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  • Marlo
    Neither Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, or Media Persia scattered the children of Israel. Yes they were taken into captivity by these nations, but pretty much kept in tact as their identity and location were still known even during the time of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The fact 70yrs is mentioned in the vision denotes the passage as prophetic to occur in a future date beyond ZECHARIA's time.
  • BSP
    Verse 4: If we had a bad parental example, we aren't doomed to follow their example. We can chose to do right.
  • A disciple
    Bruce; Why the relentless quarreling? Why the twisting of words and accusations? There are many "similes" used to describe the LORD's taking away of sins in His people... the depths of the sea, behind His back, removed as far as the east is from the west, etc... "Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." So then the aggressive nit-picker and fault-finder inherits what?
  • Bruce
    disciple: The Lord has removed My Sins as far as The East is from The West. Psalms 103:12. I never heard of Him throwing sins behind Him! What Sins has He Thrown backwards? Some take Pride and sit on The Throne giving directions not Knowing they're on The Wide Road. In that Day Many will Say:Lord,Lord have We done many Wonderful Works? Matthew 7:13-23
  • A disciple
    (7-17); The LORD's city set upon a hill, all Nations have seen: yet who among all their great ones has ever taken to heart what God has done to Israel, so as to consider themselves lest they also fall into His hands! Instead they have wickedly embolden themselves to fill up their world with all that they have imagined to do, and do not repent; and add to wrath by persecuting the already punished.
  • A disciple
    (1-6); A precept that was spoken of the LORD in Moses; (Leviticus 26:39-45); tells how WE in the end of days; when we do indeed confess our sins, and the sins of our ancestors, that we will with that humbled and penitent spirit, accept of the punishment from God, and amend our ways and our doings to walk in truth and do right in His sight. The condition of the world won't change until all is done.
  • Insight777
    Traditionally in Israel, horns are shofars, a call to war when they are lifted up. So the word horn is associated with war. Understand that scattered can mean troops, pilots or other military have left their homeland to fight foreign nations. It does not necessarily mean they have disbanded or fled their country in fear. I think it means they have been attacked and are responding with war.
  • Irene123
    The whole of the O.T. testifies of - Jesus
  • Irene123
    V. 18 - The 4 horns represent 4 kingdoms. Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Medo-Persia. All are symbols (for the N.T.) that enslaved the Israelites; a type of N.T. sin. The 4 carpenters. Zechariah is saying that God is going to send 4 carpenters to overthrow all these powers. There was a 5th carpenter who would be over all the 4 carpenters - Jesus Christ. He is the master carpenter, who builds us up.
  • Angel
    Chapter 1 of Zachariah has a lot of revelations about our present world. God is a jalous God just as its writing. The world is full of adultery, fornication, murderer, workers iniquities, idol worshipers etc...The 4 horns are the result of our sins that have scattered our business, families, marriage, giving wars, think every bad situation in our lives. 4 carpenters from God to correct.
  • Word
    These are not war horsemen but messengers reporting to God. Keep the seals in mind. Vs 11 reported is the earth is at rest and that is mans one world system. Then in vs 12 you need to remember Daniels 70 weeks which was shorten for the elects sake in Rev chapter 9 to 5 months. So antichrist is on earth and deceiving the children and God is jellious.
  • Natalie
    Zachariah is a very interesting book. After reading this chapter, I had to read it again to get a better understanding of what it is saying. The commmentary on Zachariah one got my attention. I realy believe I was led to have this material for my devotion. Its amazing how he speaks to us, in some very unusual ways. He is an amazing friend.
  • Wayne
    Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray without ceasing. Seek the Lord in all that you do. Work and ask of no one that you may stand blameless before them .For this is good in the eyes of God. Know and understand the kingdom of God is not of this world . Paul tells us that faith without works is meaningless .But let our faith be seen ,that the glory of God shine ever so brightly
  • Karl
    A question regarding the book of Zechariah; some of the prophetic books seem fairly focussed, but Zechariah seems a little disjointed, hence hard to follow. It seems that the Messianic portions could refer to either a divinely anointed human political leader or as has been interpreted to Jesus Christ/Messiah, anybody else wonder at this given the Jews would have been more accepting of the former.
