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371 Bible Stories for "B"

Baal and Elijah

Baanah And Rechab Slay Ish-Bosheth, And Bring His Head To Hebron

Baasha Conspiring Against Him, Executes Ahijah's Prophecy

Baasha's Wicked Reign

Baby Moses On The Nile

Babylon Is Fallen

Babylon Is Fallen; Lament Over Her

Bad Kings Of Israel


Balaam Slain

Balaam, Leaving Divinations, Prophesies The Happiness Of Israel

Balak Entertains Him

Balak Sends For Balaam; Balaam And The Angel

Balak's First Message For Balaam Is Refused

Balak's Sacrifices

Balak, In Anger, Dismisses Him

Balances Are Refunded


Baptism Of Jesus

Baptism Of Jesus

Baptism, Witness, And Doctrine Of John Concerning Jesus

Baptizes Jesus In Jordan

Barabbas Is Desired Of The People,

Barnabas Is Sent To Confirm Them


Bartimaeus Sees

Baruch Being Dismayed

Baruch Must Preserve The Evidences, As Tokens Of The People's Return

Baruch Writes A New Copy

Baruch Writes Jeremiah's Prophecies

Barzillai Dismissed, And Chimham His Son Taken Into The King's Family

Basket Of Fruit And Israel's Captivity

Bathsheba Moves The King

Battle Against Ammon And Aram

Battle Of Four Kings Against The King Of Sodom And His Allies

Be Imitators Of God; Love And Respect Between Husbands And Wives

Be Merciful To Me, God, Be Merciful To Me, For My Soul Takes Refuge In You.

Be Merciful To Me, God, For Man Wants To Swallow Me Up.

Be Ready At A Knock To Open To Our Lord Whensoever He Comes

Bearing One Another's Burdens; Becoming A New Creation

Bears Destroy The Children That Mocked Elisha

Beast Rises Out Of The Sea With Seven Heads And Ten Horns, To Whom The Dragon Gives His Power

Beast Shall Fight Against Them, And Kill Them

Beasts From The Sea And From The Earth




Because Death Is The Wages Of Sin

Because Faith Without Deeds Is Useless

Because Generally Their Meetings Were Not For The Better, But For The Worse

Because God Is Most Sure In His Promise

Because God Is Truly Glorious

Because He Has Found It So In The Studies Of Wisdom

Because It Is A Fearful Thing To Die Without Reconciliation

Because Our Good Or Evil Cannot Extend Unto Him

Because That Day Hour Are Unknown,

Because The Creatures Are Restless In Their Courses

Because The Height Of This Mystery Cannot Be Easily Attained Unto,

Because They Were Worse Than Their Fathers

Because We Have Yielded Ourselves To The Service Of Righteousness

Because Wisdom Comes Not From Age, He Excuses The Boldness Of His Youth

Become Altogether Unprofitable, Like Salt That Has Lost Its Flavor

Before He Was Circumcised

Before Moses Was Born, And Before The Tabernacle And Temple Were Built

Before The Council,

Beginning Of Knowledge, Enticement Of Sinners, Call Of Wisdom

Beginning Of The Year Is Changed

Begins To Preach

Behold, I Send My Messenger, And He Will Prepare The Way Before Me; Robbery And Remembrance

Behold, My Servant, Whom I Have Chosen; A Song Of Praise; Israel's Blindness

Behold, You Are Beautiful, My Love

Being Anointed King By Zadok And Nathan, The People Triumph

Being Betrayed By A Kiss,

Being Brought Into Samaria, They Are Dismissed In Peace

Being Called By The Spirit From One Country To Another,

Being Justified By Faith, We Have Peace With God

Being Persecuted By Jews From Thessalonica,

Being Reproved Thereof By Hanani, He Puts Him In Prison

Being Subdued By Shalmaneser, He Conspires Against Him With So, King Of Egypt

Being Terrified, Has Apprehensions Removed

Being Troubled With Fear, He Is Comforted By The Angel

Being Urged By The Multitude, Washes His Hands, Releases Barabbas

Believer's Life In View Of His Sevenfold Position

Believer's Union With Christ In Resurrection Life And Glory

Belshazzar's Impious Feast

Belshazzar's Impious Feast; Daniel Interprets The Handwriting On The Wall

Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria, Defeated By Ahab; Ahab Condemned

Ben-Hadad, Not Content With Ahab's Homage, Besieges Samaria

Benaiah Is Put In Joab's Room, And Zadfok In Abiathar'S

Benediction And Authentication

Benefit Of Confidence In God

Benjamin And The Silver Cup

Benjamin Visits Joseph

Benjaminites Take The Virgins Of Jabesh-Gilead

Benjamites, Being Cited, Make Head Against The Israelites

Berodach-Baladan Sending To Visit Hezekiah Has Notice Of His Treasures

Best Thing Possible To Man Under The Law

Best Thing Possible To The Natural Man Apart From God


Better Is A Dry Morsel With Quietness, Than A House Full Of Feasting With Strife.

