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  • 1 searching on Zephaniah 1
    I've read this first chapter for the first time and it scares me, I've just come back to the Lord after being gone many years. this should scare anyone to repentance.
  • Alex on Zephaniah 1
    The Davidic kingdom was Jesse David and Solomon,Father Son and GRANDSON. God wd not let david the son build the temple,he wd only let Solomon the granson build the temple an alligory that only the H.g. the Granson can build the temple with in US as our bodies are the temple of the H.G. as scriptures says. Solomon means Comforter and Jesus refers to the H.G AS THE COMFORTER.David knew bathsheba and she brought forth Solomon,As Christ knows the church and she bought forth a Child th H.G as that which is born of th spirit is Spirit th Comforter/H.G. remember the Kingdom has to come as a Child a Birth. Isaiah knew that jesse david and solomon had long been dead but he uses them symbolic kingdom.
  • Alex on Zephaniah 1
    The Trinity is simply Father Son and Granson that will be multiplied as the stars of heaven.Remember natural Israel was abraham issac and jacob which is father son and granson that became as the sands of the seas in multitude. God wd not have told MOSES that his name was abraham issac and jacob if the kingdom of GOD was not a trinity, a family that wd become as the stars of heaven,God swore by himself that Christ wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven.We see that abraham offered up his only son issac just as the Father offered up his son jesus.The Abrahamic trinity was prophetic of the heavenly trinity.Without this Abrahamic Trinity NO Nation of Israel,thus no Israel of God withouta Trinity
  • Blain on Zephaniah 1
    Coronavirus. ??When will this end and what next?? Biblical prophecy.
  • BSP on Zephaniah 1
    Verse 12: the Jews had become apathetic and complacent and we must guard against that attitude.
  • BSP on Zephaniah 1
    Verse 6 shows that those who may not be practicing what is bad but fail to turn to Jehovah God are still put in line for an adverse judgement.
  • A disciple on Zephaniah 1
    "The word of the LORD which came unto Zephaniah...in the days of Josiah the son of Amon, king of Judah." Did anyone in Israel, besides the the righteous, know or understand that they were at the very end of the LORD's patience and restraint concerning ALL their wickedness and incurable disobedience, unbelief, hatred and hostility toward everything good and holy of God? Does anyone have a clue now?
  • Yolande on Zephaniah 1
    The word I received on 12 05 16 was Zephaniah chapter 1 verse 10. The Lord is saying through the Prophet is on that day there will be screams and crying every where as there is going to be catastrophic destruction. The day of the Lord is coming.
  • Willa on Zephaniah 1
    The Word of the Lord came to Zephaniah the son of Cushi. Cushi is another name for Ethiopia and I never hear anyone refer to this title; was Zephaniah an Ethiopian? He has a powerful message for today.
  • Silvester on Zephaniah 1
    Let us focus on the things from above...and be guided by the one who was sent by Lord Jesus Christ"Holy Spirit" who will reveal everything to us.
  • Donald Anthony Gullett on Zephaniah 1
    When in zephenla mentions the fenced cities and the high towers it reminds me of the 911 attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon
  • Naomi on Zephaniah 1
    Zephaniah, speaks how the GOD is going to destroy man and beast and those who have turned back from serving GOD. In addition, He will punish kings children.
  • Michael C. on Zephaniah 1
    This little book written by Zephaniah the Prophet is talking about the Day of the Lord. This subject is what's inside the little scroll in the Father's right hand (Revelation 5-6); and one that is continually expounded on by the Prophets and Apostles throughout the Bible: but the world (and many so-called Christians) goes on as if it isn't an issue for them to be afraid of. The words are spoken by God!
  • Ruby mackey on Zephaniah 1
    Strange clothing in Zephaniah and invisible military shields in 2015 become quantum stealth. Very important to repent daily.
  • Ochai Thomas A Edison on Zephaniah 1
    This is a clear warning to the Nations, so let he that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. There cannot be an excuse!!!
  • Wynette Worthy on Zephaniah 1
    I love reading the online Bible! Zephaniah is one of my favorites because of the clear details of God's words through him.
  • Dorothy on Zephaniah 1
    Zephaniah is a great book of the Bible and I think this is a warning to all of us. We should obey the Lord and heed to his warning, and by all means give your life over to the Lord.
  • The strange apparel quoted in Zephania includes apparel that promotes prostitution even in church,clothes that expose private body parts like thighs and breasts right inside the church and house of The Lord
  • Anthony Sims on Zephaniah 1
    God created nature,humanity,and the environment with his loving breath in 6 days. This day is the exact same day God created on the first day. Everyday is the same day over over since creation. The actions we humans take make the only difference from one day to the next. When the laws of God are followed, along with following the teachings of Jesus, love fills our daily interactions. We pray for one another. We help one another. God is pleased. We live in a world where prayer has been removed from schools, we murder our children, and we have become to busy worshiping money to care about our neighbors. Just like in Zephaniah 's day society is crumbling beneath our feet. God 's judgement is close at hand. Sin has consequences. It always has. And it always will. God created life to work a certain way. God has not changed.
  • Isaac oloi on Zephaniah 1
  • Godfred Kwadwo Boateng on Zephaniah 1:14
    Zephaniah 1:14 sounds a great warning to every living soul to surrender to the Lord Jesus for there would be no mercy on that great day.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Zephaniah 1:17
    Men will be walking as blind men in the latter days, because they have sinned against God, and the dust shall be scattered in the streets. Repent and turn to the Lord, for the Day of the Lord shall be as thick darkness, and come upon the world as a thief in the night. The Lord shall be the hope of His people, and those that know their God shall do great exploits.
  • Gary on Zephaniah 1
    I was doing research into the number of the antichrist and it led me to this chapter; the sum of 1-36 is 666, and Zephaniah is the 36th book of the bible. This Chapter has 18 verses in it; 6+6+6 is 18, and speaks about discusses God destroying those who are not his. My favorite of these verses is verse 12:

    "And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The LORD will not do good, neither will he do evil."
    The candles are the 7 spirits of God, also referenced in revelation; the Lees is the dead yeast at the bottle of wine, which i find a perfect analogy for those who searched after other doctrines -wines-, and are finished in their searching for God and truth, and have made their wine -doctrine- fully spoiled.

    "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." (Revelation 13:18)
  • Robert on Zephaniah 1:3
    That prophecy is ongoing and has been for the last couple of years exactly as God described it would happen! Check science articles out sometime!
  • W.j on Zephaniah 1:8
    I know it is the word of the Lord, so we should trust God, and believe every word in the bible..it is true...
  • Lindacarter on Zephaniah 1:2
    The more i read this verse it assure me that the people that God created will come to an end and we have to take time to get to know the Lord word He's giving us the chance of a life time "The Holy Bible", that tells us about his divine Love.Its not like we haven't had the time to worship him which some find it so hard to do. Right there is the battle field did you feel that a stand off of time choices? Its hard for some to separate from flesh and the spirit,what is the use its always been hard to fight the ultimate fight for God.The best tool is having the dialogue to guide you to peace and life.But we must keep praying and asking forgiveness for our family, Amen.
  • Ann johnson on Zephaniah 1
    Oh, what a terrible time for sinners when the wrath of God is poured out. Let us who are of the day be sober and alert. Sinners, there is still time to repent and be baptized the name of Jesus Christ for the remisson of sins and to receive the infilling of Jesus' Spirit. Read Acts 2:37,38
  • Yamah Jude on Zephaniah 1
    The rich people today who are given to wickedness and feel as all-in-all will but be destroyed in the day of God's wrath. I am glad that neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver.


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