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201 Bible Stories for "L"

Laban And Bethuel Approve It

Laban Detains Him On A New Agreement

Laban Entertains Him

Laban Pursues After Him, And Complains Of The Wrong

Laborers In The Vineyard

Lamb And The 144,000; Three Angels; Reapers

Lamb Standing On Mount Zion With His Company


Lament For Egypt; Babylon Victorious

Lament For The Princes Of Israel: Parable Of The Lion's Whelps

Lament For Tyre

Lament Over Pharaoh And Egypt

Lamentable State Of Moab


Lamentation For Israel

Lamentation For The Fearful Fall Of Egypt

Lamentation For The Princes Of Israel, By The Parable Of A Lion Whelping In A Pit

Lamentation Of His Great Glory Corrupted By Sidon

Lamentation Over Those Who Had Sinned After Conviction

Lamentations For Josiah

Laments His Heritage

Lamp And Bread; Blasphemer Stoned; Eye For Eye

Land Of Israel Is Comforted, By Destruction Of The Heathen, Who Spitefully Used It

Land Rests From War

Land West Of Jordan Divided; Caleb Given Hebron

Landing At Gennesaret,

Landmark Is Not To Be Removed

Lapse And Restoration

Last And General Resurrection

Last Counsels To Priests

Last Journey To Jerusalem

Last Ministry And Translation Of Elijah

Last Of All, To Sorrow Moderately For The Dead

Last Of The Judges

Last Supper

Last Supper

Lastly, He Calls Them To The First Institution Thereof

Laver Of Brass

Law For The Use Of It In Purification Of The Unclean

Law Of Blasphemy

Law Of Burnt Offerings

Law Of Dividing Among Them The Inheritance Of The Land

Law Of Divorce, Leprosy, Justice And Charity

Law Of Eating The Holy Things

Law Of Eating The Sacrifice Of Thanksgiving

Law Of Inheritances

Law Of Tassels

Law Of The Burnt Offering

Law Of The First Of The Dough

Law Of The Lord Is Perfect

Law Of The Meat Offering, And The Drink Offering

Law Of The Nazarite In The Days Of His Separation

Law Of The Offerings

Law Of The Sin Offering

Law Of The Trespass Offering

Law Of Vows

Lawful Work On The Sabbath

Laws For Burnt Offerings

Laws For Feasts

Laws For Grain Offerings

Laws For Men Servants

Laws For Sacrifices

Laws For Sin Offerings, Laws For Guilt Offerings

Laws Of An Unclean House

Laws Of Clean And Unclean Food

Laws Of Justice, Mercy, Sabbath, Annual Festivals, Conquest

Laws Of Murder And Manslaughter

Laws Of Stripes, Oxen, Seed, Modesty, Weights And Measures

Laws Of The Leper

Laws Of The Sanctuary

Laws Of Warfare

Laws On Sexual Relations

Laws Whereby The Priest Is To Be Guided In Discerning The Leprosy

Lawsuits Between Believers; Honor God With Your Body

Lazarus At The Rich Man's House

Lazarus Raised From The Dead

Lead Me In Your Righteousness

Lead Me To The Rock

Leaders Conspire Against Jesus

Leagues And Conflicts Between The Kings Of The South And Of The North

Leah Bears Issachar, Zebulun, And Dinah

Leah Bears Reuben

Leah Gives Zilpah Her Maid, Who Bears Gad And Asher

Leaves His Peace With Them

Led Blind To Damascus

Legal Ceremonies, Which Are Ended In Christ

Legal Order Restored

Lemuel's Lesson Of Chastity And Temperance

Leper Healed

Lepers Healed

Lest The Inheritance Should Be Removed From The Tribe

Lest Their False Teachers Should Charge Him With Vain Glory,

Lest They Lose The Reward Of Their Former Profession

Lest With Shame They Revolt From Him Afterward

Let God Arise! Let His Enemies Be Scattered!

