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373 Bible Stories for "C"

Caiaphas Prophesies

Cain And Abel

Cain And Abel Offer Their Sacrifices

Cain Kills Abel

Cain Murders His Brother Abel

Cain Slays Abel

Calamities Are Not Due To Lack Of Saving Power In God, But To Their Own Sins

Calamities Of The Wicked

Calamity Of Ephraim By The Men Of Gath

Calamity Of The Jews

Calamity Of The Jews, Both Dead And Alive

Caleb By Privilege Obtains Hebron

Caleb's Portion And Conquest

Call Of Jeremiah

Call To Repent; Healing On The Sabbath; Parables Of The Mustard Seed And The Yeast; Enter By The Narrow Door

Call To Return To The Lord, Vision Of A Horseman, Vision Of Horns And Craftsmen

Called To His Apostleship

Calling Both His Own Conscience Theirs,

Calling Fisher Disciples

Calling Of Egypt Into The Church

Calling Of God, He Overthrows Zerah, And Spoils The Ethiopians

Calling Of Matthew

Calling Of Simon And Andrew, Philip And Nathanael

Calling Of The Church

Calling Of The First Disciples

Calling Of The Gentiles

Calling Of The Gentiles And Rejecting Of The Jews, Foretold

Calling Of The Gentiles,

Calls For Judgments

Calls Matthew

Calls Matthew From The Receipt Of Custom

Calls Matthew The Tax Collector

Calls Not The Wise, Mighty, Noble,

Calls Peter And Andrew,

Calls Peter, Andrew, James, And John

Canaan Divided Among The Tribes

Canaan Is Promised Again,

Canaanite Girl Healed

Canaanites Are Afraid

Canaanites Are To Be Destroyed

Canaanites Left To Prove Israel

Canaanites Not Driven Out

Canaanites Of Gezer Not Conquered

Candle Under Vessel

Candlestick With Its Lamps And Instruments

Captain Of The Lord's Host

Captains, In Nine Months And Twenty Days, Gather 1,300,000 Fighting Men

Captivated Hebrews, And The Hidden Israelites, Join Against Them

Captives Enquire Concerning The Set Fasts

Captives In Babylon

Captivity Of Judah

Captivity Of Judah For Her Sin

Captivity Of The Ten Tribes

Captivity Of The Two Tribes And Half, For Their Sins

Capture Of Jericho

Care To Perform It

Careful Study Is Required In God's Words

Carries Away The Treasures

Cast Out A Spirit Of Divination

Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters

Cast Your Burden On The Lord

Casting Out A Demon

Casting Out Moneylenders

Casts Forth A Deaf And Mute Spirit

Casts The Legion Of Demons Out Of The Man Into The Herd Of Pigs

Catalogue Of David's Mighty Men

Catalogue Of Sins In Jerusalem

Catalogue Of Sins In Jerusalem, And The Dispersion Of The Jews In Consequence

Catalogue Of Their Names

Catch Of Fish

Cattle, Wild Beasts, And Creeping Things

Cause Of Their Stumbling

Causes An Image To Be Made Of The Former Beast,

Causes Haman To Be Hanged Thereon

Causes Jeremiah To Pray

Causes The Princes And People To Offer Willingly

Cedars Are Cut Down For The Jerusalem Temple

Ceiling And Adorning Of It

Celebrating God's Mercy, It Makes Confession Of Their Natural Corruptions

Censers Are Reserved To Holy Use


Census Of Israel's Warriors, Levites Exempted

Census Of Returned Exiles

Census Of The Priests And Levites

Census Taken; David Builds An Altar

Centurion's Faith

Centurion's Servant Healed

Certain Chief Levites

Certainty Of God's Judgment And Israel's Restoration

Certainty Of The Desolation

Certainty Of The Prophecy

Certifies Him Of The Nearness Of His Death


Chambers For The Priests

Chambers For The Priests

Chambers Of Imagery

Chambers Thereof

Character Of Philemon

Charge Of Certain Levites

Charge Of Eleazar

Charge Of The Priests And Levites


Chide With Nicodemus For Taking His Side

Chief Butler And Baker Of Pharaoh Are Also Imprisoned

Chief Men Of Gad, And Their Habitations

Chief Priests Consult To Kill Him

Chief Priests Pay The Soldiers To Say That He Was Stolen Out Of His Tomb

Children Of Israel Come To Zin, Where Miriam Dies

Children Of Israel Give An Inheritance To Joshua

Children Of Israel, After Joseph's Death, Increase

Children Of Jesse

Children Of Joseph Obtain Another Lot

Children Praising Jesus

Children Strive In Her Womb

Children, Parents, Slaves, Masters; The Full Armor Of God

Choose Matthias Apostle In The Place Of Judas

Chooses Apostles

Chooses His Twelve Apostles


Christ Appears To His Disciples,

Christ As The Foundation; Rebuke For Divisions

Christ Awakes The Church With His Calling

Christ Being Sent To The Jews, Complains Of Them

Christ By His Sanctified Arm Defends His From The Fear Of Man

Christ Directs Her To The Shepherd's Tents

Christ Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple And His Glorious Return