Better Is The Poor Who Walks In His Integrity

Bewailing Their Wickedness, He Denounces God's Judgments

Bewails Their Desperate Estate

Bezaleel And Aholiab Are Called To The Work

Bezaleel And Aholiah Are Appointed For The Work Of The Tabernacle

Bezalel And Oholiab; Gifts; Tabernacle Construction

Bidding The People To Beware Of Their Ambition And Hypocrisy

Bidding Them Not To Prohibit Such As Are Not Against Them,

Bids The Two Ambitious Suitors To Think Rather Of Suffering With Him

Bids Them To Show Mildness Toward All, Without Desire Of Revenge

Bildad Reproves Job For Presumption And Impatience

Bildad Says That Man Cannot Be Justified Before God

Bildad Shows God's Justice In Dealing With Men According To Their Works

Bildad Shows God's Justice To The Good

Bildad Shows That Man Cannot Be Justified Before God

Bilhah Bears Dan And Naphtali

Bird Is Not To Be Taken With Her Young Ones

Birds Called To The Great Slaughter

Birth Of Christ

Birth Of Enos

Birth Of Esau And Jacob

Birth Of Isaac Foretold

Birth Of Jacob And Esau

Birth Of Jesus

Birth Of Jesus

Birth Of Jesus Christ, Shepherds And The Angels, Jesus Presented At The Temple, Return To Nazareth, Boy Jesus In The Temple

Birth Of Jesus Foretold

Birth Of John

Birth Of John The Baptist

Birth Of John The Baptist

Birth Of John The Baptist Foretold

Birth Of Moses, Moses Flees To Midian, God Hears Israel's Groaning

Birth Of Samson

Birth Of Samuel, Samuel Given To The Lord

Birth Of Seth

Birth Of The Church

Birth, Occupation, And Offerings Of Cain And Abel

Bishops And Deacons

Blaming The Corinthians For Forcing Him To This Vain Boasting

Blasphemer Is Stoned

Bless The Lord O My Soul

Bless The Lord, My Soul. O Lord, My God, You Are Very Great.

Blessed Are The Forgiven

Blessed Are Those Whose Ways Are Blameless

Blessed Be The Lord, My Rock, Who Teaches My Hands To War

Blessed Death Of The Righteous

Blessed Death Of The Righteous; Leaders Rebuked; Comfort For The Contrite

Blessed Is Everyone Who Fears The Lord, Who Walks In His Ways.

Blessed Is He Who Considers The Poor. The Lord Will Deliver Him.

Blessed Is The Man Who Fears The Lord

Blessed State Of The New Jerusalem

Blessed With Abraham

Blessedness Consists In Remission Of Sins

Blessedness Of God's Chosen By Reason Of Benefits

Blessedness Of Unity Among Brothers

Blesses Shem

Blesses The Children That Are Brought Unto Him

Blessing And Curse Set Before Them

Blessing Of Moses At The Removing And Resting Of The Ark

Blessing Of Obedience

Blessing Of The Faithful

Blessing To Those Who Keep The Commandments

Blessings And Consequences Regarding Obedience

Blessings For Obedience

Blessings Of Christ's Kingdom

Blessings Of Obedience

Blessings Of The Twelve Tribes

Blessings Which The Wicked Have Are Turned Into Curses

Blind And Mute Demoniac Healed

Blind Bartimaeus

Blind Beggar Receives His Sight

Blind Leading The Blind

Blind Man's Sight Restored

Blind Men Healed

Blind Men Receive Sight

Blood And Murder Are Forbidden

Blood Designated For Atonement, Forbidden As Food

Blood Is Again Forbidden

Blood Is Forbidden

Blood Of Slain Beasts Must Be Offered To The Lord At The Tabernacle Door

Boards Of The Tabernacle, With Their Sockets And Bars

Boards With Their Sockets

Boaz Acknowledges The Right Of A Kinsman

Boaz Buys The Inheritance

Boaz Calls Into Judgment The Next Kinsman

Boaz Marries Ruth And Begins The Line Of David

Boaz Takes Notice Of Her

Book 2: As The Deer Pants For The Water Brooks, So My Soul Pants After You, God.

