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689 Bible Stories for "J"

Jabesh-Gileadites Recover The Bodies Of Saul And His Sons

Jacob And Esau Meet

Jacob And Esau Reunite

Jacob And Esau's Meeting; And Esau's Departure

Jacob And His Family Move To Egypt

Jacob And His Sons Prosper

Jacob Calls His Sons To Bless Them

Jacob Comes To Isaac At Hebron

Jacob Comes To Succoth

Jacob Comes To The Well Of Haran

Jacob Covenants For Rachel

Jacob Desires To Depart

Jacob Flees Laban

Jacob Goes To Egypt

Jacob Is Comforted By God At Beersheba

Jacob Is Persuaded To Send Benjamin

Jacob Is Revived With The News

Jacob Journeys, And Has A Vision Of A Ladder

Jacob Leaves For Canaan; Laban Pursues

Jacob Meets Esau

Jacob Meets Rachel, Serves Laban, Marries Rachel And Leah

Jacob Named Israel

Jacob Prays For Protection

Jacob Prepares To Meet Esau, Wrestles With God

Jacob Refuses To Send Benjamin

Jacob Reproves Simeon And Levi

Jacob Sends Him To His Brothers, Who Counsel To Slay Him

Jacob Sends His Ten Sons To Buy Grain In Egypt

Jacob Strengthens Himself To Bless Them

Jacob Tends Laban's Flocks And Meets Rachel

Jacob To Goshen; Israelites Multiply; Joseph And The Famine

Jacob Wrestles With The Angel

Jacob's Age

Jacob's Blessing To His Sons; Jacob's Death

Jacob's Complaint Of Laban

Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Flight To Laban And Vision Of A Ladder

Jacob's Illness; Manasseh And Ephraim

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Policy, Whereby He Becomes Rich

Jacob's Vision At Mahanaim

Jacob's Vow

Jacob, Displeased With The Envy Of Laban And His Sons, Departs Secretly

Jacob, Feigning To Be Esau, Obtains It

Jacob, Rachel, And Leah

Jael Kills Sisera

Jailor Is Converted,

Jair, Whose Thirty Sons Had Thirty Cities

Jairus' Daughter

Jairus' Daughter Raised

James And John

James Greets The Twelve Tribes Among The Nations


Jebusites Unconquered

Jehoahaz Succeeding, Is Deposed By Pharaoh, And Carried Into Egypt

Jehoahaz Succeeds Jehu

Jehoahaz's Wicked Reign

Jehoahaz, Jehoash, Kings Of Israel; Elisha Dies

Jehoahaz, Oppressed By Hazael, Is Relieved By Prayer

Jehoahaz, Succeeding Him,

Jehoahaz; Jehoiakim; Jehoiachin; Zedekiah; Captivity In Babylon; Cyrus Permits Return

Jehoash Being Slain, Amaziah Succeeds Him

Jehoash King Of Israel

Jehoash Reigns Well All The Days Of Jehoiada

Jehoash, Being Saved By Jehosheba His Aunt From Athaliah's Massacre,

Jehoiachin Succeeding, Reigns Ill, And Is Brought Into Babylon

Jehoiachin Succeeds Him

Jehoiachin's Evil Reign

Jehoiada Makes Joash King; Athaliah Slain; Worship Of God Restored

Jehoiada Restores The Worship Of God

Jehoiada's Death And Honorable Burial

Jehoiada, Giving Order To The Captains, In The Seventh Year Anoints Him King

Jehoiada, Having Set Things In Order, Makes Joash King

Jehoiakim Burns The Roll

Jehoiakim Reigning Ill, Is Carried Bound Into Babylon

Jehoiakim's Captivity

Jehoiakim's Wicked Reign

Jehoiakim, First Subdued By Nebuchadnezzar, Then Rebelling Against Him,

Jehoiakim; Deportation To Babylon; Jehoiachin; Zedekiah

Jehoram Succeeds Ahaziah

Jehoram Succeeds Him

Jehoram's Reign

Jehoram's Wicked Reign In Judah

Jehoram, Succeeding Jehoshaphat, Slays His Brothers

Jehoram, With Jehoshaphat, And The King Of Edom, Being Distressed For Want Of Water,

