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834 Bible Stories for "H"

Habakkuk's Complaint, The Lord's Answer, Habakkuk's Second Complaint

Habakkuk's Prayer, Habakkuk Rejoices In The Lord

Habakkuk's Second Complaint, The Righteous Shall Live By His Faith, Woe To The Chaldeans

Habakkuk, In His Prayer, Trembles At God's Majesty

Habitations And Chief Men Of That Half Of Manasseh

Hagar And Ishmael In The Wilderness

Hagar And Ishmael Sent Away

Hagar Conceives

Hagar In Distress

Hagar Names The Place, And Returns To Sarai

Hagar, Being Afflicted For Despising Her Mistress, Runs Away

Hall Of Fame Of Faith


Haman And Mordecai

Haman Plots Against The Jews

Haman, Advanced By The King, And Despised By Mordecai, Seeks Revenge Upon The Jews

Haman, Coming To Ask That Mordecai Might Be Hanged,

Haman, Proud Of His Advancement, Repines At The Contempt Of Mordecai

Hamor And Shechem Persuade Them To Accept It

Hananiah Breaks Jeremiah's Yoke

Hananiah Falsely Prophesies The Return Of The Vessels

Hananiah Prophesies Falsely The Return Of The Vessels, And Of Jeconiah

Hand-Writing Unknown To The Magicians, Troubles The King


Hanging For The Door

Hangs Between Two Thieves

Hannah In Grief Prays For A Child

Hannah's Prayer To The Lord

Hannah's Prayer, Eli's Worthless Sons, Eli Rebukes His Sons, The Lord Rejects Eli's Household

Hannah's Song In Thankfulness

Hannah, Having Born Samuel, Stays At Home Till He Is Weaned

Happiness Of The Godly

Happy And Unhappy Are Alike In Death

Happy End Of God's Correction

Happy Success Of Those Who Believe

Hard Controversies Are To Be Determined By The Priests And Judges

Harvest Of The World

Has A Son Called Enoch, And Builds A City, Which He Calls After His Name

Has By Her Jezreel

Has Compassion On The Multitude

Has Recourse To A Witch

Haters Of The Church Are Cursed

Hatred Of The World

Have Mercy On Me, God, According To Your Loving Kindness.

Having Hired An Army Of Israelites Against The Edomites,

Having Peace, He Strengthens His Kingdom With Forts And Armies

Having Shown The Reason Why He Came Not To Them,


Hazael Is Diverted From Jerusalem By A Present Of The Hallowed Treasures

Hazael Kills Ben-Hadad

Hazael Murders Ben-Hadad And Succeeds Him

Hazael Oppresses Israel

Hazor Is Taken And Burnt


He Accuses Job Of Various Sins

He Acknowledges God's Justice

He Acknowledges The Doctrine Of God's Omnipotence

He Afflicts Him With Sore Boils

He Alleges Antiquity To Prove The Certain Destruction Of The Hypocrite

He And Aaron Are Again Sent To Pharaoh

He And All He Had Are Destroyed In The Valley Of Achor

He And His Armor Bearer Kill Themselves

He And The Princes, Repenting At The Preaching Of Shemaiah,

He Anoints David

He Answers For Himself,

He Answers For Himself, And Reproves Them, Showing By The Testimony Of His Father,

He Appeals To The People For Witness Of His Omnipotence

He Applies God's Just Dealing To Job

He Appoints Ministers, Porters, Priests, And Musicians, To Attend The Ark

He Appoints The Priests And Levites To Their Places

He Arms The Laborers

He Asks What Moved Them To Leave The Faith, And Hold Onto The Law

He Assures Them Of The Certainty Of Christ's Coming To Judgment

He Assures Zedekiah Of The Captivity

He Avoids The Snare Of The Pharisees And Herodians About Paying Tribute To Caesar

