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232 Bible Stories for "R"

Rabbah Is Besieged By Joab, Spoiled By David, And The People Thereof Tortured

Rabbah's Capture; War With The Philistines

Rabshakeh, By Blasphemous Persuasions, Solicits The People To Revolt

Rabshakeh, Sent By Sennacherib, Solicits The People To Revolt

Rachel Bears Joseph

Rachel Steals Her Father's Household Gods

Rachel Travails Of Benjamin, And Dies In The Way To Edar

Rachel's Plan To Hide The Images

Rachel, In Grief For Her Barrenness, Gives Bilhah Her Maid Unto Jacob

Rahab And The Spies

Rahab Hides The Spies

Rahab Is Saved

Rahab Receives And Conceals The Two Spies Sent From Shittim

Rahel Mourning Is Comforted

Raises From Death The Widow's Son At Nain

Raises Jairus' Daughter From Death

Raises Jairus's Daughter From Death

Raising Of Lazarus

Ram Of Consecration

Ransom Of Souls

Rather We Are To Be Loving And Merciful

Readiness Of The People To Offer

Reading And Obeying The Law

Reads And Interprets The Writing

Reality Of Faith Tested By The Tongue

Reason Is Rendered Both Why Paul Was So Long Absent From Them, And Also So Desirous To See Them

Rebekah Consents To Go, And Departs

Rebekah Disappoints Him, By Sending Jacob Away

Rebekah Instructs Jacob To Obtain The Blessing

Rebekah Meets Him

Rebellion Of Korah, Dathan, And Abiram

Rebellious Son Is To Be Stoned To Death

Rebuilding Of The Temple Is Begun

Rebuilding The Altar, Rebuilding The Temple

Rebuilding The Temple

Rebuilding The Wall

Rebuilding The Walls Of Jerusalem

Rebuke Of Worldliness

Rebukes His Curiosity

Rebukes The Peoples' Disobeying Thereof

Rebukes The Rest Of His Apostles From Ambition

Rebukes The Unclean Spirit

Rebukes The Winds

Rebukes Them By The Parable Of The Two Sons,

Rebuking And Encouraging Judah


Recapitulation Of The Creation Of Man

Receive His Mark

Receives A Gracious Promise

Receives Jewels

Receives The Little Children


Recompense Of The Charitable

Recovers All The Spoil

Red Heifer And Water Of Cleansing

Redemption Of Land

Redemption Of Servants

Redemption Of Zion

Reformations Under Asa

Refuses To Give A Sign To The Pharisees

Refutes The Opinion That The Scribes Held Of The Christ

Register Of The Genealogy Of Them Which Came At The First Out Of Babylon

Regulations For Burnt, Grain And Sin Offerings

Regulations For Guilt And Fellowship Offerings; The Priests' Share

Regulations For Priests

Rehoboam Punished, Shishak Plunders Judah

Rehoboam Raising An Army To Subdue Israel, Is Forbidden By Shemaiah

Rehoboam's Reign Over Judah; Rehoboam's Family

Rehoboam's Wicked Reign,

Rehoboam, Forsaking The Lord, Is Punished By Shishak

Rehoboam, Raising An Army, Is Forbidden By Shemaiah

Rehoboam, Refusing The Old Men's Counsel, Answers Them Roughly

Rehoboam, Refusing The Old Mens' Counsel, Answers Them Roughly,

Reign And Death Of Rehoboam

Reign Of Jehu Over Israel

Reign Of Saul To The Call Of David

Reign Of The Lord's Anointed

Reigns Of Athaliah And Jehoash Over Judah

Reigns Of Jehoahaz And Joash Over Israel

Rejection And Judgments To Come; Jeremiah's Prayer

Relation Unto Pharaoh

Relationships Of God's People

Remainder Divided; The Territory Of Benjamin Allotted

Remainder Of The Land Is Described, And Divided Into Seven Parts

Remaining Canaanites, Solomon Makes Tributaries, But The Israelites Rulers

Remedies Against Vanity Are, A Good Name

Remember Also Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth

Reminders Of God's Grace; The Golden Calf

Remnant Chosen By Grace; Ingrafted Branches; All Israel Will Be Saved

Remnant In Zion

Remnant Of Israel Shall Be Saved

Remnant Shall Be Blessed

Remnant Shall Be Reserved For Example Of Others

Remnant Shall Be Saved

Remnant Shall Forsake Idolatry

Remnant Shall Joyfully Praise Him

Remnant Shall Turn To The Lord

Repairing The Temple

Repeats His Exhortation To Stand Firm, And Prays For Them

Repentance Of Jerusalem

Repetition Of Various Laws

Replaced By The New Covenant Of The Gospel

Report From Jerusalem, Nehemiah's Prayer

Reprehending Their Rebellion, And Murdering Of Christ, Whom The Prophets Foretold