Jehoshaphat Allies With Ahab, The Defeat And Death Of Ahab

Jehoshaphat Exhorts The People, And Sets Singers To Praise The Lord

Jehoshaphat Helped Of God

Jehoshaphat Succeeds Asa

Jehoshaphat Succeeds Asa, Reigns Well And Prospers

Jehoshaphat's Death; Jehoram's Wicked Reign In Judah; Edom Rebels

Jehoshaphat's Good Reign

Jehoshaphat's Prayer, The Lord Delivers Judah, The End Of Jehoshaphat's Reign

Jehoshaphat's Reign

Jehoshaphat, Invaded By Moab, Proclaims A Fast

Jehoshaphat, Joined In Affinity With Ahab, Is Persuaded To Go Against Ramoth Gilead

Jehoshaphat, Reproved By Jehu, Visits His Kingdom

Jehoshaphat, Succeeding Asa, Reigns Well, And Prospers


Jehovah And Job

Jehovah's Controversy With The Whole Family Of Jacob

Jehu Anointed King Of Israel

Jehu Follows Jeroboam's Sins

Jehu Rebukes Jehoshaphat; Jehoshaphat Appoints Judges

Jehu Reigns In Israel; Murders Of Joram, Ahaziah, Jezebel

Jehu The King

Jehu's Companions Find Jezebel's Remains

Jehu's Prophecy Against Baasha

Jehu's Prophecy; Kings Of Israel: Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, Ahab

Jehu, Being Made King By The Soldiers, Kills Joram In The Field Of Naboth

Jehu, By His Letters, Causes Seventy Of Ahab's Sons To Be Beheaded

Jephthah Dies

Jephthah's Covenant With The Gileadites

Jephthah's Daughter Comes To Meet Her Father

Jephthah's Vow

Jephthah, Ephraim, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon


Jerahmeel's Posterity


Jeremiah Assures Him Of Safety In Judea

Jeremiah Assures Of Safety In Judea And Destruction In Egypt

Jeremiah By Promises And Threats Exhorts To Repentance

Jeremiah Causes Baruch To Write His Prophesy,

Jeremiah Complains Of Contempt

Jeremiah Condemns The Disobedience Of The Jews

Jeremiah Delivers The Book Of This Prophecy To Seraiah, To Be Cast Into Euphrates,

Jeremiah Denounces His Judgment

Jeremiah Expresses The Desolation Of Judah For Their Idolatry

Jeremiah Foretells A Hard Siege And Miserable Captivity

Jeremiah Foretells His Doom

Jeremiah Gives Them And Zedekiah Into The Hands Of Their Enemies

Jeremiah Imprisoned By Zedekiah, Buys Hanamel's Field, Prays

Jeremiah In His Prayer Complains To God

Jeremiah In The Dungeon

Jeremiah Instructs And Comforts Him

Jeremiah Is Moved To Complain For Them

Jeremiah Is Sent To Call To True Repentance, To Prevent The Jews' Captivity

Jeremiah Laments Over Zion

Jeremiah Laments The Misery Of Jerusalem

Jeremiah Laments The People For Their Manifold Sins

Jeremiah Persecuted

Jeremiah Prays Against His Conspirators

Jeremiah Predicts Conquest Of Egypt, Disaster In Judah

Jeremiah Proclaims God's Covenant

Jeremiah Prophesies By A Type The Conquest Of Egypt By The Babylonians

Jeremiah Prophesies The Captivity Of Zedekiah And The City

Jeremiah Prophesies The Captivity Of Zedekiah; Freedom For Slaves

Jeremiah Prophesies The Chaldeans' Certain Return And Victory

Jeremiah Prophesies The Overthrow Of Pharaoh's Army At Euphrates

Jeremiah Sends A Letter To The Captives In Babylon To Be Quiet There,

Jeremiah Set Free By Nebuzaradan, Remains In Judah

Jeremiah Tells Of An Iron Yoke

Jeremiah Threatened And Spared

Jeremiah Tried And Acquitted

Jeremiah Warns Against Trust In Pharaoh

Jeremiah's Complaint And God's Answer

Jeremiah's Letter To The Exiles; Message To Shemaiah

Jeremiah's Message At The Temple Gate; Valley Of Slaughter

Jeremiah's Prophecies In The Land After The Final Captivity Of Judah

Jeremiah's Scroll Read In The Temple, Burned, And Replaced

Jeremiah, Being Imprisoned By Zedekiah For His Prophecy,

Jeremiah, Being Set Free By Nebuzaradan, Goes To Gedaliah

Jeremiah, By A False Suggestion, Is Put Into The Dungeon Of Malchiah

Jeremiah, Complaining Of The Prosperity Of The Wicked, By Faith Sees Their Ruin

Jeremiah, Complaining Of Their Spite, Receives A Promise For Himself

Jeremiah, Reproving The Jews' Disobedience To The Prophets,

Jeremiah, Wishing It To Be True, Shows That The Event Will Declare The True Prophets

