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419 Bible Stories for "D"

Dagon Is Smitten Down And Cut And Cut In Pieces,

Daily Praying For Their Increase In Grace

Daily, Sabbath And Monthly Offerings; Passover And Feast Of Weeks


Danger Of Trusting Egypt And Forsaking God

Daniel Among The Exiles

Daniel And The King's Food

Daniel And The Lions' Den

Daniel Confounds The Priests Of Bel

Daniel Hears The Dream

Daniel In The Lion's Den

Daniel In The Lions' Den

Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar's Unspoken Dream

Daniel Interprets The Writing On The Wall

Daniel Is Informed Of The Times

Daniel Is Made Chief Of The Presidents

Daniel Is Saved

Daniel Obtaining Some Respite Finds The Dream

Daniel Taken To Babylon, Daniel's Faithfulness

Daniel Terrified By A Vision, Comforted By The Angel

Daniel's Advancement

Daniel's Prayer And Gabriel's Answer

Daniel's Vision Of The Four Beasts

Daniel's Vision Of The Four Beasts,

Daniel's Vision Of The Four Beasts, The Ancient Of Days Reigns, The Son Of Man Is Given Dominion, Daniel's Vision Interpreted

Daniel's Vision Of The Ram And Goat

Daniel's Vision Of The Ram And He Goat

Daniel, Accused Of The Breach Thereof, Is Cast Into The Lion's Den

Daniel, Considering The Time Of The Captivity,

Daniel, Having Humbled Himself, Sees A Vision

Danites Send Five Men To Seek Out An Inheritance

Danites Settle In Laish, Take Micah's Idols

Darius, Finding The Decree Of Cyrus, Makes A New Decree For Building

Darkness At The Crucifixion

Daughters Of Zelophehad Ask For An Inheritance

Daughters Of Zelophehad Marry Their Father's Brothers' Sons

Daughters Of Zelophehad; Joshua To Succeed Moses

David And Abigail

David And Achish

David And Bathsheba

David And Goliath

David And His Company Go Up Mount Olivet Weeping,

David And Jonathan

David And Jonathan's Covenant

David And Saul Are Enemies

David And Ziba; Shimei Curses David; Absalom Enters Jerusalem

David Anointed King Of Israel

David Anointed King Of Israel, David Defeats The Philistines

David Anointed King Of Judah

David Anointed King Of Judah, Ish-Bosheth Made King Of Israel, The Battle Of Gibeon

David Asking Counsel, Is Encouraged By God To Pursue Them

David At Gath Feigns Himself Insane

David At Mahanaim Is Furnished With Provisions

David At Nob Obtains Ahimelech's Hallowed Bread

David At Ziklag

David Attacks The Ammonites

David Becomes King Over All Israel

David Begs Ziklag Of Achish

David Blesses God For His Mercy Both To Him And To Man

David Brings The Ark Into Zion With Sacrifices, And Dances Before It;

