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Magi From The East

Magnifies The Happy Estate Of His Church

Mahlon And Chilion, Having Married Wives Of Moab, Die Also

Majesty And Grace Of Christ's Kingdom

Majesty Of God

Majesty Of God In Goodness To His People, And Severity Against His Enemies

Majesty Of God In The Church

Majesty Of God's Kingdom

Majesty, Stability, Power, And Holiness Of Christ's Kingdom

Make A Joyful Shout To God, All The Earth!

Make A Solemn Covenant With God

Make Your Face Shine Upon Us

Makes Confession Of Sins,

Makes His Defense

Makes Relation Of His Dreams, Which The Magicians Could Not Interpret

Makes Request To God In Their Behalf

Making Ahab Judge Himself, Denounces God's Judgment Against Him

Making Of Woman, And The Institution Of Marriage

Making The Tabernacle

Malachi Complains Of Israel's Unkindness

Malchus' Ear Healed

Malefactor Must Not Hang All Night On A Tree

Malice Of Gog

Malice Of Gog

Man Born Blind

Man Born Blind Healed

Man Born Blind Is Restored To Sight

Man Is Placed In It; And The Tree Of Knowledge Forbidden

Man Must Humble Himself Unto God

Man Of Lawlessness, Stand Firm

Man With Evil Spirit Healed

Man With Leprosy

Man's Dropsy Healed

Man's Happiness Is In God's Favor

Man's Innocence Is Not To Be Condemned By Afflictions

Man's Mortality

Man's Withered Hand Healed

Manasseh King Of Judah

Manasseh Succeeds Hezekiah

Manasseh's And Amon's Wicked Reigns

Manasseh's Reign

Manasseh's Sin And Repentance

Manasseh's Wicked Reign

Manasseh's Wicked Reign In Judah; Ammon Follows

Manifestation Of Christ In Resurrection

Manifestation Of The Servant-Son


Manna Ceases

Manner Of Purification, And Going In To The King

Manoah's Sacrifices, Whereby The Angel Is Discovered

Many Believe Because Of His Miracles, But He Will Not Trust Himself With Them

Many Cry In Affliction, But Are Not Heard For Lack Of Faith

Many Cry In Their Afflictions, But Are Not Heard For Lack Of Faith

Many Disciples Depart From Him

Many Diseased Persons

Many Jews Believe

Many Mansions

Many Other Infirmities

Many Others

Many Samaritans Believe On Him

Many Times They Have Afflicted Me From My Youth Up.

Many Would Follow Him, But Upon Conditions

Marriage Of Isaac

Marriage Of The Lamb

Martyrdom Of Stephen

Mary And Martha

Mary Anoints Jesus

Mary Comes To The Tomb

Mary Magdalene

Mary Purified

Mary Visits Elizabeth

Massacre Of The Innocents

Master And Servant

Mattathias And The Apostate

Mattathias Appeals To The Jewish Refugees

May The Lord Answer You In The Day Of Trouble.

Meanest Are Not To Be Wronged

Measure And Ornaments Of The House

Measure Of The Court, And The Furniture Of Brass


Measures Of The Outward Court

Measures, Parts, Chambers, And Ornaments Of The Temple

Meat Offering With Oil And Incense


Meditation Upon The Mighty Power

Meeting Of Isaac And Rebekah

Melchizedek Blesses Abram, Who Gives Him Tithes


Memorial Of The Passover Is Commanded

Memory Of Amalek Is To Be Blotted Out

Men May Not Condemn One Another For Disputable Matters

Men Who Raised The Evil Report Die By A Plague

Menahem Strengthens Himself By Pul

Mephibosheth Excused

Mercies Of God Are To Be Recorded

Mercy Seat, With The Cherubim

Merodach-Baladan, Sending To Visit Hezekiah, Has Notice Of His Treasures

Mesha Rebels

Message Of Moses About The Hail,

Message To Baruch

Message To Herod

Messages To The Churches In Sardis, Philadelphia, And Laodicea

Messiah's Reign

Metaphor For The Judgement Of Israel/Judah

Micah And His Idols

Micah Exhorts The Israelites To Repent

Micah's Idolatry

Michael And His Angels Fight With The Dragon, And Prevail

Michael Shall Deliver Israel From Their Troubles

Michal Despises Him

Michal Is Given To Phalti

Michal, Reproving David For His Joy, Is Childless To Her Death

Midian Subdued

Midianites Are Routed

Midianites Are Spoiled, And Balaam Slain

Midianites Are To Be Troubled

Mighty Men Of Israel

Mighty One Calls The Earth From Sunrise To Sunset.

