

Ezekiel 41:16 - The door posts, and the narrow windows, and the galleries round about on their three stories, over against the door, cieled with wood round about, and from the ground up to the windows, and the windows were covered;   (Verses like Ezekiel 41:16)

Ezekiel 40:16 - And there were narrow windows to the little chambers, and to their posts within the gate round about, and likewise to the arches: and windows were round about inward: and upon each post were palm trees.   (Verses like Ezekiel 40:16)

Ezekiel 41:5 - After he measured the wall of the house, six cubits; and the breadth of every side chamber, four cubits, round about the house on every side.   (Verses like Ezekiel 41:5)