David Buries The Bones Of Saul And Jonathan In His Father's Tomb

David By Ziba Sends For Mephibosheth

David Cares For Mephibosheth

David Causes Them To Be Slain, And Ish-Bosheth's Head To Be Buried

David Chosen By God

David Coming Into The Trench Keeps Abishai From Killing Saul,

David Complains In Great Discouragement

David Complains Of Delay

David Complains Of His Affliction

David Complains Of His Enemies' Treachery

David Complains Of His Slanderous Enemies

David Complains Of The Wicked

David Consults With Jonathan For His Safety

David Curses Joab

David Dedicates The Presents And The Spoil To God

David Defeats Ammon And Aram

David Defeats The Philistines, Moabites, Syrians

David Describes A Citizen Of Zion

David Describes A Natural Man

David Describes The Corruption Of The Natural Man

David Destroys The Amalekites And Divides The Spoils

David Eats The Shewbread

David Encourages Himself In God Against His Enemies

David Encourages Himself To Praise God

David Escapes Through A Window

David Exhorts Princes To Give Glory To God

David Exhorts To Praise God

David Fetches The Ark From Kirjath Jearim On A New Cart,

David Fetches The Ark With Great Solemnity From Kirjath Jearim

David Flees To God Upon His Former Experience

David Flees To The Philistines

David Gives Up Saul's Sons To The Gibeonites

David Grieving At The News, Is Comforted By Jonadab

David Having Prepared A Place For The Ark,

David Having Three Plagues Proposed By God, Chooses The Pestilence

David Hears Of Saul's Death, David's Lament For Saul And Jonathan

David In A Solemn Assembly Having Declared God's Favor To Him,

David In His Old Age Makes Solomon King

David In His Prayer Commends Unto God The Reverent Care He Had For The Ark

David In His Prayer Complains Of His Fearful Case

David In Old Age, Anoints Solomon As King

David In Paran Sends To Nabal

David In Prayer Fleeing Unto God, Complains Of His Dangerous Case

David Incited By Satan, Forces A Census

David Laments Saul And Jonathan With A Song

David Makes A Vow And Profession Of Godliness

David Marching With The Philistines

David Mourns And Prays For The Child While It Lives

David Mourns For Absalom

David Mourns The Death Of Absalom

David Moves God To Take Compassion On His Pitiful Case

David Persuaded To Be The King's Son-In-Law,

David Persuades To Patience And Confidence In God,

David Plans A Temple; David's Prayer

David Plays The Harp For Saul

David Praises God For Executing Judgment

David Praises God For His All-Seeing Providence

David Praises God For His Deliverance

David Praises God For His Fame

David Praises God For His Grace

David Praises God For His Manifold And Marvelous Blessings

David Praises God For The Truth Of His Word

David Praises God, And Exhorts Others Thereto By His Experience

David Prays Against Doeg

David Prays Against The Malice Of His Enemies, Professing His Innocence

David Prays Earnestly Against His Enemies

David Prays For Audience

David Prays For Deliverance, Complaining Of His Enemies

David Prays For Favor In Judgment

David Prays For Favor To God's Children

David Prays For Grace

David Prays For His Own Safety, And His Enemies' Confusion

David Prays For Remission Of Sins, Whereof He Makes A Deep Confession

David Prays That His Suit May Be Acceptable

David Prays To Be Delivered From His Enemies

David Prays To Be Delivered From Saul And Doeg

David Prays, And Professes His Study In Prayer

David Prepares For Temple Building, Appoints Solomon

David Professes His Joy For The Church

David Professing His Humility

David Protected From Saul

David Reigns Over All Israel; Conquers Jerusalem With His Mighty Men

David Renews His Oath To Bathsheba

David Repents, And Having Three Plagues Proposed By God, Chooses Pestilence

David Reproves Abner

David Reproves Wicked Judges

David Requires As A Condition To Bring Him His Wife Michal

David Resorts To God In Confidence Of His Integrity

David Returns The Ark To Jerusalem

David Returns To Judah

David Sacrifices There, Being Restrained From Gibeon By Fear Of The Angel

David Saves Keilah, Flees From Saul

David Sends To The Priest To Incite Them Of Judah

David Shows Saul How He Spared His Life

David Shows That In His Trouble All His Comfort Was In Prayer Unto God

David Slays Goliath

David Solicits God To The Speedy Destruction Of The Wicked,

David Spares Saul

David Spares Saul A Second Time

David Spares Saul's Life

David Strengthens His Kingdom

David Strengthens His Prayer By The Consciousness Of His Religion

David Subdues The Philistines And The Moabites

David Sustains His Faith By Prayer

David Takes Abigail And Ahinoam To Be His Wives

David Takes Bathsheba As His Wife

David Takes Goliath's Sword

David Takes Rabbah, And Tortures The People Thereof

David Takes The Consecrated Bread

David Upon The News Flees From Jerusalem

David Viewing The Armies In Their March Gives Them Charge Of Absalom

David With Patience Abstains, And Restrains Others, From Revenge

David's Age

David's Assembly About The Temple

David's Care Of His Thoughts

David's Charge To Solomon

David's Complaint In His Sickness

David's Confidence In God's Grace

David's Confidence In Prayer

David's Family Grows, Defeat Of The Philistines

David's Festival Sacrifice

David's Fortune In People, Wives, And Children

David's Instructions To Solomon, The Death Of David, Solomon's Reign Established

David's Last Song

David's Last Words

David's Law To Divide The Spoil Equally

David's Messengers, Sent To Comfort Hanun Are Villainously Treated

David's Messengers, Sent To Comfort Hanun, Are Villainously Treated

David's Mighty Men

David's Officers

David's Prayer And Thanksgiving

David's Psalm Of Thanksgiving For God's Deliverance And Blessings

David's Reign And Death

David's Several Officers

David's Song Of Deliverance

David's Supporters At Ziklag And Hebron

David's Ten Concubines Are Put In Confinement For Life

David's Thanksgiving And Prayer

David's Thirst For God

David's Zeal To Serve God In The Temple

David, By Gad's Direction, Purchases Ornan's Threshing Floor;

David, By God's Direction, Purchases Araunah's Threshing Floor;