Christ Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple And His Return; Day And Hour Unknown

Christ Has Entered Into The Holy Place Once For All

Christ In These Last Times Coming To Us From The Father,

Christ Is More Worthy Than Moses

Christ Is Promised

Christ Jesus Is A Priest After The Order Of Melchizedek

Christ Our Advocate, The New Commandment, Do Not Love The World, Warning Concerning Antichrists, Children Of God

Christ Persuades The Church To Believe His Free Redemption

Christ Sends Out His Twelve Apostles, Enabling Them With Power To Do Miracles

Christ Sets Forth The Graces Of The Church

Christ Shall Rule And Save Them

Christ Shows Israel's Sin Is Not To Be Imputed To Him,

Christ Shows The Graces Of The Church

Christ Shows Who He Is

Christ Stands At The Door And Knocks

Christ Stilling The Tempest

Christ The Branch And Cornerstone Is Promised

Christ The Branch Of Righteousness

Christ The Good Shepherd

Christ The Only Foundation

Christ The Prophet Is To Be Heard

Christ The Sure Foundation Is Promised

Christ's Care Of The Church

Christ's Example Of Humility, Lights In The World, Timothy And Epaphroditus

Christ's Kingdom Shall Be Exalted

Christ's One Sacrifice Is Sufficient For All Time; Perseverance

Christ's Resurrection Is Declared By An Angel To The Women

Christ's Resurrection; The Guards' Report; The Great Commission

Christ, Preparing His Apostles To The Beholding Of His Ascension,

Christian Fellowship

Christian Life And Service

Christian Living

Christian Order And The Lord's Supper

Christian Service In The Light Of The Coming Of The Chief Shepherd

Christian Suffering And Conduct In The Light Of Full Salvation

Church And Christ Congratulate One Another

Church At Antioch

Church Begins

Church Blesses God For A Miraculous Deliverance

Church Blesses The King In His Exploits

Church Celebrating Her Incredible Return Out Of Captivity

Church Glories In Christ

Church Having A Taste Of Christ's Love Is Sick Of Love

Church Having Rest, Peter Heals Aeneas

Church Prays For Christ's Coming

Church Prays For The Illustration Of God's Power

Church Prays To Be Made Fit For His Presence

Church Professes Her Faith And Desire

Church Professes Her Faith In Christ

Church Rejoices At God's Judgments Upon Idolaters

Church Sends Barnabas And Saul On First Missionary Journey; Cyprus; Pisidian Antioch

Church's Fight And Victory In Temptation

Church's Love Unto Christ

Church, Complaining Of Her Small Number,

Church, In Her Prayer

Church, In Memory Of Former Favors

Circumcision Is Instituted

Cities Of Judah

Cities Of Refuge

Cities Of Refuge; More Than One Witness Required

Cities Of The Priests And Levites

Citizens Of His Spiritual Kingdom

City Is Composed

City Laid In Ruins,

Clean And Unclean

Clean And Unclean; Jesus Heals The Canaanite Woman's Daughter, Feeds Four Thousand

Clean And Unclean; The Heart Of Man; Healing Of A Syrophoenician Woman And A Deaf Mute Man

Cleanses The Leper

Cleansing From Skin Diseases And Mildew

Cleansing Of That House

Cleansing Of Them

Cleansing The Temple

Cleansing Unhealthy Discharges

Closing Instructions

Cloths Of Service And Holy Garments

Cloud Covers The Tabernacle

Cloud Directs The Removals And Encampments Of The Israelites

Cloud Removes Behind The Camp

Coats, Mitre, And Girdle Of Fine Linen

Collection For The Poor Saints At Jerusalem

Combat Between Soldiers Of Ish-Bosheth And David

Come Bless The Lord

Come To Our Help

Come, Everyone Who Thirsts, To The Waters!

Comes To Samuel


Comfort Is All Their Portion In This Life

Comfort Shall Be To Those Who Fear God

Comfort, Comfort My People

Comforting Himself In God's Promises, He Craves That Help Whereon He Trusts

Comforts The People

Comforts Them Against Persecution

Comforts Them Against Persecutions

Comforts To Him Their Apostle, Who Is Now Ready To Be Offered Up To God

Coming Destruction

Coming Glory Of The Temple, Blessings For A Defiled People, Zerubbabel Chosen As A Signet

Coming Invasion Of Nebuchadnezzar A Figure Of The Day Of The Lord

Coming Judgment On Judah, Day Of The Lord Is Near

Coming Of Christ

Coming Of Christ, And The Graces Of His Kingdom

Coming Of The Holy Spirit, Peter's Sermon At Pentecost, Fellowship Of The Believers

Coming Peace And Prosperity Of Zion

Command To Rebuild The Temple, People Obey The Lord

Command To Watch

Commandment Is Manifest

Commands Them To Expect In Jerusalem The Sending Down Of The Holy Spirit,

Commands Them To Love One Another

Commendation Of The New Covenant

Commending To Them The Integrity And Willingness Of Titus, And Those Other Brothers