Jericho Is Shut Up

Jeroboam Sends His Wife, Disguised, With Presents To The Prophet Ahijah

Jeroboam Strengthens Himself By Cities

Jeroboam Succeeds Him

Jeroboam Succeeds Jehoash

Jeroboam's Hand Withered And Restored; Prophet Reproved

Jeroboam's Hand Withers

Jeroboam's Idolatry

Jeroboam's Obstinacy

Jeroboam's Wicked Reign

Jeroboam, To Whom Ahijah Prophesied


Jerusalem A Burdensome Stone To Her Adversaries: They Will Mourn The One They Have Pierced

Jerusalem A Cup Of Trembling To Herself,

Jerusalem Is Besieged

Jerusalem Is Besieged And Taken

Jerusalem Is Like A Useless Branch

Jerusalem Is Taken

Jerusalem Is Taken And Carried Captive Into Babylon

Jerusalem Is Taken; Zedekiah And The People Captivated

Jerusalem Taken

Jerusalem's Famine, Plague, Attack, And Dispersion Foretold

Jerusalem's Godlessness And Judgment

Jerusalem, For The Sins Of The Priests And The People, Is Wholly Destroyed

Jesus Admonishes The People To Follow Good Doctrine, Not Bad Examples

Jesus Among The Teachers

Jesus And John

Jesus and John The Baptist

Jesus And Nicodemus

Jesus And The Children

Jesus And The Little Ones

Jesus And The Miraculous Catch Of Fish

Jesus And The Sabbath

Jesus And The Samaritan Woman

Jesus And The Woman Taken In Adultery

Jesus And The Woman With Bleeding

Jesus And Two Disciples Going To Emmaus

Jesus Anointed At Bethany; Enters Jerusalem; Sought By Greeks; Foretells His Death

Jesus Anointed; Last Supper; Gethsemane; Judas Betrays Jesus; Jesus Before The Sanhedrin, Disowned By Peter

Jesus Appearing Again To His Disciples Is Known Of Them By The Great Catch Of Fish

Jesus Appears To His Disciples

Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene,

Jesus Arraigned Before Pilate

Jesus Arrives At Calvary

Jesus As A Boy In The Temple

Jesus At Bethesda

Jesus At Jacob's Well

Jesus At Nazareth; Sending Out The Twelve; John Beheaded; Jesus Feeds Five Thousand, Walks On Water, Heals

Jesus At The Feast

Jesus Baptizes In Judea

Jesus Before Pilate

Jesus Before Pilate And Herod; Jesus' Crucifixion And Burial

Jesus Before Pilate; Mocked By Soldiers; Crucifixion; Burial

Jesus Before The Council

Jesus Betrayed

Jesus Blesses Little Children

Jesus Brought Bound, And Accused Before Pilate

Jesus Calls First Disciples, Heals The Leper And Paralytic, Calls Matthew, Questioned About Fasting

Jesus Calms The Storm

Jesus Calms The Storm At Sea

Jesus Changes Water To Wine

Jesus Chooses His Disciples

Jesus Cleanses The Leper

Jesus Clears The Temple

Jesus Comforts His Disciples By The Promise Of The Holy Spirit, And His Ascension

Jesus Comforts His Disciples With The Hope Of Heaven

Jesus Comforts Martha And Mary, Raises Lazarus; The Plot To Kill Jesus

Jesus Commends The Poor Widow

Jesus Confirms His Authority By A Question Of John's Baptism

Jesus Confutes The Sadducees For The Resurrection

Jesus Convinces Thomas

Jesus Delivered Up To Be Crucified

Jesus Delivering The Possessed Of The Legion Of Demons,

Jesus Delivers The Woman Taken In Adultery

Jesus Departs Into A Solitary Place,

Jesus Disputes With Pharisees About The Tribute Money

Jesus Disputes With The Pharisees Concerning Divorce

Jesus Drives The Buyers And Sellers Out Of The Temple

Jesus Eats The Passover

Jesus Ends His Sermon, And The People Are Astonished

Jesus Enters Into Jerusalem

Jesus Examined Before Caiaphas

Jesus Excuses Mary Anointing His Feet

Jesus Falls With The Cross

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand Men With Five Loaves And Two Fishes

