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284 Bible Stories for "F"

Faints In Bearing His Cross

Faith Of A Syrophoenician Woman

Faith Of The Centurion

Faith Of The Centurion

Faithful Are Exhorted To Lament Their Abominations And Calamities

Faithful Servant And His Faithful Lord

Faithful Steward


Fall And Redemption

Fall Of Babylon

Fall Of Israel

Fall Of Jerusalem

Fall Of Jerusalem And Release Or Jehoiachin

Fall Of Judah

Fall Of Man

False Balance Is An Abomination To The Lord

False Prophets And Teachers

False Prophets Are No Excuse For Them

False Security Of Them Both

False Teachers Crept In To Seduce Them, For Whose Evil Doctrine A Horrible Punishment Is Prepared

Falsehood Of The Prophets

Falsely Accused And Impiously Condemned Of The Council

Falsely Accused Of Blasphemy Against The Law The Temple


Families And Number Of The Levites

Families Of Gershom, Kohath, And Merari

Families Of The Gershonites

Families, Number, And Charge Of The Gershonites

Family Line Of Methuselah To Noah And His Sons

Famine Begins

Famine In Samaria

Famine In Samaria

Famine In Samaria Causes Women To Eat Their Own Children

Famine Of The Word Of God Threatened

Fasting And Temptation Of Jesus

Fat And The Blood Are Forbidden

Fatherly Discipline; A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken

Fear God, The Vanity Of Wealth And Honor

Fear Makes Him Feign His Wife To Be His Sister

Fear Of God Breeds True Wisdom

Fear Of God Is The Chief Antidote For Vanity

Fearful And Victorious Armies Of God Against Nineveh

Fearful Presence Of God Upon The Mount

Fears Him For His Good Success

Feast Of Pentecost

Feast Of Purim

Feast Of Tabernacles

Feast Of The Dedication Is Kept

Feast Of The Fowls

Feast Of The Passover

Feast Of The Temple

Feast Of Trumpets

Feasts Of Passover, Weeks And Tabernacles

Feasts Of The Lord

Feasts Of Weeks, Trumpets, Tabernacles; Day Of Atonement

Feeding Of The 4,000

Feeding Of The 5,000

Felix, Succeeded By Festus, Leaves Paul In Prison

Fervent Desire Of The Prophet To Confirm The Church In God's Promises

Festus Charges Him With Being Insane, Whereunto He Answers Modestly

Festus Clears Him Of Having Done Anything Worthy Of Death

Festus Consults King Agrippa

Fierce Demoniac

Fiery Furnace

Fifth Plague: Egyptian Livestock Die, Sixth Plague: Boils, Seventh Plague: Hail

Fifth Plague: Livestock Disease

Fifth Seal: Martyrs

Fig Tree

Fig Tree Cursed

Fig Tree Withered

Fig Tree Withers

Filth And Offscouring Of The World

Final Desolation Of Israel

Final Judgment

Final Offer Of The Son Of Man As King To Israel

Final Plague Threatened

Final Warnings, Final Greetings

Finding Of Moses

Fire Comes From The Lord, Upon The Altar

Fire From Heaven; Glory In The Temple; Feast Of Dedication; God's Promise


First Four Kings Of Judah

First Fruits Not To Be Burnt On The Altar,

First Miracle

First Offerings Of Aaron, For Himself And The People

First Resurrection

First Sabbath

First Seal: Rider On White Horse

First Woe Past

Firstborn Are Freed By The Levites

Firstborn Are Sanctified To God

Firstborn Are Slain

Firstborn Is Not To Be Disinherited Upon Private Affection

Firstborn Of Man And Beast Are Set Apart

Firstborn Of The Egyptians Are Slain

Fisherman's Net

Fishes And Fowls

Five Kings Are Murdered In A Cave

Five Kings War Against Gibeon

Five Thousand Fed

Flight Into Egypt

Flight Into Egypt



Flood Begins

Flood Subsides And The Ark Rests On Mount Ararat

Flood To Babel

Flying Scroll; Woman In A Basket

Followed By A Brief Description Of The Resurrection, And Second Coming Of Christ To Judgment

Folly Of Idol Makers

Folly Of Sin

Food Defiles Not The Man

Fool Delights Not In Understanding

Fool Has Said In His Heart, There Is No God.

Foolishness Of Their Princes

Footmen Refusing, Doeg Executes It

For A Hurt By Chance

For A Sign Prophesies The Destruction Of Egypt

For An Ox That Gores

For Any Of The People

For Christ Did Not So

For Commending Of His Apostleship, Though He Might Glory Of His Wonderful Revelations,