David, By God's Direction, With His Company Goes Up To Hebron

David, By His Example And Entreaty

David, Complaining Of The Ziphims, Prays For Salvation

David, Complaining To God Of Former Judgment

David, Condemning The Spitefulness Of Doeg, Prophesies His Destruction

David, Destitute Of Human Comfort, Craves Help Of God

David, Directed By God, Smites The Philistines At Baal-Perazim

David, Enquiring Of The Lord By Abiathar, Rescues Keilah

David, Foreknowing The Place Of The Temple, Prepares Abundance For Building It

David, Having Given A Charge To Solomon

David, In A Cave At En Gedi, Spares His Life

David, In Confidence Of Faith, And Experience Of God's Favor, Prays Both For Himself,

David, In Confidence Of His Integrity, Craves Defense Of God Against His Enemies

David, In Distrust Of Merits, And Hatred Of Idolatry

David, In His Last Words, Professes His Faith In God's Promises

David, Praying For Solomon, Shows The Goodness And Glory Of God's Kingdom

David, Praying To Be Restored To The Temple, Promises To Serve God Joyfully

David, Praying To God In Confidence Of His Word, Complains Of His Enemies,

David, Professing His Confidence In God, Discourages His Enemies

David, Professing His Faith, Prays To God To Guide Him

David, Reproved By Nathan, Confesses His Sin, And Is Pardoned

David, Sent By His Father To Visit His Brothers, Takes The Challenge

David, Showing His Confidence In God, Craves His Help

David, Tempted By Satan, Forces Joab To Number The People

David, Upon His Confidence In God's Mercy, Gives Thanks

Day Of Atonement

Day Of The Lord

Day Of The Lord; A New Heaven And Earth

Day Of The Lord; Respect, Love, Peace, Encouragement, Patience, Kindness And Joy

Dead Hope Of Israel Is Revived

Dead Jesus

Deaf And Mute Man Healed

Death And Burial Of Sarah

Death And Life Are Set Before Them

Death In Life

Death In Life And The Day Of Judgment

Death Of Abimelech

Death Of Absalom

Death Of Agag

Death Of Ahab

Death Of Ananias

Death Of Athaliah

Death Of Christ, And The Trial Of A Third Part

Death Of Eleazar

Death Of Elisha

Death Of Gideon's Sons

Death Of Jesus

Death Of Jesus

Death Of Jezebel

Death Of Korah, Dathan, And Abiram

Death Of Moses

Death Of Moses On Mount Nebo

Death Of Samson

Death Of Saul

Deaths Of Ananias And Sapphira; Apostles Imprisoned, Released By An Angel; Gamaliel Speaks

Deborah And Barak

Deborah And Barak Deliver Them From Jabin And Sisera

Deborah Dies At Allon Bacuth

Deborah Praises Jael


Deceitful Heart Cannot Deceive God

Deception Of Isaac For Jacob's Blessing

Declaration Of God's Majesty In The Church

Declares Beforehand The Flight Of All His Disciples, And Peter's Denial

Declares Himself To Be The Bread Of Life To Believers

Declares That God Therefore Gives Various Gifts Unto Men

Declares The Names Office Of Jesus

Declares Who Are His Mother, And Brothers

Declaring Why He Departed From Troas To Macedonia,

Decree Of Darius; Temple Work Resumed; Dedication Of The Temple; Passover Observed

Decree Of The Assembly

Dedicated Treasures

Dedicating The Temple

Dedication Of The Wall

Deep Hypocrisy Of The People

Defeat Of King Og, Moses Forbidden To Enter The Land

Defeat Of Sihon And Og

Defeats Of Arad, Sihon And Og; The Bronze Snake

Defends His Actions By The Witness Of John, Who Was A Man Sent Of God

Defends His Disciples For Not Fasting

Delight In God's House

Delilah Corrupted By The Philistines, Entices Samson

Deliver Me From My Enemies, My God.

Deliver Me O Lord

Deliver Me O Lord From Evil Men

Deliverance Of Israel


Demetrius, For Love Of Gain, Raises An Uproar Against Paul

Demonic Men Healed

Demons Acknowledge Jesus, And Are Reproved For It

Demons Cast Into The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone

Denied By Peter

Denies His Wife, Who Is Taken By Abimelech

Departs Into Capernaum,

Descendants From Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher

Descendants Of David

Descendants Of Esau; Kings Of Edom

Descendants Of Judah And Of Simeon

Descendants Of Levi

Descendants Of Reuben, Gad, Half-Tribe Of Manasseh

Descendants Of Shem, Ham And Japheth

Descent Of The Holy Spirit

Describes The Enemies Of The Truth

Describes The Nature Of The Wicked

Describes The Supremacy Of Christ

Description Of Christ By His Graces

Description Of The East Gate Of The Outer Court

Description Of The Rites And Sacrifices Of The Law

Designation Of Cities For The Levites And Refuge

Desolation Is Foreshown

Desolation Of Babylon

Desolation Of Egypt

Desolation Of Egypt And Her Helpers

Desolation Of Her Enemies

Desolation Of Israel Before Their Restoration

Destroyers Of Jerusalem Destroyed

Destroyers Of Jerusalem Destroyed; Lord Shall Be King Over All The Earth

Destruction In Egypt

Destruction Is Threatened Both To Israel And Judah For Their Impiety And Idolatry