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand People

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand, Walks On Water; I Am The Resurrection; Many Desert Jesus; Peter Confesses Christ

Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand

Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand, Heals A Blind Man At Bethsaida; Peter's Confession Of Christ

Jesus Feeds The Multitudes

Jesus Feeds The People Miraculously

Jesus Finds A Greater Faith In The Centurion

Jesus Followed By Multitudes,

Jesus Foretells His Death

Jesus Foretells His Own Death

Jesus Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple

Jesus Goes To The Feast Of Tabernacles

Jesus Goes Unseen

Jesus Heals A Blind Man; Pharisees Question His Authority; Jesus Affirms He Is The Son Of God

Jesus Heals A Centurion's Servant, Raises A Widow's Son, Answer John's Messengers; Mary Anoints Jesus

Jesus Heals A Demon-Possessed Man And A Sick Woman

Jesus Heals A Demoniac

Jesus Heals A Paralytic

Jesus Heals A Paralytic

Jesus Heals A Paralytic, Calls Matthew And Heals; The Workers Are Few

Jesus Heals A Paralytic, Jesus Calls Levi, A Question About Fasting, Jesus Is Lord Of The Sabbath

Jesus Heals Again On The Sabbath; Parable Of The Banquet; Cost Of Discipleship

Jesus Heals An Epileptic

Jesus Heals Leper; Centurion's Servant; Peter's Mother-In-Law; Cost Of Discipleship; Rebuking The Storm; Demons Into Pigs

Jesus Heals Many

Jesus Heals On The Sabbath, Chooses The Twelve, Discusses Beelzebub, Mother And Brothers

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers

Jesus Heals The Dropsy On The Sabbath

Jesus Heals The Official's Son

Jesus Heals The Sick

Jesus Heals The Withered Hand,

Jesus Hides Himself

Jesus Himself Appears To Mary Magdalene

Jesus Himself Appears To The Two Disciples That Went To Emmaus

Jesus Himself Foretells How He Will Be Betrayed By One Of His Disciples

Jesus In Gethsemane

Jesus Institutes His Holy Supper

Jesus Interceding

Jesus Is A Prophet Without Honor In His Own Country

Jesus Is Accused Before Pilate, And Sent To Herod

Jesus Is Apprehended In The Garden

Jesus Is Baptized

Jesus Is Betrayed

Jesus Is Born

Jesus Is Brought Back Again Into Galilee To Nazareth

Jesus Is Circumcised

Jesus Is Coming

Jesus Is Crowned With Thorns

Jesus Is Crucified

Jesus Is Delivered Bound To Pilate

Jesus Is Mocked

Jesus Is Mocked And Crowned With Thorns

Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross

Jesus Is Presented To The People

Jesus Is Put On Trial

Jesus Is Scourged

Jesus Is Scourged, Crowned With Thorns, And Beaten

Jesus Is Taken, And Led Unto Annas And Caiaphas

Jesus Is The Door, And The Good Shepherd

Jesus Is The Promised Messiah

Jesus Is The Son Of God

Jesus Is Transfigured

Jesus Is Transfigured, Heals A Boy With An Evil Spirit; Who Is The Greatest; Do Not Cause To Sin

Jesus Lamenting Over Jerusalem

Jesus On The Sabbath Day Cures Him Who Was Diseased Thirty-Eight Years

Jesus Our High Priest; Danger In Unbelief

Jesus Prays For Himself, His Disciples And All Believers

Jesus Prays In The Garden

Jesus Prays To His Father

Jesus Preachers In The Synagogue

Jesus Preaches Repentance Upon The Punishment Of The Galilaeans And Others

Jesus Preaches To His Apostles To Avoid Hypocrisy

Jesus Preaches To The Multitude

Jesus Preaches?At The Sea Of Galilee

Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit, Foretells His Death And Resurrection

Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead

Jesus Raises Lazarus, Four Days Buried

Jesus Raises The Daughter Of Jairus

Jesus Rejected At Nazareth

Jesus Reproves The Ambition And Boldness Of His Kinsmen

Jesus Reproves The Blindness Of The Pharisees Concerning The Sabbath,

Jesus Reproves The Hypocrisy Of The Covetous Pharisees

Jesus Reproves The Pharisees

Jesus Reproves The Scribes And Pharisees

Jesus Returns

Jesus Returns To Heaven

Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem

Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem Upon A Donkey

Jesus Rides Into Jerusalem With Triumph

Jesus Rides With Triumph Into Jerusalem

Jesus Sends His Apostles To Work Miracles, And To Preach

Jesus Sends Out At Once Seventy Disciples To Work Miracles, And To Preach

Jesus Sends Out His Apostles, Enabling Them With Power To Do Miracles

Jesus Sends Out The Seventy-Two; Good Samaritan; Martha And Mary's House

Jesus Sends Out The Twelve, Feeds 5000, Heals A Boy; Transfiguration; Cost Of Following Jesus

Jesus Sends The Demons Into The Pigs, Heals The Woman With Bleeding, Raises Jairus' Daughter

Jesus Starts His Ministry

Jesus Stills The Storm On The Sea

Jesus Taken To Annas

Jesus Talks With A Woman Of Samaria, And Reveals His Identity To Her

Jesus Talks With The Samaritan Woman

Jesus Teaches At The Feast Of Tabernacles; Diverse Opinions Of Him Among The People

Jesus Teaches Nicodemus The Necessity Of Being Born Again,

Jesus Teaches Nicodemus: You Must Be Born Again; John's Testimony About Jesus

Jesus Teaches Other Stories

Jesus Teaches The People Out Of Peter's Ship

Jesus Teaches To Avoid Occasions Of Offense

Jesus Teaches Us To Pray, And That Instantly

Jesus Tells The Parable Of The Tenants

Jesus Testifies To The Samaritan Woman And Townspeople, Heals An Official's Son

Jesus The High Priest Of A New Covenant

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Jesus Upbraids Korazin, Bethsaida, And Capernaum

Jesus Walking On The Sea

Jesus Walks On The Sea

Jesus Walks On The Water

Jesus Walks On Water

Jesus Warns His Disciples Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees And Sadducees

Jesus Warns His Disciples To Be Humble And Harmless,

Jesus Washes Disciples' Feet

Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet, Predicts His Betrayal And Peter's Denial

Jesus Washes The Disciples' Feet, And Exhorts Them To Humility And Charity

Jesus With Martha And Mary

Jesus' Anointing At Bethany

Jesus' Arrest

Jesus' Ascension

Jesus' Authority; Parable Of The Tenants; Give To Caesar; Marriage At The Resurrection

Jesus' Baptism

Jesus' Beatings

Jesus' Birth

Jesus' Body Is Taken Down

Jesus' Crucifixion

Jesus' Dedication

Jesus' Disciples Are To See To Their Charges,

Jesus' Power To Forgive

Jesus' Priesthood Like Melchizedek'S

Jesus' Resurrection

Jesus' Resurrection Is Declared By Two Angels To The Women Who Come To The Tomb

Jesus' Sermon On The Mount:

Jesus' Teaching On Prayer

Jesus' Temptation In The Wilderness

Jesus' Testimony Concerning John

Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

Jesus, After He Had Preached From Place To Place,

Jesus, Baptized, Receives Testimony From Heaven

Jesus, By The Parable Of The Laborers In The Vineyard, Shows That God Is Debtor Unto No Man