For Covetousness,

For Cruelty,

For Cursers Of Parents

For Deliverance

For Destruction Of His Enemies

For Drunkenness,

For Elisha's Miracle's Sake Has Her Land Restored By The King

For Ever Has Taken Away Sins

For Fear Of Idolatry,

For Help In Affliction

For Him Who Is An Occasion Of Harm

For His Care Of The Church

For His Favor To The Kingdom Of David

For His General Judgment

For His Goodness

For His Goodness To The Godly

For His Great Works

For His Greatness

For His Judgments

For His Judgments On The Wicked

For His Justice, Holiness, And Savings Mercy

For His Kingdom

For His Mercy

For His Ordinances In The Church

For His Power

For His Power Over The Elements

For His Providence

For His Wonderful Power

For Idolatry

For Idolatry,

For Ignorance,

For Infidelity

For Injustice

For Jerusalem, Under The Parable Of A Wasted Vine

For Jonathan's Sake He Restores To Him All That Was Saul'S

For Kidnappers

For Manslaughter

For Picking The Heads Of Grain On The Sabbath Day

For Putting Away Their Former Ones,

For Sanctification

For Smiters

For That Power Which He Has Given To The Church

For The Assuredness Of Victory Which God Will Give Over Them

For The Care Of His Church

For The City

For The Congregation

For The Constancy Thereof

For The Holiness Of The People,

For The Nature Of God In His Mercy And Justice,

For The People

For The Priest

For The Prince

For The Ruler

For The Servant Whose Ear Is Bored

For Their Adultery

For Their Carnal Confidence

For Their Contempt Of God

For Their Contempt Of God His People

For Their Great Corruption In The Civil State

For Their Hypocrisy

For Their Impiety

For Their Incorrigibleness

For Their Judgment

For Their Pride

For Their Pride,

For Their Security

For Their Unmercifulness

For Their Unrepentance

For Their Worship Of Idols

For Their Wrong Unto Jacob

For There Is A Promise Of Their Salvation

For This Infinite Mercies

For Transgressing God's Commandments Through Their Own Traditions

For We Are Dead Unto It

For What Respects We May Either Marry, Or Abstain From Marrying

For Which Cause They Are Whipped And Imprisoned

For Which Jeremiah Threatens Them

For Which Michal Despises Him

For Which They Glorify God, And Cease No Day From Preaching

For Women Servants

Foreign Nations Are Slain By Lions In Samaria

Foreigners Excluded; Tobiah Expelled; Tithes And Sabbath Restored

Forerunner Of Christ

Foretells Hananiah's Death

Foretells Him Of His Death

Foretells His Death And Resurrection

Foretells His Own Passion,

Foretells His Passion

Foretells Of The Danger Of The Voyage,

Foretells The Desertion Of His Disciples, And Peter's Denial

Foretells The Fasting And Afflictions Of The Apostles After His Ascension

Foretells The Seventy Years' Captivity

Forewarns Peter Of His Denials

Forgiveness And Faith; Cleansing Of The Ten Lepers; Second Coming Foretold

Forgiving One's Brother

Form Of Blessing The People

Forms The Sun, Moon, And Stars

Forty-Eight Cities Designated For The Levites

Forty-Eight Cities For The Levites, With Their Suburbs, And Measure Thereof

Forty-Eight Cities Given By Lot, Out Of The Other Tribes Unto The Levites

Forty-Two Journeys Of The Israelites


Foundation Of The Lord Is Sure

Foundations Of The Temple Are Laid In Great Joy And Mourning

Fountain Of Cleansing For Jerusalem; Strike The Shepherd, And The Sheep Will Be Scattered

Fountain Of Purgation For Jerusalem,

Four Angels Who Were Bound Are Let Loose

Four Battles Against The Philistines, Wherein Four Men Of David Slay Four Giants

Four Beasts Full Of Eyes Before And Behind

Four Hallelujah'S; Christ The Rider On The White Horse

Four Lepers, Venturing On The Host Of The Syrians, Bring Tidings Of Their Flight

Four Of Them Sound Their Trumpets And Great Plagues Follow

Four Things Exceeding Wise

Four Things Insatiable

Four Things Stately

Four Wicked Generations

Fourth Horseman

Fourth Seal: Death

Free Gifts For The Tabernacle

Frogs Are Sent

From Adam To Abraham, From Abraham To Jacob

From Adam To Noah

From Ahava They Come To Jerusalem

From Everlasting To Everlasting

From Houses Of Mourning And Feasting, Foreshows The Utter Ruin Of The Jews

From Idolatry, And False Prophecy

From Particular Admonitions,

From Sinai To Kadesh-Barnea

From The Accession Of David To His Death

From The Accession Of Hezekiah To The Captivity Of Judah

From The Accession Of Solomon To The Dedication Of The Temple

From The Accession To The Captivity Of Zedekiah

From The Anointing In Hebron To The Establishment Of David Over United Israel

From The Call Of Abram To The Death Of Joseph

From The Call Of David To The Death Of Saul

From The Conquest Of Jerusalem To The Rebellion Of Absalom

From The Death Of Elisha To The Captivity Of Israel

From The Death Of Saul To The Accession Of David

From The Death Of Saul To The Anointing Of David Over Judah

From The Decree Of Cyrus To The Dedication Of The Restored Temple

From The Division Of The Kingdom To The Death Of Jeroboam And Rehoboam

From The Prophet's Call To His Message To The First Captives.

From The Rebellion Of Absalom To The Purchase Of The Temple-Site

From The Rebellion Of Adonijah To The Death Of David

From The Red Sea To Sinai

From The Reign Of Jehoshaphat To The Accession Of Jehoram Over Judah

From The Taking Of The Ark To The Demand For A King

From Which God Delivers Them

From Which The Godly Shall Be Delivered, As Lot Was Out Of Sodom

From Whose Deceits The Godly Are Safe, Preserved By Perseverance In Faith, And Holiness Of Life


Fruitless Fig Tree May Not Stand

Fulfils His Sign

Full Result In Blessing Of The Gospel


Further Description Of The Church's Graces

Further Details Concerning The Manner Of Creation

Further Parables

Future Blessings

Future Glory Of The Davidic Kingdom

Future Glory Of Zion

Future Visitation Of Edom In The Day Of The Lord