Bible Verses Like 2 Samuel 5:22

“And the Philistines came up yet again, and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim.”


Bible verses related to 2 Samuel 5:22 (similar cross-references)

2 Samuel 5:18 - The Philistines also came and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim.   (Verses like 2 Samuel 5:18)

1 Kings 20:22 - And the prophet came to the king of Israel, and said unto him, Go, strengthen thyself, and mark, and see what thou doest: for at the return of the year the king of Syria will come up against thee.   (Verses like 1 Kings 20:22)

1 Chronicles 14:13 - And the Philistines yet again spread themselves abroad in the valley.   (Verses like 1 Chronicles 14:13)