Jesus, Fasting Forty Days,

Jesus, The Bread Of Life

Jesus, The Good Shepherd

Jethro Brings His Wife And Two Sons To Moses

Jethro Departs

Jethro Rejoices, Blesses God, And Offers Sacrifice

Jethro Visits And Counsels Moses

Jewish Exorcists,

Jews Accuse Paul Before Festus

Jews Attempt To Stone Jesus

Jews Blaspheme His Doctrine, Which Is Confirmed By Miracles

Jews Complain Of Their Debt, Mortgage, And Bondage

Jews Lay Wait To Kill Him

Jews Prefer Barabbas

Jews Prerogative

Jews Raise A Persecution Against Paul And Barnabas, Who Go To Iconium

Jews Slay Their Enemies, With The Ten Sons Of Haman

Jews Slay Their Enemies; Purim Instituted

Jews Therefore Object, And Persecute Him For It

Jews' Presumptuous Proverb Is Reproved

Jews' Vow To Kill Paul,

Jezebel Writing Letters Against Naboth, He Is Condemned Of Blasphemy

Joab Causes David To Cease His Mourning; David Restored

Joab Causes The King To Cease His Mourning

Joab Fleeing To The Horns Of The Altar, Is There Slain

Joab Pursues Sheba To Abel

Joab Returning From Battle, Is Displeased With The King, And Kills Abner

Joab Sends The News Thereof To David

Joab, Suborning A Widow Of Tekoah To Incline The King's Heart To Fetch Absalom,


Joash Defends His Son, And Calls Him Jerubbaal

Joash Gets Three Victories Over Ben-Hadad

Joash Is Spoiled By The Syrians, And Slain By Zabad And Jehozabad

Joash Reigns Over Judah, Repairs The Temple

Joash Reigns Well All The Days Of Jehoiada

Joash Repairs The Temple

Joash Repairs The Temple, Joash's Treachery, Joash Assassinated

Joash Succeeds Him

Joash, Falling Into Idolatry, Slays Zechariah The Son Of Jehoiada

Job Acknowledges God's Justice

Job Affirms His Own Righteousness; The Wicked Will Be Cursed

Job Afflicted By Satan

Job And Elihu

Job And His Three Friends

Job And His Wife

Job Appeals From Men To God

Job Asks God For Favor Because Of The Shortness Of Life

Job Asserts His Integrity

Job Bemoans His Former Prosperity

Job Complains To God, Craves A Little Ease Before Death

Job Confesses; God Makes His Friends Submit; God Blesses Job

Job Curses The Day And Services Of His Birth

Job Declares His Life Seems Futile

Job Declares The Greatness Of God

Job Entreats God For Favor, By The Shortness Of Life, And Certainty Of Death

Job Excuses His Desire Of Death

Job Feels Insulted, Craves Pity, Believes The Resurrection

Job Hears Of His Misfortunes

Job Humbles Himself To God

Job Is Tested

Job Laments His Birth

Job Longs To Appear Before God

Job Maintains Himself Against His Friends That Reprove Him

Job Maintains Himself Against His Friends; Acknowledges God's Omnipotence

Job Makes A Solemn Protestation Of His Integrity In Several Duties

Job Protests His Sincerity

Job Reproves His Friends For Partiality

Job Reproves His Friends For Partiality, Professes Confidence In God's Purpose

Job Reproves His Friends For Their Unmerciful Outlook; Maintains His Innocence

Job Reproves His Friends For Unmercifulness

Job Reproves His Wife, Who Moved Him To Curse God

Job Says God Will Deal With The Wicked

Job Shows That Even In The Judgment Of Man He Has Reason To Be Grieved

Job Shows That His Complaints Are Not Causeless

Job Speaks With His Friends

Job Submits Himself Unto God

Job's Age And Death

Job's Character And Wealth, Satan Allowed To Test Job, Satan Takes Job's Property And Children

Job's Confidence

Job's Final Answer

Job's Honor Is Turned Into Extreme Contempt

Job's Innocence

Job's Present State Is Humiliating

Job's Reproves His Friends Of Their Unkindness

Job's Restoration

Job, Complaining Of His Friends' Cruelty,

Job, Reproving The Uncharitable Spirit Of Bildad

Job, Taking Liberty Of Complaint, Expostulates With God About His Afflictions

Joel, Declaring Various Judgments Of God, Exhorts To Observe Them,

Johanan Desires Jeremiah To Enquire Of God, Promising Obedience To His Will

Johanan Disregards Prophecy, Takes People To Egypt; Jeremiah Warns

Johanan Rescues The Captives, And Is Minded To Flee Into Egypt

Johanan Revealing Ishmael's Conspiracy Is Not Believed

Johanan, Discrediting Jeremiah's Prophecy, Carries Him And The Rest In Egypt

John Baptizes Jesus

John Is Commanded To Take And Eat The Book

John On Patmos

John Preaches Repentance And Baptizes Jesus In The Jordan

John Preaches: His Office, Life, And Baptism

John Sees The Throne Of God In Heaven

John Sends His Disciples To Jesus

John The Baptist

John The Baptist Beheaded

John The Baptist Beheaded; Jesus Feeds Five Thousand, Walks On Water

John The Baptist Is Imprisoned, Beheaded, And Buried

John The Baptist Preaches And Baptizes Jesus; Genealogy Of Jesus

John The Baptist Preaches In The Wilderness

John The Baptist Prepares The Way

John's Disciples And Jesus' Tribute; Woe To Unrepentant Cities; Rest For The Weary