  • Divine Michael (Evangelist) for verse 16
    As put forward recently by different scholars of the greatest book ever, man inceasant search on the scriptures enlighten man and gives a better understanding when the holy spirit is leading. The idea of many founders of churches today is a clear drifting away from the original pattern of the great Jehovah. The church of christ was to begin at Jerusalem according to this passage Zech. 1:16, isaiah 2:1 and fulfilled in Act chapter 2, the mixed interpretation of this context is unideal and consequencies are never symbolical, they are real. As such, any denomination that does not have her origin traced back to Jerusalem, and her Dogma in line with the apostolic approved examples, is never a CHURH OF CHRIST. Matthew 16:18 Romans 16:16 .
  • Lynette Gautier for verse 10
    I would very much like some help with understanding about this man. I have given it a lot of thought but have not yet been able to get to grips with it. Can you help me. Thanks and regards Lynette
  • Darrin \"Douglas\" Cady for verse 3
    The 5th rider of the Apocalypse... THE LORD... LORD of Lords...HOST of Hosts...Faithful and Truth...Is him 's name...
  • Insight 777
    Verse 16, the Lord is all powerful yet he uses human men to achieve his goals on earth. The line drawn may be similar to the Distant Early Warning, DEW, line that is an intercontinental defense radar installation for detection of incoming missiles or aircraft. Verse 19, these horns may be the 4 nations bound at the Euphrates, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. If they have scattered Judah, Israel and Jerusalem then battles have occurred. People, the public, flee away from areas of combat, they scatter. Also the military scatter towards areas that are attacked as defense. Verse 5 of Zechariah chapter 2 supports this as the wall of fire could be response to anything crossing the DEW line that will be destroyed with missiles or advanced weapons thereby protecting the Lords people.
  • Jerry Leonard
    Zechariah Chapter 1, in verse 12 I believe these threescore and ten years is same 70 years as in Isaiah Chapter 23, verses 17 and 18. Notice Chapter 2, verse 12 it says the holy land the same as it is called today. You need to read Chapter 1, starting at v. 8 thru chapter 2,.I believe this is the 70 years after Israel became a nation in 1948.
  • LA Shawn Dinkins
    In this verse of scripture, Zechariah is having a dream 'saw by night' means dreaming. God's main purpose for hid people then was to be holy and to have the right relationship with him. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness... then all things shall be added unto you. This principle is still yet the purpose for the elect.
  • KINGSLEY for verse 17
    As i reflect i belive that the should not be any person that has believe GOD and has got the prof of JESUS in your life as saviour and u are und serious pover in health, finance, relationship with brothers. The wealth GOD give to his sheperd is to shair it as king David did in Isreal. The most not be any true believer that should lack. in GOD city no body own any thing. GOD children are supose to com toger bring their things together and shair among those in need and non amoung them should lack. KING JESUS CHRIST will b our sheperd and u need no want. Every body wil like it and GOD CITY WILL SPREAD.
  • Kevin
    I agree with you both. I think the commentary, gives us as Christians, a broad look at just where and how we stand as believers in the body of Christ. I like the comments on where we stand as spiritual bodies, and how the enemies of the church can rest in sin, while we groan in trials, temptations, and tribulations, knowing that we STILL!!!! Have the victory in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Peace by with you brothers,,,,kt
  • Richard
    What sounds like to me Satan just don't like humans..Zachariah went up in heaven..Talk to the Lord and the Lord told Zachariah what he was going to doWhen he came back to be as Lord..I hope that helped you brotherbro. in Jesus name I pray amen..
  • Richard
    Jer..Bro no no we all know that John in the flesh was there..Now Zachariah was probably present because he was with the Lord by then..So let's just see here I read tonight and then let you know what I think as brothers in Christ nam..Or maybe Zachariah went up in heaven and John was president let's see if we can figure those simple truth out..With nothing more to add..Except with Zachary is saying of course...smile..
  • JERENALEWIS for verse 1
    I think that Zechariah was carried up in a vision by the Lord and was showed the past, the present and even the ending of this time.

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