Zechariah Chapter 9 Discussion

  • David T on Zechariah 9
    The LORD is praised and magnified as we learn of HIS will and desire for us. Let us build up our nation by praying for the leadership to lean on the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Thank you LORD for the blessings and daily benefits, for the LORD GOD HIMSELF will blow the trumpet soon and we will experience "... the LORD their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people: for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land.

    17 For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty! corn shall make the young men cheerful, and new wine the maids."

    GOD shine HIS face upon all on this forum.

    November 20, 2022
  • Alex on Zechariah 9:9
    Zechariah 9 v 9 the Donkey and her Colt is symbolic of the world and her Colt the H.G. Our King is coming via the woman and her Child the Kingdom, unless ya receive the Kingdom as a lil child etc our colt ( our fruit unto God th H.G. th Kingdom )salvation. Zech. said he wd have Salvation and a kingdom .When the woman in rev 12 gave birth to the manchild the H.G. John says now is come Salvation and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ etc We are the donkey and our colt is the H.G.She wd have neva been losed had she not birth the colt symbolic of our fruit unto God . Thats y he said my yoke is easy and my burden is light we be the donkey spritually speaking. When the disciples put their clothin on the Donkey implies the Donkey n her colt is US humanity th Church,God so loved the world etc.Everything in the O.T. is a profile a shadow of things coming in the end th last day, the Woman and her CHILD in rev 12 is just Symbolic of the church and her fruit which is the H.G. our colt which is just a shadow of the Kingdom of God and how its gonna come via lil child ( our fruit )our colt etc Thats y he is saying my yoke is easy and my burden is light we be the Donkey spritually speaking, ya put a burden and yoke on a Donkey, or a horse And Zech. is saying rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion for your king ( JESUS OUR KING ) is coming on a donkey and her colt tHE WORLD AND HER OFF SPRING VIA THE NEW BIRTH. Thats y he always refers to himself as the SON OF MAN TH H.G.is our colt our fruit unto God. The woman in Rev 12 is a beautiful picture of the donkey and her colt The white Horse and her rider.The white horse is symbolic of the church that was made white by his blood of the lamb etc. Now is come salvation and the kingdom of our God etc.
  • Patrick Caroleo - in Reply on Zechariah 9:13
    Amen we spoken
  • Chris on Zechariah 9:13
    If you're referring to "pure religion", it is found in James 1:27.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Zechariah 9:13
    There is no formula. The reason all three of the Godhead are mentioned in Matt 28:19 is because the Jews immersed three times. Today we do it once. But the Jews would dunk three times for baptism. They don't why, except Jesus said when you immerse three times, one's in the name of the Father, one's in the name of the Son, and one's in the name of the Holy Spirit. Guess who changed it Constantine! He said if Jesus told them to do it three times, we're only going to do it once just to be different. That's why Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is used in Matt 28:19. But in Acts 2:38, they baptized in the name of Jesus. So now we have this big battle over baptisms, one is Jewish, and one is Gentile.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Zechariah 9:13
    For Howard Dishmon: I went through that with my Dads death. We were real close. I would wear his shirts and pray to die. If it's not our time, it's not. Slowly I joined the living again. One night I had a dream, in color. It's never faded. He was walking towards me down our family home driveway. He was young, smiling with that eye twinkle I loved. I woke up. Later it was like God had shown me that my Dad was with Him and not destroyed by Alzheimer's anymore. Life continues but our loved ones wait for our arrival there. Why would God break their hearts by allowing loved ones see us struggle, on earth Live. Stay close to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to come alongside you & comfort you.
  • Howard Dishmon on Zechariah 9:13
    after the loss of her son is it wrong to ask why it was not her instead of her son and pray for death
  • Edgie calinao on Zechariah 9:13
    In which verses you can find the word of pure relihion
  • RICHARD SOLIS on Zechariah 9:13
    Question: Which is the correct water baptismal formula, Matthew 28:19 0r Acts 2:38
  • Chris - in Reply on Zechariah 9:13
    Diana, I'm not sure what you are referring to with Philip. Acts chapter 8 gives the account of Philip's ministry in Samaria & his meeting with the Ethiopian eunuch on the way to Jerusalem. Philip was not restricted in where he could baptize. Could you elaborate as to what Scripture you saw about this, or your understanding
  • Fidel on Zechariah 9:13
    Jesus allowed Lazarus to die to show His power. He has also healed and delivered others from death during his ministry. Not one of those raised from the dead were given a glorified body...Jesus was the first, and an example for us all. Remember His burden was to redeem mankind from sin and death through His blood.
  • Diana Guzman on Zechariah 9:13
    Why Philip Could not Bautize in the Holy Espirit in Samaria
  • Chris - in Reply on Zechariah 9:13
    Lazarus died towards the end of Jesus' ministry. In Jn 11, Lazarus was then raised from the dead & lived a normal life. Unless, he is still miraculously walking amongst us in the 21st Century, I would say he would have died again and was buried. Yet, he still faced another death ( Jn 12:10,11), as the chief priests planned to put him (and Jesus) to death since through Lazarus' resurrection, many Jews began to believe on Jesus. We don't know what happened to him after this, but traditions give us a possibility. He would then have died, possibly in old age & is awaiting his 2nd resurrection (1 Thes 4:15-18). Here is a man well acquainted with death but remained true to the Lord whom he loved.
  • Corey Brown on Zechariah 9:13
    If Lazarus was raised from the dead can he die again or is he still alive
