Bible Verses Like 1 Chronicles 4:42

“And some of them, even of the sons of Simeon, five hundred men, went to mount Seir, having for their captains Pelatiah, and Neariah, and Rephaiah, and Uzziel, the sons of Ishi.”


Bible verses related to 1 Chronicles 4:42 (similar cross-references)

Genesis 36:8-9 - Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: Esau is Edom.And these are the generations of Esau the father of the Edomites in mount Seir:   (Verses like Genesis 36:8)

Deuteronomy 1:2 - (There are eleven days' journey from Horeb by the way of mount Seir unto Kadeshbarnea.)   (Verses like Deuteronomy 1:2)