Book 5: Give Thanks To The Lord, For He Is Good; His Loving Kindness Endures Forever.

Book Of Law Found; Josiah Renews The Covenant

Book Sealed With Seven Seals,

Border Of The Inheritance Of Ephraim

Borders Of Canaan

Borders Of The Land

Borders Of The Lot Of Judah

Borders Of The Promised Land

Born Again

Both Jews And Gentiles

Both Must Be Referred To Edification,

Both Of Israel And Judah, For Their Manifold Sins

Both She And Adam Transgress The Divine Command, And Fall Into Sin

Bottomless Pit And The Army From The East

Bounds Of The Inheritance Of God

Bounds Of The Inheritance Of Reuben

Bounds Of The Land Not Yet Conquered

Boy Healed From Demon

Boy Jesus

Boy Jesus At The Temple

Boy Joash Crowned King

Bread From Heaven

Bread Of Life


Breast-Plate With Twelve Precious Stones

Brevity Of Life

Bride Confesses Her Love, Solomon And His Bride Delight In Each Other

Bride Seeking And Witnessing

Bride Seen In Restful Communion With The Bridegroom

Bride's Dream, Solomon Arrives For The Wedding

Brief History Of God's Benefits From Terah

Briefly Rehearsing The History Of God's Sending Them From Horeb

Bringing Back The Ark

Brings Him Home To Jerusalem

Broken Covenant

Broken Flask

Bronze Basin

Bronze Serpent

Bronze Snake

Builder Of Jericho Is Cursed

Building Is Hindered

Building Of Babel

Building Of Solomon's House

Building Of Solomon's Palace

Building Of Solomon's Temple

Building Of The Wall

Building The Temple

Burden Of Egypt

Burden Of Tyre


Burial Of Jacob; Death Of Joseph

Burial Of Jesus

Burial Of Sarah

Burials Of Deborah, Rachel And Isaac

Buried By The Old Prophet

Burn Them At Jabesh,

Burning At Taberah Quenched By Moses' Prayer

Burning Bush

But A Powerful Instrument Of Much Good, And Great Harm

But All, Without Difference, By Faith, Only

But As One That, Having Received Life From Christ,

But Being Overcome With The Outrage Of The Crowd, He Delivers Him To Be Crucified

But Christ Freed Us From The Law

But Claiming The Privilege Of A Roman, He Escapes

But Delivered By An Angel Bidding Them Preach Openly To All

But Everyone Attend To The Calling Wherein He Is Placed

But He Is Received Of Jesus, And Confesses Him

But Holy, Just And Good

But In Sincerity Of Obedience

But Is Confessed By The Centurion To Be The Son Of God

But Is Not Believed

But Must Bridle Our Knowledge With Charity

But Must Take Heed That They Give No Offense In Them

But Not Discourage The Righteous

But Of His Care For Them

But Rather Love, Which Is The Sum Of The Law

But Rather To Bridle The Tongue, A Little Member,

But Rather To Hearken To The Word, To Meditate On It, And To Do Thereafter

But Receive One Another, As Christ Did Us All

But Seek God's Kingdom

But Seek The Kingdom Of God

But Sihon The Amorite Was Subdued By Them

But Takes His Spear And Jug

But The Angel Sends Philip To Teach And Baptize The Ethiopian Eunuch

But The Foolish, Weak, And Men Of No Account

But The Jews Talked Abusively Against Paul,

But Through The Advice Of Gamaliel, They Are Kept Alive, And Are Only Beaten

But To Be Steadfast,

But We Are Dead To The Law

But Wisdom Is An Excellent Gift Of God

But Withdrawing Himself, He Walks On The Sea To His Disciples

Buys Hanameel's Field

By A Basket Of Summer Fruit Is Shown The Approach Of Israel's End

By A Comparison Drawn From Musical Instruments

By A Miracle

By A Woman Pressed In An Ephah The Final Judgment Of Wickedness

By Answering The Mother Of Zebedee's Children, Teaches His Disciples To Be Humble