Destruction Of Edom,

Destruction Of Jerusalem

Destruction Of Leviathan

Destruction Of Nineveh

Destruction Of Sodom Is Revealed To Abraham

Destruction Of The Philistines

Destruction Of The Temple Foretold

Detraction And Rash Judgment Of Others

Devastation On The Earth

Devotes Them To God's Judgments

Dies, And Is Buried

Difference Between The Righteousness Of The Law, And That Of Faith

Different Affections Of His Subjects

Different Rewards Of The Righteous And Wicked

Different State Of The Wicked

Different State Of The Wicked And Upright

Difficulty Of Wisdom

Diligent, And Patient To Wait Upon God

Dimensions And Gates Of The City

Dimensions Of The Ark

Dinah Is Ravished By Shechem

Direction In Good Ways

Direction Of Young Maidens

Directions For Charity

Directions Given Unto Titus Both For His Doctrine And Life

Disagree, And Travel Different Ways

Disagreement Between Paul And Barnabas

Disaster And Restoration Foretold

Disciples Are First Called Christians At Antioch

Disciples Pick Corn On The Sabbath



Dishonoured Wife


Disobedience Is The Cause Of Their Bitter Calamity

Disobedient Prophet Is Slain By A Lion

Dispersed Jews Repair Unto Him

Dissension Among His Accusers

Dissuades Her Two Daughters-In-Law From Going With Her

Distress And Captivity Of Israel For Their Sins

Distress Of The Israelites

Distribution Of His Lands To The Two Tribes And Half

Diverse Kings Overcome At The Waters Of Merom

Diverse Opinions Of Him

Diverse Seeds

Diverts The Bronze Altar To His Own Devotions,

Divided Kingdom

Dividing The Land

Divine Chastisement

Divine Providence Is To Be Observed

Divine Terror Makes Them Beat Themselves

Divinity, Humanity, Office, And Incarnation Of Jesus Christ

Division Of His Goods

Division Of It By Lot

Division Of The Land: Priests, Prince, Tribes, Gates

Division Of The Sons Of Aaron By Lot Into Twenty-Four Orders

Divisions Of Levites Into 24 Orders

Divisions Of The Gatekeepers, Treasurers And Other Officials

Divisions Of The Porters

Divorce; Jesus And The Little Children; The Rich Young Ruler

Divorce; Let The Little Children; Rich Young Ruler; Jesus Predicts His Death; James And John's Request; Blind Bart

Do Not Judge

Do Not Judge; Ask; Seek; Knock; Golden Rule; Narrow Gate; Good Fruit; Foundation On Rock

Do Not Regard The Rich And Despise The Poor Brothers

Do Not Worry

Do You Indeed Speak Righteousness, Silent Ones?

Doeg Accuses Ahimelech

Doeg Is Present

Doesn'T Wisdom Cry Out? Doesn'T Understanding Raise Her Voice?

Dogs Lick Up His Blood, And Ahaziah Succeeds Him

Doleful Judgments Of God Upon The Land

Don'T Be Envious Of Evil Men; Neither Desire To Be With Them:

Don'T Boast About Tomorrow; For You Don'T Know What A Day May Bring Forth.

Don'T Fret Because Of Evildoers


Doubting Thomas

Dove Is Sent Forth From The Ark

Dragon, Being Cast Down Into The Earth, Persecutes The Woman

Draught Of Fishes


Dream Fulfilled

Dream Of The Statue

Drives The Buyers And Sellers Out Of The Temple

Drives The Demons Out Of Two Men Possessed

Drought, Famine, False Prophets, Prayer For Mercy

Dukes Of Edom

Dukes That Descended Of Esau

Dukes Which Descended Of His Sons

During The War David Becomes Stronger

Dust Is Turned Into Lice, Which The Magicians Could Not Do

Duties And Offerings For Priests

Duties Of The Kohathites, Gershonites, Merahites

Duty Of A King

Duty Of Children Toward Their Parents

Duty Of Forgiveness

Duty Of The Church, And The Benefits Thereof

Duty Of The Gershonites

Duty Of The Kohathites