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266 Bible Stories for "I"

I Am The Vine And You Are The Branches; If The World Hates You Remember It Hated Me First

I Am The Way And The Truth And The Life, Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit

I Cry Out Day And Night Before You

I Have Come Into My Garden, My Sister, My Bride

I Love The Lord

I Love You, O Lord, My Strength.

I Was Glad When They Said To Me, Let's Go To The Lord's House!

I Will Bless The Lord At All Times. His Praise Will Always Be In My Mouth.

I Will Extol You, O Lord, For You Have Raised Me Up

I Will Give Thanks To The Lord With My Whole Heart

I Will Give You Thanks With My Whole Heart.

I Will Lift Up My Eyes To The Hills. Where Does My Help Come From?

I Will Sing Of Loving Kindness And Justice.

I Will Sing Of The Loving Kindness Of The Lord Forever.

I Will Watch My Ways, So That I Don'T Sin With My Tongue.

Ibzan, Who Had Thirty Sons, And Thirty Daughters


Idolaters Condemned; Judgment Is Imminent

Idolaters Incapable Of The Priests Office

Idolaters Killed

Idolaters Must Be Slain

Idolatrous Cities Are Not To Be Spared

Idolatry Destroyed; Contributions For Worship

Idolatry Forbidden; Various Laws

Idolatry Is Forbidden

Idolatry Is Not To Be Enquired After

Idolatry Of The People

Idols Are Not Comparable To God For Power

Idols Are Vanity

Idols Of Babylon

Idols Of Babylon Could Not Save Themselves

If It Had Not Been The Lord Who Was On Our Side, Let Israel Now Say,

If You Have Struck Your Hands In Pledge For A Stranger;

Illustrated By The Emblem Of Hosea's Conduct Toward His Adulterous Wife

Illustrates The Matter By The Parable Of Patches

Immorality Rebuked; Discipline Enjoined

Import Of The Rite Of The Passover

Imprison Him And John

In A Second Journey He Finds Honey In The Carcass

In All Things We Must Have Regard For Our Brothers

In An Example Of His Own Experience He Shows

In Athens

In Confidence Of His Mercy

In Continuing The Priesthood

In Diverse Varieties Of Life

In Expectation Of It, He Labors To Keep A Good Conscience

In God Is Blessed

In Hearkening Unto Moses' Plea For His People

In His Confederacy With Joram, The Son Of Ahab, He Is Slain By Jehu

In His Distress He Grows More Idolatrous

In His Journey He Kills A Lion

In His Just Wrath He Remembers His Free Mercy

In His Old Age They Draw Him To Idolatry

In Judah, God Is Known. His Name Is Great In Israel.

In Lystra And Derbe

In Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz, He Prophesies Syria And Israel Shall Be Subdued By Assyria

In Murmuring Against Oppression

In Our Trials Not To Impute Our Weakness, Or Sins, To Him,

In Riches

In Separating The Tribe Of Levi

In Sins Of Ignorance

In Solomon's Works The Gentiles Were His Bondmen, The Israelites Servants

In The Day Of The Firstfruits

In The Days Of Youth

In The Desert

In The Desert, Being Weary Of His Life, He Is Comforted By An Angel

In The Extremity Of Evils, Christ's Kingdom Shall Be A Sanctuary

In The Extremity Of Famine Elijah, Sent To Ahab, Meets Good Obadiah

In The Land

In The Lord I Take Refuge

In The Same Confidence He Encourages The Godly

In The Service Of Christ, In All Kinds Of Sufferings For His Ministry, Far Superior

In The Type Of Holy Things And Unclean He Shows Their Sins Hindered The Work

In Their Misery God Sends Them To Their False Gods

In Their Way They Rob Micah Of His Priest And His Consecrated Things

In Token Of The Perpetual Sinking Of Babylon

In Touching An Unclean Thing

In What Account The Apostles Ought To Be Regarded

In What Manner The Gospel Was Brought And Preached To The Thessalonians

In You, O Lord, I Take Refuge. Let Me Never Be Disappointed.

In You, O Lord, I Take Refuge. Never Let Me Be Disappointed.