  • Chris on Zechariah 9:13
    The only two references that come up are in Joshua 9:5,12; and these are spelt the U.K. way: mould. These references don't give the same application as your references to moth and rust, but to the deception by the Gibeonites when they went to visit Joshua.
  • Mickey on Zechariah 9:13
    I couldn't find mold but there's much scripture on moth and rust. Does that include the mold Anybody
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Zechariah 9:13
    I believe this is what you are looking for.
    Proverbs 21:9 It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.
    Proverbs 21:19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.
    Proverbs 25:24 It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house.
  • Julie on Zechariah 9:13
    When someone who has been baptized and lives with praising the lord in there life and they have passed away do they see all things from heaven . I understand that they can look down on you from heaven (there other family members) but do they see all or just good or anything.... don't know where to look in the bible?
  • Agness Remon on Zechariah 9:13
    Where is it found in the bible regarding a
  • Mickey on Antichrist on Zechariah 9:13
    To Guillermo: I'm gonna redirect on that. I believe that world economies are going to tank on corona virus as we have already seen. The only problem is that the scripture says pestilence in plural: pestilences. We need to be drawing real close to Jesus now. "My sheep hear MY voice". Be careful what you listen to.
    SPIRIT of Antichrist has been here for years. I believe the Antichrist is here. He's in the background. The economies may act like a roller coaster? Get in Daniel and study it. Watch some YouTube sermons. Eventually Antichrist will stand up, solve the broken world economies, create one world money and one world religion. Keep hold of your faith in Jesus to save. Rejoice!
  • Mick on BaptistIsm on Zechariah 9:13
    John the Baptist was baptized by the Holy Spirit in his mother's womb. Luke 1:41, 44
    John the Baptist baptized with WATER unto repentance for sin.
    If you have received the Gift that Jesus preached then the Holy Spirit has made his abode with you. The gifts of The Spirit are for you. Study those gifts. You can ask for what you need. Don't be greedy.
    1 Corinthians chapter 12 and 13. My advise: spend time enriching your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Read the verses Jesus speaks concerning Him.
  • To Rachelle: when listening for voices, they must be spiritually discerned. If it edifies you're spirit, then it is the Holy Spirit. If it frightens you, it's a demon. Even satan can quote scripture. It happened to me. I was a new Christian. It was quiet, I was folding clothes for my mom. "It" quoted Luke 4:18 audibly. My spirit went on a high alert inner freak out. I stopped what I was doing and went in my closet to pray. I knew I had been attacked. I trusted Jesus and the Holy Spirit protected and comforted me. Lesson learned. I don't reccomend it. You can ask the Holy Spirit at any time to help you discern the spirits. Demons want to trip you up and shipwreck your FAITH in Jesus.
  • Chris on Zechariah 9:13
    Very true. I gather you mean that our work should be one of introspection and not inspection of another?
  • THOMAS CASEY on Zechariah 9:13
    If people are known by their fruit - we must learn to be fruit inspectors
  • Zechariah's donkey and colt is very important,If ya don't understand the donkey and her colt you will not understand the woman and her child of Rev 12. Zechariahs donkey and colt is a picture of the woman and her colt HER spritual offspring which is the H.G. THATS THE COLT THAT NO MAN CAN RIDE BUT JESUS,Ya gotta realize that we are speaking of a kingdom that is coming with in us Zech.is using this donkey and colt as a coming kingdom. Behold thy king cometh sitting on a donkeys colt,meaning the churches offspring.the Donkey and her colt was tied up in a place where 2 ways meet the flesh and the spirit.Just as the WOMAN had a baby the church is gona have a BABY. OUR colt is the H.G. TH PROMISE
  • ALEX on Zechariah 9
    Thats y he always refered to himself as the son of man mankinds fruit unto god as the colt was the donkeys fruit, our new innerman has to be born in us via his seed in that he says my yoke is easy and my burden is light we answer to the donkey n colt that was tied up in a place where 2 ways meet also to the white horse christ is our rider n outa of his mouth goes a sharp sword smite the nations.
  • ALEX on Zechariah 9
    We are the donkey and her colt thats y he says my yoke is easy and my burden is light thats how the kingdom will come via a lil child a heavenly birth etc unless you receive the kingdom as a lil child you wil in no wise enter there in. the donkey and her colt was tied up in a place where 2 ways meet paul was tied up in a place where 2 ways meet th flesh and the spirit o wretched man that i am, us
  • Sharon on Zechariah 9
    When God said a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines. God is referring to those who are denying Him. A bastard is a false leader a perverter of the Gospel. There are many in the pulpit, but they fail to see that God will cut them off. They are not called or chosen as leaders by God. These are the men who are the Bastard Children of Satan, and they hate God
  • Alex on Zechariah 9
    Just as the king came on the donkey and her colt the kingdom is gonna come with the WOMAN and her Child which is humanity and her offspring Immanuel God with us which is the H.G. OUR NEW INNERMAN HE SAID THAT WHICH IS BORN OF THE SPIRIT IS SPIRIT THUS THE LIL CHILD THAT IS GONNA LEAD US IS THE H.G. THAT JESUS SAID WD LEAD US INTO ALL TRUTH WHICH IS THE KINGDOM WITHIN US THUS LET US REJOICE GREATLY
  • Alex on Zechariah 9
    ZECHS donkey and Colt answers to the WOMAN and her CHILD OF REV 12. JUST AS THE KINGDOM CAME WITH CHRIST on THE DONKEY AND HER COLT, John saw the Kingdom coming with the WOMAN and HER CHILD which is metaphor for the new birth, our colt (FRUIT ) is the H.G. Which is the kingdom of GOD IN US VIA THAT GOOD SEED, THUS WE SHOULD REJOICE GREATLY OUR KING IS COMING VIA A SEED / ETC HIS WORDS SOWN IN us

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