He Baptizes A Great Number Who Were Converted

He Becomes Acquainted With Rachel

He Begets Children

He Begins To Preach

He Being Slain By His Servants, And Those Murderers Slain By The People,

He Believes The Resurrection

He Beseeches Them Also To Abstain From Sinful Desires

He Bewails The Afflictions Of Jerusalem

He Blessed God

He Blesses Ephraim And Manasseh

He Blesses God

He Boasts Of Divine Mercy

He Breaks Them

He Brings Dedicated Things Into The House Of God, And Enjoys A Long Peace

He Builds An Altar

He Builds An Altar At Bethel

He Builds An Altar, And Offers Sacrifices,

He Burns Dead Men's Bones Upon The Altar Of Bethel, As Was Prophesied

He Burns The Hold Of The God Berith

He Burns The Philistines' Corn With Foxes And Firebrands

He Calls The Hebrews To Gilgal Against The Philistines

He Calls The People To Mourn For The Judgment On Their Sins

He Calls Them From The Impurity Of The Gentiles

He Calls To Him Those Who Are Weary And Burdened

He Came To Fulfill The Law

He Carries Away The Captives

He Carries To Joab The Letter Of His Death

He Casts Lots

He Celebrates The Lord's Supper, And Preaches

He Charges The Princes To Assist His Son

He Charges Them About His Burial

He Cherishes Hannah, Though Barren, And Provoked By Peninnah

He Comes To Athens, And Disputes And Preaches The Living God, To Them Unknown

He Comes To Jerusalem

He Comforts Himself By Confidence In God

He Comforts Himself In God's Preservation Oh Him, And Confusion Of His Enemies

He Comforts Himself With God's Promises, And His Judgments On The Wicked

He Comforts Jacob

He Comforts Jacob In His Chastisement

He Comforts The Humble By Showing The Confusion Of Their Enemies

He Comforts Them Against The Sins Of Infirmity

He Comforts Them In God's Mercy

He Comforts Them In God's Providence

He Comforts Zion With Present,

He Commends Gaius For His Piety,

He Commends His Mother To John

He Commends Them Of Jabesh Gilead For Their King Of Israel

He Commits The Treasures To The Custody Of The Priests

He Complains Of His Grief

He Complains Of His Own Restlessness, And Reasons With God

He Complains Of Life, And Craves A Little Ease Before Death

He Complains Of Life, Because Of His Anguish

He Complains Of Their Cruelty

He Complains Of Their Wrongful Dealing

He Complains That Vengeance Should Be Executed By Them Who Are Far Worse

He Complains Thereof To God

He Conceals The Matter Of The Kingdom From His Uncle

He Concludes His Epistle With A General Exhortation And A Prayer

He Concludes With Prayer And Praise

He Confirms Him By Prediction Of Three Signs

He Convinces The Idols Of Vanity By His Saving Power

He Convinces The Wicked By The Light Of Their Conscience

He Convinces The Wicked By The Light Of Their Own Conscience

He Counsels The People To Fall To The Chaldeans

He Craves Pity

He Cures One Possessed Of A Demon,

He Curses Ahithophel's Counsel

He Declares Also The Benefits Of Christ Toward The Old World

He Declares God's Special Goodness To Himself

He Declares Himself The Light Of The World, And Justifies His Doctrine

He Declares That We Are Made For Good Works: And Being Brought Near By Christ,

He Declares The Right Of His Cause

He Declares The Singular Love Of God Toward Us, In Making Us His Sons

He Declares To The Jews The Cause Of His Coming

He Declares To Them His Zeal For God's Glory

He Declares What Promises Are Due Unto Godliness

He Defies The Wicked

He Delivers The Law Unto The Priests To Be Read In The Seventh Year

He Denounces Eight Woes Against Their Hypocrisy And Blindness,

He Departs Into Galilee, And Heals The Ruler's Son That Lay Sick At Capernaum

He Departs With Lot From Haran, And Comes To Canaan

He Descends To The Particular Duties, How Wives Ought To Obey Their Husbands

He Describes Also The Manner How The World Shall Be Destroyed

He Describes The Person Of Christ, In Whom We Have Eternal Life, By A Communion With God

He Desires The Continuance Of Former Grace

He Desires Them Not To Be Discouraged Over His Tribulation

He Destroys Idolatry

He Destroys Idolatry, And Prospers

He Destroys The Calf

He Detests Such Wickedness

He Devotes His Enemies To Destruction

He Dies

He Dies There

He Dies, And Is Put Into A Coffin

He Dies, And Jotham Succeeds Him

He Digs Wells

He Dines With Them

He Discloses The King Of Syria's Counsel

He Discusses Marriage

He Divides Her Into Twelve Pieces, And Sends Them To The Twelve Tribes

He Dwells At En Gedi

He Dwells In Capernaum

He Dying A Leper, Is Succeeded By Jotham

He Dying, Amon Succeeds Him

He Dying, Hezekiah Succeeds Him

He Dying, Manasseh Succeeds Him

He Encourages Himself To Praise God

He Encourages His Soul To Trust In God

He Encourages Joshua

He Encourages Solomon To Build The Temple

He Encourages The People To The Work,

He Encourages Them Against Troubles,

He Escapes From Keilah

He Excuses God From Giving Man An Account Of His Ways, By His Greatness

He Excuses His Not Coming To Them, As Proceeding Not Of Lightness,

He Excuses The Fact By The Prophecy Of Elijah

He Executes Justice On The Traitors

He Exhorts A Certain Honorable Matron, With Her Children, To Persevere In Christian Love And Belief,