In Ziph Jonathan Comes And Comforts Him

Incestuous Origin Of Moab And Ammon

Incipient Discord

Inclusion Of Edom In The Future Kingdom

Increase Of The Flood For Forty Days

Increase, Honor, And Comfort Of The Members Thereof

Incredulity And Confession Of Thomas

Indictment Of The Lord, What Does The Lord Require?, Destruction Of The Wicked

Infancy And Obscurity Of The King

Infidelity Of The People

Informs Him What Had Befallen Him At His First Answering

Ingratitude Of Israel Unto God For His Benefits

Ingratitude Of Israel; God's Mercy; Israel's Sin And Judah's Infidelity

Ingratitude Of The Butler, In Forgetting Joseph

Inhabitants Of Samaria Are Carried Captive For Their Sins

Inheritance Of Daughters Is Remedied By Marrying In Their Own Tribes

Inheritance Of The Two Tribes And A Half

Inner Temple

Inquires What Opinion The World Had Of Him; Foretells His Passion

Insatiableness Of Her Enemies

Institutes His Holy Supper

Instruction About Prayer; Casting Out Demons; The Sign Of Jonah; Woes Upon Pharisees

Instruction Concerning The Day Of The Lord And The Man Of Sin

Instruction To Pray And Give Thanks


Instructions And Warnings

Instructions Concerning Ministering Brethren

Instructions For The Altar And Courtyard, Oil For The Lampstand

Instructions For The Tabernacle: Curtains, Boards And Veil

Instructs The Young Man How To Attain Eternal Life

Instruments Of Gold


Intercession For Onesimus


Interpretation Of The Seven Heads

Interpretation Thereof


Introduction Vs.