John's Salutation To The Seven Churches Of Asia

Jonah And The Fish

Jonah At Nineveh

Jonah Flees The Presence Of The Lord, Jonah Is Thrown Into The Sea, A Great Fish Swallows Jonah

Jonah Goes To Nineveh, The People Of Nineveh Repent

Jonah Is Spewed Forth By The Whale

Jonah Preaches To The Ninevites

Jonah Repining At God's Mercy,

Jonah's Anger And The Lord's Compassion

Jonah's Prayer

Jonah, Sent Again, Preaches To The Ninevites

Jonah, Sent To Nineveh, Flees To Tarshish

Jonathan Affectionately Takes His Leave Of David

Jonathan And David Renew Their Covenant By Oath

Jonathan Befriends David

Jonathan Bringing The News, Adonijah's Guests Fly

Jonathan Defeats The Philistines, Saul's Rash Vow, Saul Fights Israel's Enemies

Jonathan Destroys The Temple Of Dagon

Jonathan Goes And Miraculously Smites The Philistine's Garrison

Jonathan's Friendship With David; Saul's Jealousy

Jonathan's Token To David

Jonathan, Taken By Lot, Is Save By The People

Jonathon Takes A Garrison Of Philistines

Joseph And Potiphar

Joseph And The Coat Of Many Colors

Joseph Comforts His Brothers, Who Crave His Pardon

Joseph Entertains His Brothers

Joseph Flees Into Egypt With Jesus And His Mother

Joseph Furnishes Then For Their Journey

Joseph Gets Leave Of Pharaoh To Go To Bury Him

Joseph In Prison

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream

Joseph Interprets The Cupbearer And The Baker's Dreams

Joseph Interprets Their Dreams

Joseph Interprets Them

Joseph Is Bought By Potiphar, And Preferred In The Family

Joseph Is Brought To Egypt And Sold To Potiphar

Joseph Is Loved By Jacob, But Hated By His Brothers

Joseph Is Sold By His Brothers

Joseph Makes Himself Known And Forgives His Brothers

Joseph Makes Himself Known To His Brothers

Joseph Makes Them A Feast

Joseph Meets Jacob

Joseph Presents His Father, And Five Of His Brothers Before Pharaoh

Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brothers

Joseph Rules In Egypt

Joseph Visits Jacob

Joseph With His Sons Visits His Sick Father

Joseph's Bones Are Buried

Joseph's Brothers Sent To Egypt, Simeon Detained

Joseph's Brothers Visit

Joseph's Coat, Dreams, And Sold By His Brothers For Twenty Pieces Of Silver

Joseph's Dreams And Betrayal By His Brothers

Joseph's Policy To Stay His Brothers

Joseph's Success; Potiphar's Wife; Joseph Imprisoned

Joshua And Caleb Labor To Still Them

Joshua And The Battle Of Jericho

Joshua Assembles The Tribes At Shechem

Joshua Becomes Leader

Joshua Builds An Altar

Joshua Burns The Town Of Ai

Joshua Come To Jordan

Joshua Commands The Sun To Stand Still

Joshua Conquers Ai; Covenant Renewed

Joshua Distributes It By Lot

Joshua Encourages The People

Joshua Is Appointed To Succeed Him

Joshua Prepares The People To Pass Over Jordan

Joshua Renews Circumcision

Joshua Rescues It

Joshua Returns To Gilgal

Joshua Spares Rahab

Joshua Succeeds Him

Joshua's Address To The Princes Of Israel

Joshua's Age, Death, And Burial

Joshua's Complaint

Joshua's Curse Upon Hiel The Builder Of Jericho

Joshua's Exhortation Before His Death

Joshua's Farewell Address

Joshua's Last Counsels And Death

Joshua's Summary Of Israel's History; Joshua's Death

Joshua, The High Priest, Receiving Clean Garments; I Will Bring Forth My Servant, The Branch