Commends Humility

Commends The Holy Scriptures

Commends The Poor Widow For Her Two Mites, Above All

Commends Them To God,

Commends Timothy

Commission Is Delivered

Commits God's Flock To Them,

Companies Resort Unto David At Adullam

Companies That Came To David At Ziklag

Companions Of Ezra, Who Returned From Babylon

Companions Of Ezra; Treasure Delivered To The Temple

Compares This Generation To The Children In The Marketplaces,

Comparison Is Not To Be Made With God,

Compassion To The Poor

Complaining Of His Own Misery, He Prays For Help

Complaining Of The Proud, He Craves Some Token Of God's Goodness

Complaining Of The Unkind Dealing Of Ambitious Diotrephes On The Contrary Side

Complaining Of This, His Friends Tell Him Of His Final Destiny

Complains Of Her Present Evils

Complains Of His Necessary Conversation With The Wicked

Complains Of Human Fragility

Complaint Of Zion In Prayer Unto God

Complaint To God Of The Enemies Conspiracies

Complaint, Professes Her Faith

Complaints Of The People And Moses; Quail From The Lord; Plague

Complete Armor Of A Christian

Composition Of The Incense

Conception Of John The Baptist

Concludes His Epistle With Various Salutations

Concluding Exhortations; Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever.


Conclusion Of Vanities

Confesses Himself To Be The Son Of God

Confession Of Him Who Offers The Basket Of Firstfruits

Confession Of Sins Gives Ease To The Conscience

Confidence In God

Confidence Is To Be Placed In God

Confidence Of His Faith

Confidence Which The Church Has In God

Confirmed By A Sign, A Vision,

Confirming The Church With The Gift Of The Holy Spirit, And With Mutual Love And Charity

Confirms The Doctrine Of Epaphras

Confronting The Absurd Charge Of Casting Out Demons By Beelzebub,

Confusion Is To Be Avoided

Confusion Of Egypt

Conjuring Books Are Burnt


Conquest Of Og, King Of Bashan


Consecration Of The Firstborn; God Leads The People Out

Consecration Of The Levites

Consecration, Sacrifices, Food Of The Priests

Consider Carefully What Is Before You

Consideration Of The Brevity And Vanity Of Life

Conspiracy Against Jesus

Conspiracy Of Haman

Constancy Of The Jews In Captivity

Consternation Of Sinners, And Privileges Of The Godly

Contempt Of God's Word

Continual Burnt Offering

Continual Burnt Offerings

Continuance Of Kingdom And Priesthood

Continuing Conquest Of Canaan, Failure To Complete The Conquest

Contrary To The Covenant Of God, Re-Assume Them

Contrast Of Their Present Factious State

Contrasts Between The Righteous And The Wicked

Conversion Of Saul

Conversion Of Saul Of Tarsus

Convert Lydia,

Convicts The Sadducees, Who Denied The Resurrection

Convinces The Blasphemy Of Casting Out Demons By Beelzebub

Corinthians Must Take Their Brothers To Court

Cornelius Shows The Occasion Of His Sending For Him

Cornelius The Centurion

Cornelius' And Peter's Visions; Peter Preaches To The Gentiles

Cornelius, A Devout Man, Being Commanded By An Angel, Sends For Peter,

Corrupt Communication

Cost Of Being A Disciple

Cost Of Following Jesus

Council At Jerusalem; James' Support; Barnabas And Paul Part Ways; Second Missionary Journey Begins

Courage Of Esther Brings Deliverance


Court Of The Tabernacle Enclosed With Hangings And Pillars

Court, And Its Hangings

Courts For Boiling And Baking

Courts, And The Instruments Of Brass

Covenant Between God And His People

Covenant Between Her And Them

Covenant Between Jephthah And The Gileadites, That He Should Lead

Covenant In Horeb

Covenant Of Circumcision

Covenant Of Egypt, Assyria, And Israel

Covenant Of Laban And Jacob At Galeed

Covenant Of The Redeemer

Covenant Renewed In Moab

Covering Of Skins

Covertly Foretells Of The Traitor

Craftsmen Bezaleel And Aholiah; The Sabbath Explained

Creates Man In His Own Image, Blesses Him




Creation Of Adam

Creation of Eve

Creation Of Eve

Creation Of Humanity

Creation Of The World

Creation Of The World

Creator Is To Be Remembered In Due Time

Creator Remembered

Creatures Show God's Glory

Creeping Things Which Are Unclean

Crippled Beggar Healed

Crippled Woman Healed

Cross Foretold

Cross Is Lifted Up

Crossing The Jordan

Crossing The Red Sea

Crown Of Thorns; Jesus' Crucifixion And Burial

Crowning Sin Of Edom


Crucifixion Of Jesus

Crucifixion With Christ

Cruelty Of The Princes

Cunning Of A Harlot

Cures The Sick Woman

Curse Of Cain

Curse To Those Who Break Them

Curses Canaan

Curses For Disobedience

Curses The Fig Tree

Curses The Fruitless Fig Tree

Curses To Be Pronounced On Mount Ebal

Curtains Of Goats' Hair

Curtains With Cherubim


Cyrus Restores The Vessels Of The Temple

Cyrus Restores The Vessels Of The Temple To Sheshbazzar