He Exhorts Him To Preach The Word With All Care And Diligence

He Exhorts Him To Repentance, With Promises Of Mercy

He Exhorts Israel To Trust In God

He Exhorts Judah To Repentance By Fearful Judgments

He Exhorts Not To Fall Back From The Faith

He Exhorts Not To Trust In Man

He Exhorts Others To Praise Him By Example Of God's Dealings With Him

He Exhorts The Elders To Feed Their Flocks

He Exhorts The Levites

He Exhorts Them By Repentance And Faith To Seek Remission Of Their Sins Through Jesus

He Exhorts Them To A Collection For The Brothers At Jerusalem

He Exhorts Them To Be Constant In The Profession Of The Faith

He Exhorts Them To Be Fervent In Prayer

He Exhorts Them To Be Thus Minded

He Exhorts Them To Be Watchful

He Exhorts Them To Cease From Sin And Live Fore God,

He Exhorts Them To Go Forward In All Manner Of Godliness

He Exhorts Them To Obedience, Because Of His Power And Providence

He Exhorts Them To Set Their Hearts Upon It

He Exhorts Them To Yield, And Not To Believe The False Prophets

He Exhorts To Confidence In God

He Exhorts To Contentedness, Generosity, And Chastity

He Exhorts To Conversion

He Exhorts To Fear, Because Of The Powerful Effects Of God's Majesty

He Exhorts To Forgive Wrong,

He Exhorts To Holiness

He Exhorts To Mourn For Their Abominations In Tophet

He Exhorts To Mourn For Their Destruction

He Exhorts To Mourning

He Exhorts To Praise God For His Redemption And Omnipotence

He Exhorts To Prevent Their Future Judgments

He Exhorts To Put Away Wickedness

He Exhorts To Repentance

He Exhorts To Repentance, With Promises And Threats

He Exhorts To Sanctification

He Exhorts To The Fear Of God

He Exhorts To The Study Of The Law

He Exhorts To Unity

He Expects The Like Affection From Them Again

He Exposes The Ignorance And Wickedness Of The Priests,

He Expostulates, Prays, And Blesses God

He Flees Into Midian, And Marries Zipporah

He Flees To God For Helpfulness

He Forbears His Own Allowance, And Keeps Hospitality

He Foreshows The Restoration Of Those Who Were In Captivity

He Foretells And Discovers To John By A Token, That Judas Should Betray Him

He Foretells His Death

He Foretells His Death And Resurrection

He Foretells That In The Latter Times There Shall Be A Departure From The Faith

He Foretells The Destruction Of The Rest For Their Disobedience

He Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple, And Of The City Jerusalem

