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249 Bible Stories for "E"

Eagerness Of The People To Hear And Be Instructed


Earnestly Commands Peter To Feed His Lambs And Sheep

Earth Swallows Up Korah, And A Fire Consumes Others

Ease Of Death

East Gate Assigned Only To The Prince

Eating Only Clean Animals; Tithes

Eats With Sinners, As Being The Physician Of Souls

Eats With Tax Collectors And Sinners

Ebed-Melech, By Suit, Gets Him Some Enlargement


Edom And Libnah Revolt

Edom Is Threatened And Zion Comforted

Edom Will Be Humbled, The Day Of The Lord Is Near

Edom's Humiliation

Edom, Scorning The Prophet, Is Moved To Repentance

Egypt The Reward Of Nebuchadnezzar

Egyptians Ask Moses To Depart

Egyptians Drown In The Sea

Egyptians Having Raised The Siege Of The Chaldeans,


Ehud From Eglon

Eight Tables

Eighth Plague: Locusts, Ninth Plague: Darkness

Either Baked In The Oven

Elah Succeeds Him

Elders Lay Down Their Crowns, And Worship Him Who Sat On The Throne

Elders To Feed Their Flocks; The Young To Obey

Eleazar Dies

Elect Being Cared For, The Rest Are Rejected


Eleven Curtains Of Goats' Hair, The Covering Of Rams' And Badgers' Skins

Eleven Sons Are Born To Him In Jerusalem

Eli At The News, Falling Backward, Breaks His Neck

Eli First Rebuking Her, Afterwards Blesses Her

Eli Reproves His Sons

Eliab Chides Him

Eliezer And Rebekah At The Well

Elihu Accuses Job For Charging God With Injustice

Elihu Is Angry With Job And His Three Friends

Elihu Offers Himself Instead Of God To Reason With Job

Elihu Rebukes Job

Elihu Rebukes Job And His Three Friends

Elihu Reproves Job

Elihu Says God Is To Be Feared Because Of His Great Works

Elihu Shows How God Is Just In His Ways

Elihu Shows How Job's Sins Hinder God's Blessings

Elijah And Baal's Prophets On Mount Carmel; Elijah's Prayer

Elijah And The Prophets

Elijah And The Widow At Zarephath

Elijah Ascends To Heaven In A Chariot Of Fire

Elijah Calls Elisha

Elijah Denounces Ahaziah

Elijah Denounces Judgments Against Ahab And Jezebel

Elijah Destroys The Messengers Of Ahaziah

Elijah Fed By Ravens

Elijah Flees Jezebel; Elisha Called

Elijah Is Nourished By An Angel

Elijah Prays For Drought, Fed By Ravens; The Widow At Zarephath

Elijah Raises The Son Of The Widow Of Zarephath

Elijah Taken To Heaven

Elijah Taken To Heaven, Elisha Succeeds Elijah

Elijah Twice Brings Fire From Heaven On Those Ahaziah Sent To Apprehend Him

Elijah Versus The Priests Of Baal

Elijah, By Prayer Obtaining Rain, Follows Ahab To Jezreel

Elijah, Having Prophesied Against Ahab,

Elijah, Reproving Ahab, By Fire From Heaven Convinces Baal's Prophets

Elijah, Taking His Leave Of Elisha, With His Mantle Divides Jordan

Elijah, Threatened By Jezebel, Flees To Beersheba

Elimelech, Driven By Famine Into Moab, Dies There

Eliphaz Accuses And Exhorts Job To Repentance

Eliphaz Reproves Job

Eliphaz Reproves Job For Impiety In Justifying Himself

Eliphaz Reproves Job For Justifying Himself; Declares The Wickedness Of Men

Eliphaz Reproves Job That The Innocent Do Not Suffer

Eliphaz Shows That Man's Goodness Profits Not God

Eliphaz Shows That The End Of The Wicked Is Misery

Eliphaz Speaks: The Innocent Prosper

Elisha And The Bears

Elisha And The Feeding Of The Hundred

Elisha And The Shunammite

Elisha And The Widow's Olive Oil

Elisha Causes The Axhead To Float; Arameans Blinded; Samaria Besieged

Elisha Dying, Prophesies To Joash Three Victories Over The Syrians

Elisha Multiplies The Widow's Oil

Elisha Promises Plenty In Samaria; Siege Lifted

Elisha Prophesies Incredible Plenty In Samaria

Elisha Sends A Young Prophet With Instructions To Anoint Jehu At Ramoth Gilead

Elisha With Salt Heals The Unwholesome Waters

Elisha's Heavenly Defenders

Elisha, Allowing The Young Prophets To Enlarge Dwellings, Floats An Axhead

Elisha, Dividing Jordan With Elijah's Mantle, Is Acknowledged His Successor

Elisha, Sending Him To Jordan Cures Him

Elisha, Taking Leave Of His Friends, Follows Elijah

Elkanah, A Levite, Having Two Wives, Worships Yearly At Shiloh


Embroidered Coat

Empty Tomb

Empty Tomb; Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene, His Disciples And Thomas