Mighty Strong Angel Appears With A Book Open In His Hand

Milk Is Fit For Children

Ministers And Glory Of The New Covenant

Ministers Are God's Fellow Workmen

Ministry Of Elisha From The Translation Of Elijah To The Anointing Of Jehu

Ministry Of Ezra

Ministry Of The Rejected King

Ministry Of The Risen Servant-Son

Ministry Of The Son Of Man As Prophet-King In Galilee

Miracle Of Five Loaves And Two Fishes

Miracles Wrought By God, When He Brought His People Out Of Egypt,

Miracles, Preaching And Riot In Ephesus

Miraculous Catch At The Sea Of Galilee; Feed My Sheep

Miraculous Catch Of Fish

Miraculous Signs Through Moses; Aaron As Mouthpiece; Moses Returns

Miriam And Aaron Complain Against Moses

Miriam's Leprosy Is Healed At The Prayer Of Moses

Miscellaneous Prophecies

Mischief Of Unfaithfulness


Miserable Overthrow Of Tyre

Miseries Of Jerusalem And Of The Jews Lamented

Mission Of The Seventy

Misuse Of Riches; Patience; The Prayer Offered In Faith

Moab Is Exhorted To Yield Obedience To The Throne Of David

Moab Is Threatened For Her Pride

Moab Rebels

Moab Rebels Against Israel

Moabites Invading The Land, Elisha's Bones Raise A Dead Man

Moabites, Deceived By The Colour Of The Water, Coming To Spoil, Are Overcome

Mockers Of The True Prophets

Model Brother

Model Church

Model Servant And His Reward

Model Walk

Molten Sea Upon Twelve Oxen

Monarchy Is Translated To The Medes

Monuments Of Idolatry To Be Destroyed

Moral Dissolution Of The People,

Moral State Of Israel For Which The Captivity Was To Come

Mordecai Informs Esther Of Haman's Plot

Mordecai Is Advanced

Mordecai Is Advanced; Xerxes Allows The Jews To Defend Themselves

Mordecai The Nursing Father Of Esther

Mordecai's Advancement

Mordecai's Honor, And The Jews' Joy

Mordecai, Discovering A Treason, Is Recorded In The Chronicles

More Fully Describes The Manners Of Those Profane Blasphemous Seducers

More Offerings; Sabbath-Breaker Stoned; Tassels On Garments

More Proverbs Of Solomon

More They Are Oppressed By A New King, The More They Multiply

Mortal Skirmish Between Twelve Of Abner's And Twelve Of Joab's Men


Moses After Forty Days On The Mount, Comes Down With The Tablets

Moses And Aaron Appear Before Pharaoh

Moses And Aaron Are Encouraged To Go Again To Pharaoh

Moses And Aaron Before Pharaoh, The First Plague: Water Turned To Blood

Moses And Aaron Bless The People

Moses And The Burning Bush

Moses And The Lord At Mount Sinai

Moses Appoints The Three Cities Of Refuge On That Side Of Jordan

Moses Assigns Them The Land

Moses At Kadesh Desires Passage Through Edom, Which Is Denied Him

Moses Blesses The Twelve Tribes

Moses Breaks The Tables Of The Law

Moses Builds An Altar, And Twelve Pillars

Moses Causes The Idolaters To Be Slain

Moses Comes Down From Mount Sinai

Moses Comes Down With The Tablets

Moses Comforts Them

Moses Complains Of His Charge

Moses Complains To God

Moses Consecrates Aaron And His Sons

Moses Delivers The Book Of The Law To The Levites To Keep

Moses Departs From Jethro

Moses Dissuades Them From The Opinion Of Their Own Righteousness

Moses Encourages The People

Moses Encourages The People; Joshua Is Commissioned

Moses Entertains Him, And Relates The Goodness Of The Lord

Moses Entreats God To Go With Them

Moses Exhorts Them To Obedience, Reminding Of The Works They Had Seen

Moses From Mount Nebo Views The Land

Moses Goes Into The Mountain, Where He Continues Forty Days And Forty Nights

Moses Intercedes With God, And Obtains Pardon

Moses Is Angry With The Officers, For Saving The Women Alive

Moses Is Born, And Placed In A Basket In The Reeds Of Nile

Moses Is Called Up Into The Mountain

Moses Keeps Jethro's Flock

Moses Kills An Egyptian, Goes To Midian And Gets A Wife

Moses Performs All Things Accordingly

Moses Prays To Enter Into The Land

Moses Prays, And Sweetens The Waters By God's Direction

Moses Prevails With God, And Desires To See His Glory

Moses Receives The Two Tablets

Moses Reminds Them Of The Golden Calf

Moses Reproves Them

Moses Resumes The Journey And Intercedes For The Israelites

Moses Separates The People From The Rebels' Tents

Moses Smiting The Rock, Brings Forth Water At Meribah

Moses Strikes The Rock At Horeb

Moses Threatens Pharaoh With The Death The Firstborn

Moses Vainly Attempts To Encourage The Israelites

Moses' Birth

Moses' Birth And Being Found By Pharaoh's Daughter

Moses' Death

Moses' Faith Is Staggered

Moses' Song, Which Sets Forth God's Mercy And Vengeance

Moses' Speech In The End Of The Fortieth Year

Moses's Rod Is Turned Into A Serpent

Moses, Being Told Of His Death, Asks For A Successor

Moses, Setting Forth God's Providence

Mountain Must Not Be Touched

Mountain Of The Lord, Day Of The Lord

Mountain Of The Lord, Lord Shall Rescue Zion

Mountains Of Israel Will Be Blessed

Mourners For Tammuz

Mournful Repentance From That Escape

Mournfully Bury Their Bodies

Mourning And Astonishment Of The Sea At Her Fall

Mourning For Jacob

Mourns For Abner

Mouths Of Evil Teachers To Be Stopped

Murder Of Ish-Bosheth

Murderers Being Slain, Josiah Succeeds Him

Murmurers Are Debarred From Entering Into The Land

Mustard Seed

Mute Man Healed

Mutual Love Of Christ And His Church

Mutual Presents Of Solomon And Hiran

My Cry Goes To God! Indeed, I Cry To God For Help

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

My Heart Is Steadfast, God. I Will Sing And I Will Make Music With My Soul.

My Heart Overflows With A Noble Theme

My Help And My Deliverer

My Soul Rests In God Alone. My Salvation Is From Him.

Mysteries Of The Kingdom