He Foretells The Remnant Of The Vessels Shall Be Carried To Babylon,

He Foretells Them The Destruction Of Babylon

He Gets The Egyptian's Money

He Gives Good Counsel, Which Is Accepted

He Gives Him Instructions

He Gives Him Patterns, Gold And Silver, Etc

He Gives Order For The Repair Of The Temple

He Gives Pharaoh Counsel, And Is Highly Advanced, And Married

He Gives Promises Of Mercy To The Penitent

He Gives Proof Of His Faith And Obedience

He Gives The Twelve Power Over Unclean Spirits

He Gives Them Habitation And Maintenance

He Glories In Nothing, Save In The Cross Of Christ

He Glories In The Salvation Of God

He Grows Rich, And The Philistines Envy His Prosperity

He Halts

He Hates Her, And Shamefully Turns Her Away

He Heals A Man Possessed That Was Blind And Mute

He Heals Malchus' Ear

He Heals Many Diseases In The Island

He Heals The Boy With A Demon,

He Heals The Crooked Woman

He Heals The Daughter Of The Woman Of Canaan,

He Heals The Lunatic

He Heals The Syrophenician Woman's Daughter Of An Unclean Spirit

He Heals The Woman Subject To Bleeding,

He Himself Appears Unto Them

He Hires A Levite To Be His Priest

He Hopes To Send Timothy To Them, And Epaphroditus Also

He Ignores Their Complaints

He Incites Job To Attention

He Incites Others To Praise Him

He Incites The Jews To Build

He Incites Them To The Building

He Increases The Israelites' Task

He Instructs His Brothers How To Answer Pharaoh

He Instructs His Disciples Concerning The Coming Of Elijah

He Instructs Solomon In God's Promises, And His Duty In Building The Temple

He Instructs The Sadducees, Who Denied The Resurrection

He Interprets It

He Is Accused Before Gallio The Deputy, But Is Dismissed

He Is Afraid Of Esau's Coming

He Is Assured Of Israel's Deliverance

He Is Betrayed By A Great Storm

He Is Bound By The Men Of Judah, And Delivered To The Philistines

He Is Brought Forth

He Is Brought To Saul

He Is Brought To The Pharisees

He Is Buried By Joseph And Nicodemus

He Is Carried Into Babylon

He Is Cast Into Prison

He Is Crowned With Thorns, Spit On, And Mocked

He Is Deceived By Laban With Leah

He Is Delivered Out Of The Belly Of The Fish

He Is Directed To Flee To The Mountains, But Obtains Leave To Go Into Zoar

He Is Driven By Famine Into Egypt

He Is Encouraged By The Dream And Interpretation Of The Burley Cake

He Is Entreated By Jairus To Go And Heal His Daughter

He Is Exhorted To Stir Up The Gift Of God Which Was In Him

He Is Falsely Accused By Her

He Is Found, And Brought Up By Pharaoh's Daughter

He Is Miraculously Conceived Of The Holy Spirit By The Virgin Mary

He Is Permitted To See It

He Is Quit In Judgment, By The Example Of Micah,

He Is Reproved By Abimelech For Denying His Wife

He Is Reproved By God

He Is Sent To Berea, And Preaches There

He Is Sent To Renew The Covenant In Hallowing The Sabbath

He Is Sent To The Gentiles With Gracious Promises

He Is Sent To The Widow Of Zarephath

He Is Slain By Conspiracy

He Is Taken For A Fugitive, Beaten, And Put In Prison

He Is Taught Whereof To Beware, And What To Follow After

He Is Therefore Apprehended,

He Is Thrice Denied By Peter

He Is To Reject Obstinate Heretics

He Journeys Through Canaan,

He Keeps A Fast

He Keeps A Most Solemn Passover

He Kills An Egyptian

He Kills Them With A Jawbone

He Laid Down His Life For Us. And We Ought To Lay Down Our Lives For The Brothers.

He Laments Her Judgments

He Laments The Spoil Of The Tabernacle By Foolish Pastors

He Laments Their Backwardness

He Learned The Gospel Not From Men, But From God

He Lists The Works Of The Flesh,

He Loathes His Calling

He Magnifies And Blesses Job

He Maintains His Innocence

He Maintains His Justice

He Makes A Protestation

He Makes An Humble Supplication

He Makes Ornaments For Them

He Makes There A Great Conspiracy

He Makes Ziba His Farmer

He Marries Also Rachel, And Serves For Her Seven Years More

He Marries Ruth

He Moves God To Help In Consideration Of His Power

He Moves Them To Deal Mildly With A Brother Who Has Slipped,

He Moves To Hebron, And There Builds An Altar

He Obtains A Son For The Good Shunammite

He Obtains By False Accusations A Decree Of The King To Put The Jews To Death

He Offers Himself, And Is Sent To Show The Obstinacy Of The People

He Opens The Pit, And There Come Forth Locusts Like Scorpions

He Orders A Choir To Sing Thanksgiving

He Overthrows The Edomites

He Performs His Vow On His Daughter

He Performs The Solemnity Thereof With Great Joy

He Pities The Third Captain,

He Places It In A Tabernacle With Great Joy And Feasting

He Powerfully Delivers His People Out Of Babylon

He Praises God

He Praises God For His Goodness

He Praises God With Thanksgiving

He Praises God, And Promises To Do It Cheerfully

He Praises God, And Promises To Execute Justice

He Prays

He Prays Against His Enemies, Of Whose Wickedness And Treachery He Complains

He Prays Against Them

He Prays Against Them In Confidence Of His Hope

He Prays For Deliverance

He Prays For God's Assistance According To His Promise

He Prays For Grace

He Prays For Pardon Of Sin, As God Pardoned The Fathers

He Prays For Perseverance

He Prays For Preventing Grace

He Prays For Remedy

He Prays For Remission Of Sins

He Prays For Sanctification

He Prays For Sincerity

He Prays For The Church

He Prays For The Happy State Of The Kingdom

He Prays For The Knowledge And Sensible Experience Of God's Good Providence

He Prays For The People

He Prays In Great Distress

He Prays In His Calamity

He Prays In The Mount, And Sweats Blood

He Prays That God Would Powerfully Deliver Him From His Enemies

He Prays That He May Have Cause To Praise Him

He Prays That They May Come To The Full Knowledge And Possession Thereof In Christ

He Prays To Be Restored Unto It

He Prays Unto God, With Confession Of Sins

He Preaches

He Preaches Christ Boldly

He Preaches Christ To The Governor And His Wife

He Preaches Through The Cities Of Galilee

He Prefers The Younger Before The Elder

He Prescribes A Solemn Fast To Deprecate Those Judgments

He Proceeds In Exhorting Them To Purity Of Life

He Proceeds In Stirring Them Up To A Bountiful Alms, As Being But A Kind Of Sowing Of Seed,