Introduction: The Believer's Standing In Grace


Invasion And Tyranny Of The Romans

Invites Him Home

Invites The King Haman To A Banquet

Is An Excellence In God's Works

Is Baptized By Ananias

Is Betrayed With A Kiss

Is Brought Before The Council,

Is Called To The Apostleship

Is Carried To Caiaphas,

Is Cause Rather Of Shame Unto Them Than Of Rejoicing

Is Commanded By The Spirit To Go With The Messenger To Caesarea

Is Declared Unto The Chief Captain

Is Disallowed By Their Princes

Is Drunken, And Mocked By His Son

Is Hidden Six Years In The House Of God

Is Honorably Buried By Joseph

Is Imprisoned By Pharaoh Neco, Who Makes Jehoiakim King

Is Obedient To His Parents

Is Preferred Above The Angels, Both In Person And Office

Is Put To Death

Is Rejected By The Gadarenes

Is Released By Pilate, Jesus Is Given To Be Crucified

Is Reproved By The Type Of A Withering Vine

Is Sent To Cherith Where The Ravens Feed Him

Is Shown God's Judgment Upon Jerusalem For Revolting From Babylon To Egypt

Is Shown The Calamity Of The Jews To Be Beyond All Sorrow

Is Shown The Captivity Of Zedekiah

Is Shown The Fearful Vengeance By The Chaldeans

Is Shown The Image Of Jealousy

Is Shown The Incorporation Of Israel Into Judah

Is Shown The Irrevocable Destruction Of Jerusalem

Is Shown The Judgment Of Jerusalem For Their Rebellion

Is Shown The Rejection Of Jerusalem

Is Stricken By An Angel, And Dies Miserably

Is Tempted By The Devil And Ministered Unto By Angels

Isaac And Abimelech

Isaac And Rebekah

Isaac Blesses Jacob

Isaac Blesses Jacob, And Sends Him To Padan-Aram

Isaac Born; Hagar And Ishmael Sent Away; Treaty At Beersheba

Isaac In The Land Of The Philistines

Isaac Is Born, And Circumcised

Isaac Is Exchanged For A Ram

Isaac Is Promised, And The Time Of His Birth Fixed

Isaac Is Weaned

Isaac Meets And Marries Her

Isaac Prays For Rebekah, Being Barren

Isaac Sends Esau For Venison

Isaac Trembles

Isaac's Birth

Isaac, Because Of Famine, Sojourns In Gerar, And The Lord Blesses Him

Isaiah Comforts Them

Isaiah Complains Of Judah For Her Rebellion

Isaiah Foretells Jerusalem's Deliverance; Hezekiah's Prayer And God's Answer

Isaiah Prophesies The Coming Of Christ's Kingdom

Isaiah Understanding Thereof, Foretells The Babylonian Captivity

Isaiah's Commision

Isaiah's Message

Isaiah's Prophecies

Isaiah's Prophecy Of The Destruction Of Sennacherib, And The Good Of Zion

Isaiah's Vision

Isaiah's Vision And Commission

Isaiah's Vision Of The Destruction Of Babylon

Isaiah, In A Vision Of The Lord In His Glory

Isaiah, Understanding Thereof, Foretells The Babylonian Captivity

Ishmael Is Born

Ishmael's Sons

Ishmael, Treacherously Killing Gedaliah And Others,

Israel At Kadesh-Barnea

Israel At Shittim Commit Unfaithfulness And Idolatry

Israel At Sinai

Israel Blesses His Twelve Sons

Israel Crosses The Jordan

Israel Destroys The Canaanites At Hormah

Israel Forsakes The Lord

Israel Forsakes The Lord, Faithless Israel Called To Repentance

Israel Having Been Plagued For Their Sins

Israel In Egypt

Israel Increases Greatly In Egypt, Pharaoh Oppresses Israel

Israel Is Delivered Into The Hands Of Philistines

Israel Is Reproved And Threatened For Their Impiety And Idolatry,

Israel Redeemed; God's Mercy; Israel's Unfaithfulness

Israel Reproved

Israel Reproved, And Called By God, Makes A Solemn Confession Of Their Sins

Israel Revolts Under Rehoboam

Israel Shall Be Restored

Israel Urged To Obey; Idolatry Forbidden

Israel Was Not Ignorant Of These Things

Israel Was Rejected For Their Sin

Israel Will Reap The Whirlwind

Israel's Disobedience, The Death Of Joshua, Israel's Unfaithfulness, The Lord Raises Up Judges

Israel's Falsehood And Judah's Fidelity

Israel's Guilt And Punishment

Israel's Guilt And Punishment, Israel Has Not Returned To The Lord

Israel's Misery And Resurrection; I Wait For The God Of My Salvation

Israel's Obstinacy And Deliverance

Israel's Sin And God's Help For His Servant

Israel's Trouble In The Land

Israel's Unfaithfulness Punished, The Lord's Mercy On Israel

Israel's Victory

Israelite Women Mourn With Jephthah's Daughter


Israelites Are Driven Out Of The Land

Israelites Are Earnest To Bring The King Back

Israelites Are Offended Thereat

Israelites Are Overcome By The Philistines At Ebenezer

Israelites Are Smitten At Ai

Israelites Are Sorely Smitten In The Wood Of Ephraim

Israelites Ask For A King

Israelites Being Rejected, God Chose Judah, Zion, And David

Israelites Being Troubled At The Death Of Abner

Israelites Come To Sin, And Murmur For Want Of Bread

Israelites Confess Their Sin, Covenant Results

Israelites Cross The Jordan River

Israelites Defeat The Benjamites

Israelites Defeated At Ai; Achan Sins

Israelites Disregard Samuel's Warning And Demand A King

Israelites Expostulate With Judah For Bringing Home The King Without Them

Israelites For Their Sin Are Oppressed By Midian

Israelites Go Out Of Egypt, And Carry Joseph's Bones With Them

Israelites In Two Battles Lose Forty Thousand

Israelites Leave Sinai

Israelites Move From Sinai To Paran

Israelites Murmur

Israelites Pass Through The Red Sea, Which Drowns The Egyptians

Israelites Rebel Against Rehoboam

Israelites Rebel Against Rehoboam; Kingdom Divided; Jeroboam Begins Idol Worship

Israelites Sin In Moab; Phinehas Intervenes

Israelites Slaughter The Syrians

Israelites' Idolatry And Ingratitude

Israelites, Assembled At Shechem To Crown Rehoboam,

Israelites, By Samuel's Means, Solemnly Repent At Mizpeh

Israelites, Discontented With Their Dismission, Spoil As They Return Home

It Complains Of Their Afflictions

It Is A Good Thing To Give Thanks To The Lord

It Is Accursed

It Is Better With The Godly In Adversity, Than With The Wicked In Prosperity

It Is Good To Sing Praises To Our God

It Is Interrupted By The Confusion Of Tongues, And The Builders Dispersed

It Is Left For A Monument Against The Rebels

It Is The Glory Of God To Conceal A Thing, But The Glory Of Kings Is To Search Out

It Shall Be Brought Down To Hell, Among All The Uncircumcised Nations

It Was Not To Be Found On The Sabbath

Its Duration Of 150 Days

Ittai Will Leave Him