Encourage Themselves

Encouragement From Timothy's Report

Encourages Them To Receive Jesus Christ, And Commends His Own Ministry

Encouraging Them To Reach Out Themselves Beyond Their Compass

End Has Come To The Four Corners Of The Land

End Of The Law Is Obedience

Endeavor To Hinder It

Endeavors To Live As A New Creature To Christ Only,

Enemies Defile The Sanctuary Because Of The Israelites' Abominations

Enemies Sent Against Jerusalem

Enemies Sent Against Judah,

Enoch's Godliness And Translation Into Heaven

Enter Through The Narrow Gate

Enticers To Idolatry

Entreating For His Liberty, He Obtains Some Favor

Entreats To Know His Own Sins, God's Purpose In Afflicting Him

Envoys From Babylon


Ephod And Girdle

Ephraim Repenting Is Brought Home Again

Ephraim's Glory Vanishes

Ephraim's Idolatry; God's Anger And Judgment

Ephraim's Iniquity

Ephraim's Sins Provoke God

Ephraimites Take Oreb And Zeeb

Ephraimites, Quarrelling With Jephthah, Are Slain By The Gileadites


Epilogue: Christ The Master Of Life And Service

Er's Marriage With Tamar, And Death

Error Of Folly

Esau Brings Venison

Esau Complains, And By Importunity Obtains A Blessing

Esau Marries Mahalath The Daughter Of Ishmael

Esau Sells His Birthright

Esau Sells His Birthright To Jacob

Esau's Three Wives

Esau's Wives

Escape To Egypt

Escapes The Jews

Especially Under Infidels

Esther Accuses Haman

Esther Accuses Haman; Haman Is Hanged

Esther And The King

Esther Becomes Queen

Esther Before The King

Esther Chosen Queen, Mordecai Discovers A Plot

Esther Made Queen

Esther Makes Suit To Reverse Haman's Letters

Esther Preferred Before The Rest

Esther Prepares A Banquet; Haman's Rage

Esther Saves Her People

Esther, Adventuring On The King's Favor, Obtains The Grace Of The Golden Sceptre,

Esther, Best Pleasing The King, Is Made Queen

Esther, Entertaining The King And Haman, Pleads For Her Own Life, And Her People'S

Esther, Understanding It, Sends To Mordecai,

Estimation Of The Person

Eutychas Raised From The Dead At Troas

Eutychus Having Fallen Down Dead Is Raised To Life

Evangelist's Introduction

Even As Christ Does His Church

Even As He Himself Upon True Repentance Had Forgiven Him

Every Male Must Offer, As He Is Able, At These Three Feasts

Every Man Must Be Content With His Vocation

Evidence Of Wisdom

Evil Rulers To Be Judged; Israel's Promised Return

Evil Under The Sun

Evil-Merodach Advances Jehoiachin

Evil-Merodach Advances Jehoiachin In His Court

Exaltation Of Christ

Examples For Us

Examples Of Faithfulness In The Fathers Of Old Time

Exceeding Her Sisters, Sodom Samaria,


Excellence Of God's Mercy

Excellence Of Israel

Excellence Of The Divine Law

Excellent Woman

Exceptions Of A Maid's Vows

Excuses His Disciples For Not Fasting

Execute True Judgment, And Show Kindness, Instead Of Mere Fasting

Executioners Of God's Judgments

Exhortation To Goodness

Exhortation To Obedience And Prosperity

Exhortation To Repentance And Promise Of God's Blessing

Exhortations And Apostolic Commands

Exhortations And Conclusion

Exhortations To Repent And Hope In God

Exhortations To Repent; Israel's Refusal

Exhorted To Repentance

Exhorting All Men To Unity And Love

Exhorting Him To Repentance,

Exhorting Them To All Holiness Of Life

Exhorting Them To Flee The Society And Pollutions Of Idolaters,

Exhorting Them To Unity

Exhorting To Charity, Humility,

Exhorts All, By The Example Of Their Forefathers, To Worship God At His Holy Hill

Exhorts His Disciples To Humility

Exhorts His Disciples To Steadfastness Of Faith, And To Forgive Their Enemies

Exhorts Israel To Trust In God

Exhorts Saul

Exhorts Them Accordingly To Be Holy

Exhorts Them, By Faith, And Good Works, To Make Their Calling Sure

Exhorts To Brotherly Love

Exhorts To Enter In At The Strait Gate

Exhorts To Patience In Persecution For The Profession Of The Gospel

Exhorts To Rejoice In Trials And Temptations

Exhorts To Repentance

Exhorts To Walk In The Spirit

Exile And Return

Exiles Return


Exodus of Israelites Out of Egypt

Expel The Wicked Man

Expensive Perfume Is Poured On His Head By A Woman

Explains The Parable Of The Sower,

Explains Unto Him His Own Example

Explanation Of It

Explanation Of The Parable Of The Weeds

Expostulates With The People On Their Causeless And Unexampled Revolt

Expresses Her Confidence In God's Helpfulness

Expulsion From Eden

Ezekial A Watchman

Ezekiel And The Valley Of The Dry Bones

Ezekiel Complaining, God Shows Him His Purpose In Saving A Remnant

Ezekiel Eats The Scroll

Ezekiel Fears For Exile

Ezekiel In Babylon, The Glory Of The Lord

Ezekiel Is Admonished Of His Duty

Ezekiel Is Returned To The Captivity

Ezekiel Prophesies Against Jerusalem With A Sign Of Sighing

Ezekiel The Watchman; News Of Jerusalem's Capture

Ezekiel's Call

Ezekiel's Call, A Watchman For Israel

Ezekiel's Commission

Ezekiel's Trembling Shows The Jews' Desolation

Ezekiel's Vision Of Dry Bones

Ezekiel's Vision Of Idolatry In The Temple

Ezekiel's Vision Of The Valley Of Dry Bones

Ezekiel, In A Vision Of God At Jerusalem

Ezra Assembles The People

Ezra Blesses God For This Favor

Ezra Encouraged To Reform The Strange Marriages

Ezra Goes Up To Jerusalem

Ezra Journeys To Jerusalem, Commissed By Artaxerxes

Ezra Kneels In Prayer

Ezra Mourns For The Affinity Of The People With Strangers

Ezra Reads The Law To The People

Ezra Reads The Law, Restores The Feast Of Tabernacles

Ezra's Journey To Jerusalem

Ezra's Prayer About Intermarriage