By Christ's Resurrection,

By Commendation Of Their Former Forwardness

By Communion With Them They Commit Idolatry

By Comparing What We Were By Nature, With What We Are By Grace,

By Covetousness

By Eli's Blessing Hannah Is More Fruitful

By Elisha Obtains Water, And Promise Of Victory

By Envy

By Faith He Sees His Defense, And The Destruction Of His Enemies

By Faith Only He And His Seed Received The Promise

By Famine, Sword, And Dispersion

By Former Benefits

By Former Favors He Exhorts To Repentance

By Grace Through Faith, One In Christ

By Her Wisdom

By His Ability To Save

By His Confidence In That Assistance

By His Mercies

By His Ministry Of Reconciliation, To Reconcile Others Also In Christ To God

By His Obedience In That Work

By His Omnipotence He Challenges Obedience

By Idleness

By Idolatry Of The Two Calves

By Integrity Of Life,

By Jeroboam Make A Suit Of Relaxation Unto Him

By Jeroboam Make A Suit Of Relaxation Unto Him,

By Naomi's Instruction

By Occasion Of The Ill Government Of Samuel's Sons, The Israelites Ask A King

By Occasion Of The Persecution In Jerusalem, The Church Being Planted In Samaria,

By Occasion Of The Quarrel, Sheba Rebels In Israel

By Our High Priest Jesus, The Son Of God,

By Patiently Enduring All Kinds Of Affliction Disgrace For The Gospel

By Philip The Deacon, Who Preached, Did Miracles, And Baptized Many

By Pretense Of A Vow, He Obtains Leave To Go To Hebron

By Promise Of God's Great Blessings

By Promise Of Greater Glory To The Second Temple Than Was In The First

By Promises

By Reason Of His Comfortable Promises,

By Reason Of Is Power

By Reason,

By Scripture,

By Sin The Creature Is Subject To Corruption

By Solitariness

By Subtilty He Destroys All The Worshippers Of Baal

By The Benefit Of His Passion

By The Blessings Of God Promised Unto It

By The Care Of Ahikam

By The Comforts And Deliverances Which God Had Given Him,

By The Council Of Nathan

By The Counsel Of His Servant

By The Counsel Of Zeresh He Prepares For Him A Gallows

By The Crowns Of Joshua Are Shown The Temple And Kingdom Of Christ The Branch

By The Destruction Of Jabesh Gilead They Provide Them Four Hundred Wives

By The Different Estate Of The Godly And The Wicked

By The Direction Of A Prophet, The Syrians Are Slain

By The Eternal Priesthood Of Christ The Levitical Priesthood Of Aaron Is Overshadowed

By The Example Of Christ

By The Example Of Shiloh

By The Flying Scroll Is Shown The Curse Of Thieves And Swearers

By The Foolishness Of Preaching

By The Golden Candlestick Is Foreshown The Good Success Of Zerubbabel's Foundation

By The Goodness And Power Of God

By The Help Of Tattenai And Shethar-Bozenai The Temple Is Finished

By The King's Instructions He Conceals The Conference From The Princes

By The Means Of A Received Egyptian He Is Brought To The Enemies,

By The Mercies Of God, He Nourishes His Hope

By The Necessary Change Of Times, Vanity Is Added To Human Travail

By The Obedience Of The Recabites, Jeremiah Rebukes Judah

By The Obedience Of The Rechabites,

By The Parable Of Bottles Filled With Wine He Foretells Their Drunkenness In Misery

By The Provision Of The Siege, Is Shown The Hardness Of The Famine

By The Report Which Titus Gave Of Their Godly Sorrow,

By The Resurrection Of Dry Bones

By The Rivers Of Babylon We Sat Down, Wept, Remembered Zion.

By The Sign Of Ezekiel Not Mourning For The Death Of His Wife

By The Spiritual Profit That Shall Redound To Themselves Thereby

By The Two Olive Trees The Two Anointed Ones

By The Type Of A Linen Belt, Hidden At Euphrates,

By The Type Of Bonds And Yokes He Prophesies The Subduing Of The Neighbor Kings

By The Unfitness Of The Vine Branch For Any Work

By The Uniting Of Two Sticks

By The Wall Of A Plumb Line Is Signified The Rejection Of Israel

By The Word Of The Prophet, And God's Judgment, The Syrians Are Smitten Again

By Their Own Experience Of God's Great Works

By Threatenings

By Willfulness