He Proceeds In The Description Of Christ's Coming To Judgment

He Proceeds To General Exhortations,

He Proclaims God's Wrath

He Professes His Confidence

He Professes His Confidence In God

He Professes His Confidence In God's Word, And Promises To Praise Him

He Professes His Confidence In God;

He Promises Constancy

He Promises Grace

He Promises Him Blessings And Benefits In His Seed

He Promises Himself To See Such An Evident Destruction Of His Enemies,

He Promises It Shall Be General, Without Respect Of Persons

He Promises Thankfulness

He Promises Them, Being Forward, God's Assistance

He Promises To Come To Them Again; But Yet Altogether In The Affection Of A Father

He Promises To Gather Them By The Gospel

He Promises To Judge Uprightly

He Promises To Praise God

He Promises To The Penitent Return From Captivity

He Promises To Wait Thereon, Out Of Confidence Of God's Goodness

He Prophecies The Desolation Of The Land

He Prophesies A Restoration Of The Scattered Flock

He Prophesies Of The Star Of Jacob, And The Destruction Of Some Nations

He Prophesies Shebna's Deprivation

He Prophesies That The Kings Of The Earth Shall Praise God

He Prophesies The Destruction Of Those Who Commit Idolatry In Egypt

He Prophesies Their Return To Canaan

He Prophesies Unto His Brothers Of Their Return

He Protests Against Blind Watchmen

He Proves By His Works That He Is Jesus The Son Of God

He Proves By Tradition The Restlessness Of Wicked Men

He Proves That His Ministry Is So Far The More Excellent,

He Proves The Necessity Of Our Resurrection,

He Provokes Joash To His Overthrow

He Provoking Pharaoh Neco, Is Slain At Megiddo

He Purges His House Of Idols

He Put Garrisons In Edom

He Puts Away Witches And All Abomination

He Puts Down Maachah His Grandmother For Idolatry

He Puts Garrisons In Edom

He Puts The Two Tribes And A Half In Mind Of Their Promise To Moses

He Raids The Temple

He Raises The Widow's Son

He Rebukes Abraham

He Rebukes The Proud By Consideration Of God's Providence

He Rebukes The Unfaithful, Who Seek After A Sign,

He Rebukes Their Error

He Reforms The Offices In The House Of God

He Refuses Government

He Refuses The Redemption According To The Manner In Israel

He Refusing Naaman's Gifts Grants Him Some Of The Earth

He Rejects The Sacrifices Of The Disobedient

He Rejects Their Vain Confidence,

He Rejoices In His Mercy

He Renews The Covenant Between Them And God

He Renews The Covenant Of The Lord

He Repeats God's Promise

He Reprimands The Pharisees,

He Reproves A Hebrew

He Reproves And Exhorts His Enemies

He Reproves His Friends Of Unkindness

He Reproves Israel For Oppression,

He Reproves The People As Inexcusable

He Reproves The People For Neglecting The Building Of The House

He Reproves The People Of Incredulity

He Reproves The People Of Ingratitude

He Reproves Their Human Wisdom And Worldly Joy

He Reproves Their Hypocrisy

He Reproves Them For Not Satisfying Job

He Reproves Them, Because In Holy Assemblies,

He Requests To Marry Her

He Requires Them To Forgive And To Comfort That Excommunicated Person,

He Resists Temptation By Potiphar's Wife

He Restores Her Son When Dead

He Restores Religion

He Restores The Land For A Fifth

He Restrains The People From Eating Blood

He Salutes Them, And Wishes Them All Prosperity

He Satisfies A Hundred Men With Twenty Loaves

He Saves Them For His Own Sake

He Sees The Third Generation Of His Sons

He Sends A Present To Esau, And Passes The Brook Jabbok

He Sends For His Father

He Sends Her Away With Six Measures Of Barley

He Sends Him To Deliver Israel

He Sends Him To Felix The Governor

He Sends Levites With The Princes To Teach Judah

He Sends Presents To His Friends

He Sends To Iddo For Ministers For The Temple

He Sets Up Idolatry, And Will Not Be Admonished

He Sharply Reproves The Priests For Neglecting Their Covenant

He Shows Forth His Love To Her

He Shows God's Judgment Upon Syria,

He Shows His Liberty

He Shows How He Is A Friend To Sinners, To Forgive Them Their Sins, Upon Their Repentance

He Shows That Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit Shall Never Be Forgiven

He Shows The Blessedness Of Affliction

He Shows The Faith Of The Corinthians To Be A Sufficient Commendation Of His Ministry

He Shows The Fall Of Assyria

He Shows The Fearful End Of Ahab And Zedekiah, Two False Prophets

He Shows The Hope Of His Calling, Of The Resurrection, And Life Everlasting

He Shows The Mischief Of Unfaithfulness And Riot

He Shows The Spiritual Might And Authority With Which He Was Armed Against All Adverse Powers