Let Not Sin Reign Anymore

Let Your Conversation Be Full Of Grace; Final Greetings

Let Your Light Shine


Levite Carries The Woman's Body Away

Levite Finds A Woman's Corpse

Levite Goes To Bethlehem To Fetch Home His Concubine

Levite In A General Assembly Declared His Wrong

Levite Is Not To Be Forsaken

Levite's Concubine Degraded

Levites Are Exempted For The Service Of The Lord

Levites Are Given To The Priests Instead Of The Firstborn

Levites Designated As Priests

Levites Make A Confession Of God's Goodness, And Their Wickedness

Levites That Had Charge Of The Treasures

Levites' Portion


Life And Conduct

Life Giving Stream

Life In The Spirit, Heirs With Christ, Future Glory, God's Everlasting Love

Life Pleasing To God, The Coming Of The Lord


Light Of The City Of God Is Himself

Light Of The World

Light Of The World

Light Shining Under Bushel

Light Under Bushel

Like Destruction Of Egypt

Like He Does To Zedekiah

Like Snow In Summer, And As Rain In Harvest, So Honor Is Not Fitting For A Fool.

Like Things Happen To Good And Bad

Lilies Of The Field

Line Of Eleazar Unto The Captivity

Linen Belt And Wineskins; Threat Of Captivity

List Of Defeated Kings

List Of Those Excluded From The Assembly

Listen, Sons, To A Father's Instruction

Little Children And Fellowship

Little Children And Secular And Religious World

Little Children Assured And Warned

Living For Christ And Partaking In His Sufferings

Living Stone And A Holy People, Submission To Authority

Living Water


Look For Persecution

Looking Toward The Captivities

Loosing The Woman Who Was Bowed Over

Lord Accuses Israel

Lord And His Sacrifices Are The Inheritance Of Levi

Lord Appears To Abraham, Who Entertains Angels

Lord Appoints Joshua To Succeed Moses

Lord Calls Samuel

Lord Comforts The Church With His Promises

Lord Encourages Him In A Vision

Lord Encourages Joshua

Lord Has Destroyed Without Pity

Lord Is My Light And My Salvation. Whom Shall I Fear?

Lord Is My Shepherd

Lord Is My Shepherd: I Shall Lack Nothing.

Lord Is The Priests And Levites' Inheritance

Lord Judges The Nations, Glorious Future Of Judah

Lord My Shepherd

Lord Of The Sabbath

Lord Of The Sabbath; The Twelve Apostles; Beatitudes; Love For Enemies; Do Not Judge; Tree And Fruits; House On The Rock

Lord Raises Up Judges, Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar

Lord Rebukes The Priests, Judah Profaned The Covenant, Messenger Of The Lord

Lord Refuses To Go As He Had Promised With The People

Lord Reigns! He Is Clothed With Majesty!

Lord Reigns! Let The Earth Rejoice! Let The Multitude Of Islands Be Glad!

Lord Reigns! Let The Peoples Tremble.

Lord Says To My Lord, Sit At My Right Hand

Lord Speaks On Idolatry And Coming Destruction; Jeremiah Prays

Lord Surrounds His People

Lord Talks Familiarly With Moses

Lord Thwarts The Philistines By Thunder At Ebenezer

Lord Who Would Not Believe The Prophecy Of Plenty Is Trampled In The Press

Lord Will Not Be Entreated For The People

Lord's Comfort For Zion

Lord's Intended Future Kindness To Israel, Not Withstanding Their Wickedness,

Lord's Love For Israel, Priests' Polluted Offerings

Lord's Prayer

Lord's Prayer

Lord's Supper

Lord's Supper


Lost And Found

Lost Coin

Lost Sheep

Lot And Abraham

Lot And Border Of Benjamin

Lot Dwells In A Cave

Lot Entertains Two Angels

Lot Flees As Sodom And Gomorrah Burn

Lot Goes Toward Sodom

Lot Is Taken Prisoner

Lot Is Warned, And In Vain Warns His Sons-In-Law

Lot Of Manasseh

Lot Of Simeon

Lot's Wife Looks Back And Becomes A Pillar Of Salt

Love Is The Fulfillment Of The Law

Love Of Money The Root Of All Evil

Love Of The Church To Christ

Love Your Enemies

Love Your Enemy

Love, And Many Other Duties Are Required Of Us

Love, The Greatest Gift