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  • Chris ball
    God's Word is always true. He wrote it, its inspired which means God breathed. He gave us Jesus, His Son. He did come in the flesh. Now, we have this wonderful word which is in print! God knows what He doing. So, we must press on for the high calling of God! As my preacher said many times before The Word of God Will Help You, if You Let It. Let's win souls for Jesus today and everyday. God bless
  • Sara
    According to my research, April was the original first month in the Julian calendar. Hence April fools. However doing simple math in my head I backed up the first month of the year March. Which would make June the fourth month. Guess what June is now guys! Gay pride month and I would not be surprised if satan did this on purpose to mock the fourth month feast of Yahuah
  • Marlo
    Mark Diffin I agree. This will only occur when they recognize the Lord Jesus as their Savior prophesied in later chapters of Zechariah.
  • Mark Diffin
    Marlo, if the nations want to learn about Jesus then why would they come to the Jews who clearly have rejected him? That cannot be the meaning. Yes, Jesus could be refered to later in chapter 13, which is refering to a false prophet, but not in chapter 12, since the context does not fit in with Jesus' life at all. Go and learn!
  • Mark Diffin
    Dear Irene123 - clearly v23 has not yet come about. Look at verse 19 - it says that the 4 fast days shall turn into days of joy. The Jewish people are still keeping these days as days of mourning as they have for the last 2000 years. So just as v19 has not yet come about, so too v23 has not yet happened. This is clear and unrefutable. See also Jeremiah 16:19
  • Irene123
    V. 23 - After the church age begins, Acts 2:38, the Jewish apostles and disciples went to the Gentiles and the Gentiles 'went' to the Jews (accepted the Jews testimony of Jesus). The believing Jews and Gentiles were the Christians at that time - the Jews 'n Gentiles were first called' Christians' at Antioch.
  • BSP
    Zechariah was zealous to build God's house of pure worship.
  • Zack
    Jews come from the House of Judah (JUH-dah; JEW). The House of Judah was the tribes of Benjamin and Judah. The House of Israel was scattered amongst the nations after being taken captive in Assyria. Essentially if you believe in Christ you are thus grafted in as part of Israel. Christianity today does not preach this message, for they believe the OT is rendered obsolete, which is absolutely false.
  • Mark Diffin
    Verse 23 - this is clear proof of the truth of Judaism - in times of messiah why are all the nations going to the Jews saying G-d is with them. Obviously because their's was, is and always will be the only true religion - this will only become clear in the messianic era!!
  • Stephen F. Zielski
    Paradox ! May our Heavenly Abba Dad and Eternal Father Yahweh Elohim Bless and Enrich those Ten Men indeed to His Everlasting Glory, in and through His Son, our Glorious Blessed near future Majesty King to come, Christ Yeshua Jesus, Glory Amen and Amen. SHALOM ISRAEL ZION ! COME LORD YESHUA ! God Bless you. Shalom yedda dim.
  • Robert
    In verse 19 the months are the Jewish feast months. The most important point in verse 19 is in the last part that "Truth comes before Peace ". Which we know will not come until the Prince of Peace comes back at the second advent. Verse 23 is a prophetic verse of the Gentile Nations in the Millenial Reign of Christ.
  • Vinod for verse 19
    i want to know the information about the months mentioned here in this verse
  • QueenAna
    To Jan Wertheim, concerning V23, first you must understand who are the Jews and when christianity came to be known as christians, muslims, etc..You will find the answers in the Bible and history books.
  • QueenAna
    First and foremost, praise and glory to the Most High God and Jesus Christ our Lord. Second, it is not possible to take one book and one chapter to discuss anything. You must use as scripture quotes: rightly divide, line upon line, and precept upon precept. After reading the comment, many thoughts are in error and not according to scripture. We get into trouble when we add and/or subtract from the word of God. We can find everything written in the old by the prophets, we will find in the new because God does not change!
    Read, and pray for understanding.The Word is not to be debated but understood through knowledge from God. They are one yet they are two...
  • Sasali mumba
    It appears to have a double application becaus somethings appear to have been fulfiled while other things
  • Jan Wertheim
    I am sorry Timothy you are wrong. If this verse is referring to Jesus who you claim is God then why would they say God is with you. Also he is not the seed of David and is himself admitted that he did not come to bring peace. It is clearly talking about the Jewish people, that we the true messiah comes, the whole world will realize that the truth is with the Jews and their Torah and no longer will they be dispised and abused as they have been over the millenium (see Isaiah end ch52/ start 53.
  • ShamarYAHU for verse 19
    The correct translation should be:

    8:19 Thus saith YHUH TZBAUT the fast of the fourth [Y-YBRH MUZT (YUYBRH MWE)] and the fast of the first [YHSYMHCH MUZT (YSYMCH MWE)] and the fast of the seventh [Y-YBHSH MUZT (YUYBSH MWE)] and the fast of the tenth months [YRYHS-H MUZT (YRYSUH MWE)] shall be to the house of YHUDH (HDWHY) joy and gladness and cheerful feasts therefore love the truth and peace.

    Take note of the fifth month that it was mistranslated and should be the FIRST month. It means you have to atone for your sins on the tenth day of every first, fourth, seven (remember the atonement day) and the tenth month. May YAHUAH bless you all.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Dear Jan, Jesus is Jehovah God, and he is the truth. The gentiles will come to him, because he is of the seed of David, and the Prince of peace. Christ shall reign, and restore one pure language to all people. There will be perfect peace, and truth on earth. No more division, because Satan will be locked up for 1000 years in the abyss.
  • Jan Wertheim
    What is going on in verse 23? Why, in the day of the messiah are people going to the Jews to ask of G-d and not to Christians, Muslims etc? Could it be that they are right and the truth is with them!!??
  • Clement
    this scripture give us an evidence that if we hearken diligent and obey the word of the lord. God perfect everything that concern us.he will provide for our need in the time of f ermine

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