He Shows The Story Of Their Rebellions In Egypt

He Shows The Wrath Of God Against Jacob For Idolatry

He Shows Their Abominations Are The Cause Thereof

He Shows Their Grievous Judgment

He Shows Their Pride, Craft, And Eagerness

He Shows Their Sin

He Shows Them Wherein To Rejoice,

He Shows Thereby His Innocence,

He Shows Unto Zion The Terribleness Of God's Judgment

He Shows What Good The Faith Of Christ Had Received By His Troubles At Rome

He Shows What They Intend That Preach Circumcision

He Shows When He Went Up Again To Jerusalem, And For What Purpose

He Shows Where We Should Seek Christ

He Smites Hadadezer, And The Syrians

He Smites Hadarezer And The Syrians

He Spares Agag And The Best Of The Spoil

He Sprinkles The Blood Of The Covenant

He Staying The Decree Is Brought To The King

He Stirs Them To A Generous Gift For The Poor Saints At Jerusalem, By The Example Of The Macedonians

He Strengthens His Faith By Meditation And Prayer

He Strengthens His Kingdom With Forts And Provisions

He Strikes Down Thirty Philistines

He Studies To Be Thankful

He Sustains His Weakness By The Unchangeableness Of God

He Swears By Him Who Lives Forever, That There Shall Be No More Time

He Swears Joseph To Bury Him With His Fathers

He Takes An Oath Of Them Concerning His Bones

He Takes Care For The Repair Of The Temple

He Takes Comfort In The Eternity, And Mercy Of God

He Takes Ephraim And Manasseh As His Own Sons

He Takes Jehonadab Into His Company

He Takes Order For The Repair Of The Temple

He Teaches God's Judgments To Be Not For The Righteous, But For The Wicked

He Teaches God's Providence

He Teaches The Duty Of Wives And Husbands To Each Other

He Tells Joseph Of His Mother's Grave

He Tells The Manner Of A King

He Tells The Women, That Lament Him, The Destruction Of Jerusalem

He Terrifies Them With Thunder In Harvest Time

He Threatens Both Jews And Gentiles

He Threatens Jacob's Life

He Threatens Them For Their Idolatry

He Threatens To Destroy Babylon By The Medes

He Treats Of Our Election,

He Triumphs Over His Enemies

He Trusts In God

He Upbraids Their Foolish And Shameless Impenitency

He Upbraids Their Whole Service

He Views Secretly The Ruins Of The Walls

He Visits Joram, Being Wounded, At Jezreel

He Vows For Himself Reverent Service To God

He Vows Perpetual Service Unto Him, Because Of His Promises

He Waits For His Change

He Walks On The Sea To His Disciples

He Warns His Disciples To Beware Of The Scribes

He Warns Judah, Not To Imitate Israel's Crimes, Which Are Still Further Reproved

He Warns Them Not To Believe All Who Boast Of The Spirit

He Warns Them To Beware Of The False Teachers

He Who Dwells In The Secret Place Of The Most High

He Who Has The Son Has The Life; Final Remarks

He Who Is Least Among You Shall Be First

He Who Loves God Loves His Children, And Keeps His Commandments

He Who Makes A Singular Vow Must Be The Lord'S

He Who Plants And He Who Waters Are Nothing

He Who Sins In Concealing His Knowledge

He Who Violated The Sabbath Is Stoned

He Will Leave Their Wives And Daughters To Commit Lewdness, Without Present Punishment

He Will Not Be Dissuaded From Going Thither

He Wills Them To Stand In Their Liberty,

He Wishes For Death, Wherein He Is Assured Of Comfort

He Wonders Why They Have So Soon Left Him And The Gospel

He Would Have Been Scourged

He Wrestles With An Angel At Peniel, Where He Is Called Israel

He Yields The Reason Why He Sent Titus And His Brothers Beforehand

He, Casting Out A Demon, Rebukes The Blasphemous Pharisees

He, Invading Other Countries, Persuades Achish He Fought Against Judah

He, Reproving The King Of Pride And Idolatry,

Healing A Blind Man Who Sees Trees

Healing At The Pool

Healing At The Pool Of Bethesda

Healing Man With A Dropsy

Healing Of A Demon-Possessed Man

Healing Peter's Mother-In-Law

Heals A Mute Man Possessed Of A Demon

Heals A Paralytic

Heals All Who Touch Him

Heals His Servant, Being Absent

Heals One That Had A Demon

Heals The Centurion's Servant,

Heals The Diseased

Heals The Sick Who Touch Of The Hem Of His Garment

Heals The Woman Of Her Bleeding

Hear My Prayer, O Lord! Let My Cry Come To You.

Hear My Prayer, O Lord. Listen To My Petitions.