Reprimands Martha, And Commends Mary Her Sister

Reprimands The Outward Show Of Holiness

Reproof Of Ephraim, Judah, And Jacob

Reproof Of False Prophets

Reproof Of False Prophets

Reproof Of Injustice And Idolatry

Reproof Of Manifold Sins

Reproof Of The Shepherds

Reproof Of The Shepherds Of Israel; Restoration

Reproofs Of Obstinate Sinners, And Threats Against Them

Reproved Their Negligence

Reproves Her

Reproves Herod Jerusalem

Reproves His Tongue

Reproves Peter For Dissuading Him From It

Reproves The People Flocking After Him, And All The Fleshly Hearers Of His Word

Reproves Their Dissensions

Requests Their Prayers

Requests, Is Permitted To Speak To The People

Requires It Of The Chaldeans, By Promises And Threats

Requires Obedience


Residue Shall Be Advanced In The Kingdom Of Christ

Resolves A Rich Man How He May Inherit Everlasting Life

Resolves The Scribe, Who Questioned Of The First Commandment

Respect For Masters; Love Of Money; Charge To Timothy

Rest Of God

Rest Shall Be Plagued For Their Impiety

Restatement Of The Law

Restitution Is To Be Made In Trespass

Restoration Is Promised To Succeed

Restoration Of Elam

Restoration Of Israel

Restoration Of Israel And New Covenant

Restoration Of Jacob, Israel's Remnant Taunts Babylon, An Oracle Concerning Assyria, An Oracle Concerning Philistia

Restoration Of Jerusalem

Restoration Of Judah And Israel Under One Head

Restoration Of Moab

Restoration Of The Temple Worship

Restoration Promised; Life Offered

Restoration Thereof After Forty Years


Restore Us O God

Restores A Blind Man To Sight

Restores Sarah

Restores Tabitha To Life

Restores To Bartimaeus His Sight

Restoring Of The Tabernacle Of David


Resurrection Of Christ, The Dead And The Body

Resurrection of Jesus

Resurrection Of The Dead

Resurrection; Christ Commissions The Disciples

Resurrection; Road To Emmaus; Appearances To Disciples, Ascension

Retribution For Israel's Sin; Exhortation To Repentance

Retrospect Of The Day Of The Lord

Return Of The Prodigal Son

Return To Egypt With Benjamin

Return To Nazareth

Returning From Captivity

Returning Of The Glory Of God Into The Temple

Returning To Antioch, They Report What God Had Done With Them

Reuben Finds Mandrakes,

Reuben Lies With Bilhah

Reubenites And Gadites Ask For Inheritance On The East Side Of Jordan

Reubenites And Gadites Settle In Gilead

Revenge Is Especially Forbidden


Reverence In Worship; The Lord's Supper

Reverence Of God's Judgments

Reverent Manner Of Reading And Hearing The Law



Revolts To David

Reward Of Those Who Leave All For His Sake

Rewards And Punishments Concerning Obedience

Rewards Of Obedience

Rewriting Of Stone Tablets Recalled

Rezon, Who Reigned In Damascus

Rich Fool

Rich Man And Lazarus Parable

Rich Man's Folly

Rich Oppressors Are To Fear God's Vengeance

Rich Ruler

Rich Warned

Rich Young Man

Rich Young Ruler


Riches And Commerce Of Tyrus

Right Use And End Of The Law

Righteous Shall Rejoice At It

Rightly To Know God Is To Keep His Commandments

Rights Of An Apostle

Riot In Ephesus

Risen Christ Appears

Risen Lord In Ministry To His Own

Rites And Sacrifices In Cleansing The Leper

River Is Turned Into Blood; And The Consequent Distress Of The Egyptians

River Of Life, Jesus Is Coming

River Of The Water Of Life

Rizpah's Kindness Toward The Dead

Rizpah's Kindness Unto The Dead

Road To Emmaus

Robe Of The Ephod

Robe Of The Ephod, With Pomegranates And Bells

Root Of Jesse

Ruben's Descendants; Some Of Whom Vanquish The Hagarites

Ruben, Gad, And Half Of Manasseh, Obtain A Victory Over The Hagarites

Rule Of The Believer's Life Is Gracious

Ruler Would Follow Jesus, But Is Hindered By His Riches

Rulers And Prophets Denounced

Rulers Conspire Against Him

Rulers Of The Jews, Offended With Peter's Sermon,

Rulers, Voluntary Men, And The Tenth Man Chosen By Lot, Dwell At Jerusalem

Rules Concerning Valuations

Rules For Priests And Flawless Sacrifices

Rules For Skin Diseases, Mildew

Rules To Be Observed In Reproving


Ruth And Boaz

Ruth And Boaz At The Threshing Floor

Ruth Deciding

Ruth Gleans In The Field Of Boaz

Ruth Lies At Boaz's Feet

Ruth Meets Boaz

Ruth Resting

Ruth Rewarded

Ruth Serving