Josiah And The Book Of The Law

Josiah Causes The Book To Be Read In A Solemn Assembly

Josiah Is Made King

Josiah Keeps A Most Solemn Passover

Josiah Observes The Passover, Later Dies In Battle

Josiah Renews The Covenant And Passover; Jehoahaz And Jehoiakim Follow

Josiah Sends To Huldah To Enquire Of The Lord

Josiah's Good Reign

Josiah's Good Reign; Repair Of The Temple; Finding The Lost Book Of The Law

Josiah's Good Reign; Temple Repairs; Hilkiah Recovers The Book Of The Law

Josiah, Causing It To Be Read In A Solemn Assembly, Renews The Covenant With God

Josiah, Provoking Pharaoh Neco, Is Slain At Megiddo

Jotham By A Parable Rebukes Them, And Foretells Their Ruin

Jotham Reigns In Judah

Jotham Succeeds Uzziah In Judah

Jotham's Curse Is Fulfilled

Jotham's Good Reign

Journey To Jerusalem


Joy And Blessing Are Promised

Joy In Our Hope

Joy In Riches Is The Gift Of God

Joy Of Fellowship

Joy Of Forgiveness

Joyful Flourishing Of Christ's Kingdom

Joyful State

Joyful Thanksgiving

Joyful Thanksgiving Of The Faithful For The Mercies Of God

Joyful Will Flourish In Zion

Jubilee In The Fiftieth Year


Judah And Joseph Preferred Before Reuben, Who Forfeited His Birthright

Judah And Tamar

Judah Begets Er, Onan, And Shelah

Judah Is Comforted With Promise Of Deliverance From Assyria

Judah Is Worse Than Israel

Judah Likewise For Their Infidelity

Judah Will Submit To Nebuchadnezzar

Judah's Devastation

Judah's Humble Supplication To Joseph

Judah's Wife Dies

Judah, Being Captivated By The Israelites, Is Sent Home By The Counsel Of Oded

Judas Agrees To Betray Jesus

Judas Bargains To Betray Him

Judas Betrays Him With A Kiss

Judas Betrays Jesus

Judas Betrays Jesus; Peter Denies Him; Jesus Questioned By Annas And Pilate

Judas Hangs Himself

Judas Hangs Himself; Jesus' Trial, Crucifixion And Burial

Judas Is A Devil

Judas Maccabeus Pursues Timotheus

Judas Sells His Master For Money

Judas's Suicide

Judge Me, O Lord, For I Have Walked In My Integrity.

Judgements On Judah And Israel


Judgment Of Babylon And The Redemption Of Israel

Judgment Of Edom

Judgment Of Israel For Idolatry; Yet Will I Leave A Remnant

Judgment Of Israel For Their Idolatry

Judgment Of Moab

Judgment Of Mount Seir For Their Hatred Of Israel, And Insulting Over Their Distress

Judgment Of Pharaoh For His Treachery To Israel

Judgment Of Samaria

Judgment Of Shallum

Judgment Of Solomon

Judgment Of The Ammonites

Judgment Of The Nations Followed By Kingdom Blessing Under Messiah

Judgment Of The Philistines,

Judgment Of The Wicked Is In Another World

Judgment Of Zion

Judgment On Assyria; A Remnant To Return

Judgment On Egypt

Judgment On Israel's Enemies, The Coming King Of Zion, The Lord Will Save His People

Judgment On Israel's Neighbors

Judgment On Israel's Neighbors, Judgment On Judah, Judgment On Israel

Judgment On Judah And Jerusalem

Judgment On Judah's Enemies

Judgment On Moab

Judgment On Tyre

Judgment Upon The Chaldean For Unsatiableness,

Judgment; Salvation; New Heavens And A New Earth

Judgments Against The Priests, People, And Princes For Their Manifold Sins

Judgments Of God Are Denounced Against The Priests, People, And Princes,

Judgments Of God Upon The People, For Their Perverseness

Judgments Of The Grasshoppers,

Judgments On The Cities Surrounding Palestine

Judgments On The Wicked, And Blessings On The Godly

Judgments Threatened To Judah For Her Strange Revolt

Judgments Upon Israel For Their Pride

Judgments Wherewith God Revenges His Church

Judgments Which Shall Be For The Pride Of The Women

Judith And Holofernes

Judith Shows The Head Of Holofernes

Justice Of God Acknowledged, And His Mercy Supplicated

Justification Is By Faith Without Law

Justification Of Susanna

Justification Through The Righteousness Of God By Faith