Hear My Voice, God, In My Complaint.

Hear Prophesy

Hear, O Lord, And Answer Me, For I Am Poor And Needy.

Hear, O Lord, My Righteous Plea; Give Ear To My Prayer

Heave Offering To The Priests Out Of The Levites' Portion

Heaven Is My Throne, And The Earth Is My Footstool; Rejoice With Jerusalem

Heavenly Jerusalem, With A Full Description Thereof

Hebrew Servant, Except By Choice, Must Be Freed In The Seventh Year

Hebron Taken

Heinous Offenders Are To Be Shamed And Avoided

Help, O Lord; For The Godly Man Ceases

Helpfulness Of The Same Body

Her Confidence Is Rejected

Her Grievous Judgment

Her Offerings For Her Purifying

Her Restoration And Unfaithfulness

Her Sin, Equal To Her Mother,

Herd Of Swine

Herod And Pilate Become Friends

Herod Desires To See Jesus

Herod Imprisons John

Herod In His Pride Taking To Himself The Honor Due To God,

Herod Mocks Him

Herod Slays The Children

Herod's Daughter Receives The Head Of John The Baptist

Herod's Opinion Of Jesus



Hezekiah And Isaiah Pray Against The Blasphemies Of Sennarchib

Hezekiah Appoints Officers To Dispose Of The Tithes

Hezekiah King Of Judah

Hezekiah Mourning, Sends To Isaiah To Pray For Them

Hezekiah Mourns; Isaiah Foretells Jerusalem's Deliverance; Hezekiah Prays And God Fulfills

Hezekiah Offers Solemn Sacrifices,

Hezekiah Orders The Courses Of The Priests And Levites,

Hezekiah Praying In His Sickness, God Gives Him A Sign Of Recovery

Hezekiah Proclaims A Solemn Passover On The Second Month For Judah And Israel

Hezekiah Rules Over Judah, Destroys Idolatry

Hezekiah Succeeds Him

Hezekiah The Good King

Hezekiah's Good Reign

Hezekiah's Good Reign; Temple Worship Restored

Hezekiah's Great Passover

Hezekiah's Illness And Healing

Hezekiah's Life Lengthened, Shows Treasures To Babylon

Hezekiah's Prayer

Hezekiah, Having Received A Message Of Death, By Prayer Has His Life Lengthened

Hezekiah, In Mourning, Sends To Isaiah To Pray For Them

Hezron's Posterity By The Daughter Of Machir

Hidden Mystery That The Gentiles Should Be Saved Was Made Known To Paul By Revelation

High Places Being In Use, Solomon Sacrifices At Gibeon

High Priests And Pharisees Gather A Council Against Jesus

Hilkiah Having Found A Book Of The Law,

Hilkiah, Having Found A Book Of The Law,

Himself Dies

Hiram Sends To David,

Hiram's Kindness To David

Hiram's Work Of The Two Pillars,

Hiram, Blessing God For Solomon, Furnishes Him With Trees

Hiram, Sending To Congratulate Solomon, Is Desired To Furnish Him With Timber

Hire Is To Be Given

His Acts

His Adversaries Devoured

His Age

His Age And Death

His Age, Death, And Burial

His Ambassage To Huram For Workmen And Provisions

His Apology

His Blessing On The Good

His Blessing Upon The Church

His Burial

His Care Over The Church

His Chariots And Horse

His Coast

His Coat, Covered With Blood, Is Sent To Jacob, Who Mourns Him Inordinately

His Confession

His Confidence In God's Help

His Confidence Of His Enemies' Destruction, And His Own Safety

His Conquest

His Conquest Of The Ammonites

His Conscience Sincere

His Convoy Of Ships, According To The Prophecy Of Eliezer, Unhappily Perishes

His Daily Provision

His Death

His Death And Burial

His Descendants, With Lamech And His Two Wives

His Desire To Come To Them

His Disciples Marvel

His Disciples Must Beware Of Their Ambition

His Dreams And The Interpretation

His Enemies Being Terrified By God, Some Of Them Bring Him Presents And Tribute

His Ephod The Cause Of Idolatry

His Error In The Ambassage Of Babylon

His Face Is Radiant, And He Covers It With A Veil

His Family Line

His Fearful Vision To Humble The Excellency Of Creatures Before God

His Foundation Is In The Holy Mountains.

His Glorious Power And Majesty

His Great Idolatry

His Greatness, Captains, And Armies

His Hand Is Leprous

His Heavy Message Against Judah

His Hope Is Not In Life, But In Death

His Human Judgment Is Reproved

His Incomparableness

His Incurable Disease, Infamous Death, And Burial

His Instruction

His Instructions To The Judges

His Judgment

His Judgment Is Prophesied To Come By Assyria

His Judgments Upon Covetousness

His Justice On The Murderers Of His Father

His Kingdom

His Life Free From Snares

His Line To Zedekiah

His Love Toward Her

His Manner Of Blessing God

His Mercy

His Message To Esau

His Message To Israel, And Pharaoh, Whose Opposition Is Foretold

His Navy Fetches Gold From Ophir

His New Covenant

His Order To Gather His Saints

His Patience In Hope

His Plan Of Trumpets And Lamps In Pitchers

His Posterity By Beriah

His Power And Wisdom

His Prayer

His Prayer At The Removing Of The Ark

His Presents

His Promises Of Reconciliation With Them

His Prophetical Visions Of An Almond Rod And A Seething Pot

His Prosperity Into Calamity

His Proud Heart Is Humbled By God

His Providence

His Providence Over His Flock

His Reign

His Reign And Death

His Removal To Mount Seir

His Riddle By His Wife Is Made Known

His Sacrifice Of Peace Offerings

His Second Message Obtains Him

His Side Is Pierced

His Sign

His Song Of Thanksgiving

His Sons

His Stable

His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

His Strength Renewing, He Pulls Down The House Upon The Philistines And Dies

His Targets

His Targets And Shields

His Testimony Of Jesus

His Three Friends Console With Him In Silence

His Tomb Is Sealed And Watched

His Trespass Offering, Of The Flock

His Tribute

His Tributes

His Twelve Officers For Provision

His Two Victories Against The Philistines

His Vessels

His Victory Over Edom

His Vision Of Four Cherubim

His Wealth And Works

His Wicked Reign

His Wickedness Causes Prophecies Against Judah

His Wife And Her Father Are Burnt By The Philistines

His Wife Is Married To Another

His Wisdom

His Wisdom Is Unsearchable In Them

His Wonderful Deliverance Of His People

His Words Are Told To Hezekiah

His Zeal To Speak

History Resumed

Hobab Is Entreated By Moses Not To Leave Them

Holiness, Riches, And Reverent Care Of Job For His Children

Holy Anointing Oil

Holy Garments Are Appointed

Holy God Must Have A Cleansed People

Holy Spirit Comes At Pentecost

Holy Spirit Falls On Them, And They Are Baptized

Holy Spirit Is Given By Paul's Hands

Holy Spirit Promised

Holy Stones Lie Scattered

Holy Things Must Be Eaten In The Holy Place

Holy Water From The Temple; Boundaries Set

Honest Industry

Honor Of Our Savior's Priesthood

Honoring Widows And Elders


Hormah, Gaza, Askelon, And Ekron Taken



Hosea Redeems His Wife

Hosea's Wife And Children

Hosea, To Show God's Judgment For Spiritual Unfaithfulness, Takes Gomer,

Hoshea Last King Of Israel; Northern Tribes Led Into Captivity

Hoshea The Last King Of Israel


Hour Whereof Being Known To None, Every Man Is To Watch And Pray

House Must Have Battlements

House On The Rock

House On The Rock

House Upon The Sand And The Rock

Household Watching

How Beautiful Are Your Feet In Sandals, Prince's Daughter!

How Bishops, Deacons, And Their Wives Should Be Qualified

How His Troubles Persecutions Did Redound To The Praise Of God's Power,

How It Ought To Be Used

How Jesus Is The Son Of David

How Job's Sins Hinder God's Blessings

How Lonely Sits The City

How Long O Lord?

How Lovely Are Your Dwellings, O Lord Almighty!

How Miraculously He Was Converted, Called To His Apostleship

How Often To Forgive Them

How Ready He Is To Glorify Christ Either By His Life Or Death

How The High Priest Must Enter Into The Holy Place

How The Lamps Are To Be Lighted

How The Little Children May Know Each Other

How The Little Children Must Live Together

How The Soldiers, With Their Captives And Spoil, Are To Be Purified

How The Word Of The Lord Was First Revealed To Samuel

How They Shall Be Cleansed

How Those Chosen As Ministers Ought To Be Qualified

How To Be Perfect

How To Pray

How To Use The Cities That Accept Or Refuse The Proclamation Of Peace

How We Are Bound To God

How Women Should Be Attired

Howbeit The Law Convinces Them Also Of Sin

However Excellent, Are Of No Worth Without Love

However Near To Oneself

However, Abraham Displayed Both Faith And Actions

Howling Of The Shepherds

Huldah Prophesies The Destruction Of Jerusalem, But Respite Thereof In Josiah's Time

Human Relationships Of Jesus

Huram Sends Him A Kind Answer

Husbands Ought To Love Their Wives,

Hushai Insinuates Himself Into Absalom's Counsel

Hushai Is Sent Back With Instructions

Hushai's Warning Saves David

Hypocrite Is Without Hope